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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - The great entertainer

    I won't speak ill of this man even though he was a bit strange odd ball one. He did very strange things in the last 15 to 20 years which kept me wondering "Why?” I must admit a bit hesitantly that I did grow up listening to his music and at one time I liked some of his songs before I moved on from this particular music genre to my current fav one which is now metal. Hopefully, my metal friends won't notice this post and start ribbing me about my choices of music in the past. I guess this is my so called skeleton in the closet. lol. What's yours?
    Seriously, looking back he did manage to influence the music industry alot and changed the music industry's perspective of the world. When he started out he was very talented and seemed really dedicated to his field but it seems like he got side tracked at some point in time. One thing which I do remember was that the Thriller was the biggest selling album at that time and was the high point of his musical career and the Black or White album was also worth listening to.
    Due to the later actions done by him, I kind of lost the respect I held for him and started wondering what would make a man do these things. Even though he was one of the great entertainers of this era, I think there was too much time and space which was devoted in the media to his death. I sometimes wonder if other big entertainer will be given the same treatment as this one when they finally pass into the other side. He had always been in the limelight for one reason or other ranging from cosmetic ones to the baby dangling from the hotel room railing and the media went crazy when they found out.
    On an ending note, I hope wherever he is at this time he is content, happy and his mind has been put to ease from his troubled past. He did manage to entertain us and gave us something worthwhile to listen to on radio or watch on television when we turned these things on. Hopefully people remember that he has family members which are getting over this loss and hopefully people will remember this and respect their privacy when they need it the most. Read more...

      Saturday, June 20, 2009

      Does your employer have the right to censor your religious beliefs?

        It is almost 1am as I write this post and it seems like sleep is simply eluding me tonight. I guess the reason for this might be the conversation which I had participated many hours back. My friend and I were having a debate on whether it is ok to talk about God in the office and he says that a boss has the right to tell you not to mention God or any other religious stuff while you are at work. He proceeds to tell me that if you do, the company has the right to fire you.

        It is not like I am out there in the work environment constantly talking about God or religion. I just so happened to bring it up in a normal conversation. I think that the word "God" has a way of finding itself in normal everyday conversations in or out of the work place. I really don’t think I interrupted the work day and I don't think that I offended anyone or else they would have told me outright.

        I think it would be a different story if someone decided to go into the office each day with paraphernalia about God and religion and handed it out to everyone that he/she sees. Then this person would proceed to grab a microphone and shout out all their beliefs to the fellow employees while all decked up in some crazy religious outfit. lol! This kind of behavior would probably seriously offend people of different faiths in my office in a big way.

        We do have freedom of speech and I don't feel that anyone should be censored as long as a person does not go around giving religious sermons or asking people to join their faith. You know, there are plenty of other things that people are doing at work that are not right and nobody knows about it yet or probably will never know. I have been told in the past that religion, politics and sex are supposedly not looked upon as good work ethic in the office to speak about. Yet, I guess these topics are probably the most talked about things inside the office premises. I think that the only reason a boss would or should step in is if the talk on such a subject is causing conflict between the workers and on office premises. During normal and friendly conversations the boss should not be bothered at all and probably wouldn't even know unless someone issued either a verbal or written complaint to him/her. On an ending note, I think I might ask the boss what the company’s viewpoint on this subject is. I have come to the conclusion that there is a time and a place for everything. Just respect the boss’s decision so that there is less friction in the workplace and God will always work it out to its logical conclusion sooner or later. But on the same note, remember: Don't ever put your boss over God. Read more...

          Monday, June 15, 2009

          Will you opting for full membership

            Some sites like Classmates or similar sites which promise to help you out in connecting with old school companions. These really irritate me a lot. I am a member of Classmates and Facebook also. I get similar notices stating that someone has signed my guest book only to be told that I have to be a Gold member to view the details. It really drives me nuts. But I will not become a paid member just yet. Then they roll out various options from which I can choose one. I guess that there are many ways to look up a long lost friend and if they are so overcome with grief for having lost me in the first place they will be able to figure something out sooner or later. But Facebook,Linkedin, and a very few other similar sites offers similar services. But totally free as far as I know and at least these two sites are considered one of the safer sites. They also offer total privacy and total security of your personal data. So why go paid? When people become more aware that similar/better services are being offered by other service provider, then they will gradually switch to the free mode. Read more...

              Monday, June 8, 2009

              Gone pasta crazy tonight

                Have you ever had one of those days when you really could not think of what to eat for dinner when you reach home after a long hard day at work? Well, it happened to me tonight when I reached home quiet late and there was nothing cooked in the fridge. I looked here and there but nothing seemed to grab my attention.

