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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The unexpected space adventure

    I am an old man now and many countless years have flown by, yet the Antediluvian era was so different from the one I lived now. Looking at my own reflection in the mirror, I realized that many years have passed and I felt more alone with each passing year. What was once whole now lies forgotten in the corner left to waste away till the very end. An old shell is all that remains behind yet the fires burn bright inside. I find myself walking up to the window of the space port which faces the space city. The hardened plate glass clears a bit as I approach it and the view is as bleak as my inner self. The numerous suns and the distant stars blink and shine as they cast their dim light which gently finds its way into the room.

    The space lanes and the cluster of shops which sat on the numerous rocks wears a deserted look even though most of the shops were open waiting for the late evening weekend rush. The few aliens who were seen on the sidewalks were rushing through the open spaces either trying to catch a passing by space taxi or trying to figure out which pile of debris was theirs. The Quintessential magnetic tow trucks seemed to be hovering everywhere and were seen using their tractor beams pulling the ships out of the craters and the dead ones to the nearest black hole. The giant plows were lazily moving down the space lanes using their magnetic beams to push the debris off to the side.
    As a meteorite belt circles a giant gaseous planet down below and this space port sits on a barren rock floats in space following the other rocks around the planet. It seems so out of place. The building shakes and shudders as it is buffeted by the solar storms and it sends a shudder down my spine wakes me out of the deep thoughts that I had fallen into dreaming the dreams that I always ended up dreaming. Shuttling between planets even if it was work related always wore me out and I never knew where I would end up while exiting this place and in what condition. With some effort, I headed off to the cafeteria. Grabbing the coffee jar, I pour some coffee into my mug to banish the cobwebs from my mind and to see if I can pick up the threads of the dreams I was having once more.

    Being an Epicurean, I dug deep into my pocket to find a bag of salted peanuts and a partially smoked cigarette. Looking out the window once more while I munched on the nuts and finished off my smokes, I wondered if this was the worst solar storm of the millennium. It won’t be safe commuting in such condition as I really didn’t want my atoms scattered all over the multiple universes.

    Time and age which might have dulled my memory yet I remember some events like it was yesterday. Some of them remain buried for what seems like many long years, yet flood the mind when something happens to release the memory. While I sit here near the window as the world outside passes me by, I will write down my story of how certain events changed the course of my life.
    One fine day, we boarded Nugatory interplanetary ship to keep our home fires burning. While sitting in the lounge and sipping a lit Molotov cocktail without singing my whiskers, I noticed a really strange sight. There was a huge crowd gathered in one corner of the entertainment lounge. The crowd slowly parted and I saw a strange sight. There was a piano floating on top of a fire pit while an alien started to recite a mind numbing poem while beckoning me while another one at the opposite end gestured for me to go there. My intuition told me that this person will not let go of me so easily and my feet started to plod mechanically forward.

    Quizzically, I followed her to realize that I had succumbed to the hypnotic songs while playing pocket pool as I was jogging like a hamster stuck in a spinning wheel which was chasing an ambulance. Adamant about getting out of this situation, I started to give water balloons to Pugnacious aliens from Mars who were leaning out the window and screaming at the passerby’s. Someone from the crowd threw an axe which signaled that good times had finally started.

    Time flew by and days turned into weeks as my space travels ate miles upon miles of space lanes. Yet, I never found another journey so exciting as this one in any of my travels. It seemed like the mischievous imp which creates chaos had disappeared from the face of the earth. One day, the dispatcher called to tell me that it was rumored that Loki the God of mischief who was always fascinated by tormenting me had joined politics as it was more lucrative and no one ever saw him again. The heart grew heavy, yet I knew that I had let go of the past and move on with my life. Promising never to forget the adventures he had offered, I moved on in life and headed around the bend.