                The idea of having some pasta dish had been floating around in my head ever since morning time, so tonight I decided to give it a try. Luckily I had stopped by Spencer’s Store at Fun Republic Mall on the way home and had picked up a packed of plain spaghetti and a jar of Ragu sauce.

                Spaghetti by it self is never complete unless you have it with spaghetti sauce. There probably are a million different pasta sauces out there in the market that you really won't ever get bored with spaghetti. My personal favorite is Ragu sauce. Ragu makes the best spaghetti sauce in the market and makes the food come alive.

                Today I decided to get a bit creative with the pasta since I didn’t want to eat just plain noodles and sauce. So, as soon as it was boiled and rinsed with cold tap water, I set it aside for later. Put the frying pan on the stove and add a bit of oil. Adjust the flame to medium. Then I add Onions, Shimla Mirch (Green Peppers), Mushroom pieces, carrots to it and let it sauté a little, then I finally add diced tomatoes. The longer it cooks the better it gets and more delicious it gets. Finally when this mixture was ready I tossed the pasta in it and it was simply delicious.

                Sometimes when I am in the experimentation mode with pasta, I try a little variation of everything to get that little different taste. Sometimes I experiment with the sauce itself and it gives totally different taste also.

                I noticed that simply changing the noodle to a different size one gives a completely different taste. Even with the exact same sauce, a new noodle size makes it a whole new dish altogether.

                Try adding or taking away: Green Peppers, Onion, grated carrots, Thyme, Oregano, Chilli Flakes, Plain Garlic or roasted garlic, Olive oil and even the cheese you use on top (if any).

                In the past I had noticed that the best sauces are the really simple plain sauces at times. If you want to make it at home without any hassles try the following recipe. Take about 50 grams of butter and melt it in the frying pan, add 1/2 cup of olive oil (if it is available in your area), throw in some garlic, crushed red pepper, salt and black pepper and finally toss the spaghetti in it. Sprinkle it with some fresh grated cheese and it's simply fantastic. But these days, I simply don’t have the time so I just go for the ready made sauces.

                Pasta in various forms has always been one of my favourite dishes and more so in the last couple of years. Whenever possible, I prefer make spaghetti in different ways since it can be modified to suit the mood and the taste you want at any particular time. It helps to break the monotony that sets in from eating the same types of dishes over and over again. I haven’t got the hang of making the garlic bread with cheese topping yet. I always tend to screw it up somewhere along the way even though it seems to be one of the easier dishes. Next time I go shopping, I’ll try some different type of pasta and ready made sauce combination to try as many different types as possible. So, how creative are you all with the pasta dishes and the sauces that you use? Read more...

                  Making life easier for care givers

                    What an eventual day it has been. It was a long hard day and I wanted some relaxation so I logged into the net and see what interesting stuff I could find. I was searching for some health and fitness related information and I discovered some fantastic things at a site called Scrubs. The Scrubs site has some really interesting topics like makeup and beauty section review, Summer fashion related topics, Scrubs, mind, health, etc. which are especially useful for people who are working as nurses in the health care sector. With the summer season upon us, this site will provide the nurses some valuable information and tips.

                    I found quite a few really interesting topics. For example: “Wake up Looking Younger” which really grabbed my attention. The article gave some really great tips on how to get a good night sleep and waking up refreshed like: Do a proper facial cleaning and moisturizing of the face before hitting the sack. Sleeping the right way it seems is equally important. It seems that if one sleeps on ones back then there will be less facial wrinkles.

                    Another great article which I discovered was one which dealt about how to take care of one’s hand and nails. The article dealt with the basics like how to utilize the Nail Polish Remover, Nail Clipper and File, Paraffin Spa, Cuticle Stick, Exfoliating Scrub, Moisturizer and finally the all important Polish. If these tips are followed methodically than you will notice some really great results and you can end up getting fantastic looking nails.

                    The most interesting one was the “Makeup That Holds Up” one where the writer shows on how to keep on looking good and fresh even if you had a really hard difficult day. The writer gave some really fantastic tips starting from using the right foundation, using the concealer and Eyeliner correctly. Use a bit of blush to add color and in order to avoid smudging and streaking use the water proof cosmetics.

                    If you are a nurse or are simply interested in the health care information which might be useful to you in your daily life then please do visit this site as it contains many useful tips which add convenience and makes life a bit easier. The summer season is a difficult time to work as it is due to the high heat and it does take its toll on the care givers the most. The nurses out there can look and feel their best while performing their duties optimally if they follow the tips given in this fantastic site. It’s a must visit site and I would recommend it to all.Post?slot_id=39467&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark Read more...

                      The great rug hunt

                        It looks easy, but decorating a house and making it look good is not as easy as I thought it would be. so, when one of my relative shifted into a new apartment and the first thing that I noticed when I visited his place was how bare, dull and boring it looked. The room looked so bleak, dreary and so drab. He really hated the look of the bare floors. Since he really didn’t did not know what to do to spice up the looks, he called me over for some advice. Even after filling it up with all types of furniture, it just didn’t seem quiet right. We went through all the rooms with different furniture combination and went through all types of ideas but nothing seemed to click.

                        We spent many days going to different places and looking at all the different setups to get some ideas. But we really didn’t find anything which would look nice at his place. Sure, we got a bunch of ideas, but nothing seemed to click. So one night while I was browsing though the net looking for something for the house, I noticed a particular site by where you can get cheap rugs. They had some really excellent quality and beautifully designed Persian and Oriental area rugs at discounted prices. The area rugs seemed to be affordable and are sure to fit his budget, size requirement, and colors that he was looking for. All rugs seem to be of high quality and this company is giving a guarantee on their products for a full 30 days period plus an additional 60 days for manufacturer defects. This is really great when you consider that most online web sites back their rugs for only 15 days which is just too short a period to know what type of product you have gotten and what types of hidden defects it might contain. What really attracted me to this site is that they are leading supplier of area rugs and he is sure to get not only an excellent product, but also a wide variety of rugs to choose from. Since there are no middle men, I know that we can get the best price possible.

                        So, I called up my Uncle and asked him to go around the house and measure the spaces where he was planning to put the new rugs. Since they have many different shapes; rectangular, oval, round, and runners are just to name a few that he’ll have to really think what looks best in each room. Maybe the company’s trained staff can help him through in making these choices that he needs to make.

                        I told him that an important point to remember when choosing the rugs is that the color of your existing floor must be taken into consideration since it is the closest to your area rug. The easiest technique which I can think of using at this time is to pick a rugs color from one you've used on a wall, or within a furnishing pattern. This way everything will blend right in.

                        I am really glad that I have found this site since the dull boring rooms now look like works of art if done properly. Let’s see what happens and hopefully he is able to choose the right stuff for his house and all the hard work that I have put in doesn’t go to waste. My worst nightmare at this time is that hopefully he doesn’t go color blind and chooses horrible glaring and conflicting colors. If he screws up this easy task, I’ll have to take him to the eye doctor. Lol. Hopefully, he’ll have the house fully ready by next week so that it will look good for the house warming party which he was planning to hold. Read more...

                          The hidden dangers of Asbestos

                            Modern life has provided us with many conveniences which has made our life easier and simplified our daily chores to some extent. Many of the things which we take for granted for these days have some serious health side effects which are only discovered after the passage of time. One such item is the exposure to Asbestos.

                            Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral which has many industrial uses. It became increasingly popular among manufacturers and builders in the late 1800 because of its resistance to heat, electricity and chemical damage, sound absorption and tensile strength. It quickly gained acceptance amongst the general population was soon used throughout most industrial world.

                            It has been found out in many clinical studies that Chrysotile asbestos, like all other forms of asbestos, has produced tumors in the laboratory animals. Mesothelioma has been observed in people who were occupationally exposed to Chrysotile, family members of the occupationally exposed, and residents who lived close to asbestos factories and mines over a period of time. Asbestos exposure becomes a health concern when high concentrations of asbestos fibers are inhaled over a long time period. People who become ill from inhaling asbestos are often those who are exposed on a day-to-day basis in a job where they worked directly with the material. As a person's exposure to fibers increases, because of being exposed to higher concentrations of fibers and/or by being exposed for a longer time, then that person's risk of acquiring disease also increases. Cancer and other diseases are very unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure or from a short period of exposure to lower levels.

                            Like many other dangerous products, the manufacturers of asbestos knew about the extreme dangers before they revealed it to the public. As a result thousands of people were needlessly exposed to this highly dangerous substance. People who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma are often entitled to compensation, and working with an aggressive and experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer can make a big difference. Many manufacturers of asbestos have gone bankrupt over the years and only an experienced lawyer can help victims receive compensations that they deserve. Post?slot_id=39499&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark Read more...