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Friday, February 20, 2015


    Imagine a clear glass bottle. 
    Imagine a miniature wooden ship inside it.
    Imagine it floating on water. 
    Imagine the sails full of air.
    Imagine it barreling towards some safe harbor as dark clouds sweep the horizon and a miniature pirate hollers something. 


    Squinting hard, the woman swore that there was something there yet just couldn’t reach it no matter how hard she tried. Prying open the cork, a loud sound was heard as it flew across the room. “You are a bunch of arses taunting me. I’ll fix ya as soon as I reach ya”. One glass after another of the golden precious liquid was poured into the glass. Putting the empty bottle to her ear, the woman swore that she could hear loud laughter and coarse jokes aimed at her. Looking at the now empty bottle and the last glass of champagne with a tinge of regret, she thought she saw a pirate ship inside the bottle where the crew was going crazy. Pouring the fluid back, she shook the bottle, poured it all back and took a quick gulp munching whatever came along the way. “Gawd. That tasted awful. Do these filthy chaps ever take a bath.” She muttered as she tottered to the sink on another binge and purge session.

      Sunday, February 15, 2015

      The National Obsession.

        Let's talk about sport. Just like anything else in life, a sporting activity can draw our attention, mesmerize us leading us to become addicted by it. Sometimes it's only a section of society that follows a certain sport and at other times it's the whole nation. One sport which has drawn my attention recently is cricket. These days cricket teams from different nations are participating in a sporting event called World Cup and the winner gets the recognition as the best team. Each team has its own fan following. At times, teams shoulders grow heavy with the hope and expectations of their fans especially the ones that reach semifinals or the finals.
        It is one sport which I never liked watching nor wanted to participate in. I still have a hard time understanding peoples obsession with this sport. Then there is the usual rivalry in this sport like in any other sport. We've got the India vs Pakistan cricket match coming up. The media has been hyping it up for the last few days in a similar manner as the Superbowl. Alot of ads have been sold. Tons of money is expected to be made even though it's not the final game. Employees are expected to make excuses for missing work, being absent from their desk/cubicle or going slow on work. A newspaper is complaining that school test days are clashing with this game (reporter probably has misplaced priorities).
        It's really sad when one sport becomes a national obsession while other sports where athletes are doing well due to their own efforts are not given more funding through private contributions or through a sports body nor provided enough coverage by the media. At least, the money that the winner and runner ups get should be increased in sport so that more folks participate in the hopes of getting a huge sum if they win. Many different sports can occupy the limelight at the same time and folks excel in different sports. Therefore, options should be available from which a person can choose which one is suited for him/her.

          Friday, February 13, 2015

          Harnessing our natural resources

            At the moment, majority of the world uses petroleum products with very little emphasis put on renewable energy sources like solar, wind power, hydro, thermal energy or harnessing the oceans tidal energy.Most of the power plants use coal, petroleum based products or a combination of coal and gas based to generate electricity which is distributed to consumer via the main power grid.

            Not enough emphasis is placed on environmental friendly energy farms. Most vehicles at the moment use either petrol, diesel or natural gas to power itself. Commercial buildings and homes usually use electricity (taken from the main power grid)to power the home appliances/office machinery, gas based water heaters to heat the water and either an electric or gas cooking range to cook food. What if these fossil fuels run out sooner than later? What if our nations lose access to the fuels because of blackmail tactics, or some natural calamity? What if we are deprived of these energy sources before we have a viable energy plan is ready?

            I believe we are totally unprepared to handle any energy crisis in the short or long term. Some nations draw petroleum products from their own oil wells/gas fields or mine coal from areas rich in these things. Yet, it's not enough to power the whole nation. Therefore, we are purchasing large quantities of energy products from the middle east.These oil producing countries are earning billions of dollars each year without plowing any portion of the profits for discovering newer and cleaner/less polluting technologies.

            At times petroleum prices are raised without rhyme or reason. High prices encourages folks to save energy by using less energy at home, car pooling, using public transport or even cycling to work to save a few bucks. Low prices causes the opposite reaction. Maybe the oil producing nations feel threatened by our efforts on renewable energy efforts or not spending enough on fossil fuels thereby suddenly lowering prices causing some environmentally friendly companies to became unviable. It's still not too late for nations to plan out an alternate energy backup plan. Enhancing the capacity of wind, solar, hydro power, geothermal and tidal based power plants by investing more money in these areas will go a long way in giving us a brighter and cleaner future.

              Wednesday, February 11, 2015

              Return Of The Muffler Man

                (Photo Taken From The Net)

                It's the return of the mufflerman. The election results have been declared and the public has declared Arvind Kejriwal as Delhi chief minister once more. His last stint lasted only 49 days when he adruptly quit the office on 14-Feb-2014 as his party was unable to pass the proposed anti-corruption legislation due to a lack of support from other political parties.

                The party logo is the broom, and he is promising a clean govt. Will he be able to fulfill all lf his promises to the masses or will some/ most of them be swept under the carpet in the same sense as debris gets swept out of sight? Will he stay in the office for the full 5 year term or will he quit again when he encounters some new problem? Only time will tell.

                  Sunday, December 7, 2014

                  E-Books Vs Real Books. Which Ones o You Prefer?

                    In today's time, many publishing houses are opting for the digital format over the printed version. The physical copy of a book has a solid feel to it and at times is visually appealing than the digital format. One can walk down a book isle, see what is on display, pick one up, flip through the pages and see if it is worth purchasing. The digital store provides the convenience of browsing through pages of books on sale where you can read the description, see if it appeals to you and the customer can order whichever book appeals to them.  

                    A certain number of books as decided by the store outlet need to be maintained at all times since a customer can walk in at anytime to browse through the choices to see what catches his/her eye. The digital version is easier to sell as it can be purchased and downloaded through most electronic devices and one does not need to maintain a physical stock thereby reducing the operating costs and boosting profits as there won't be any unsold stock left if the books/magazines loses favour with the customers.
                    I have always loved the feel of a real book in my hands and it's a real pleasure taking ones times reading the contents, pausing for a bit and coming back to restart ones reading. The feel of real paper between ones finger and thumb as the page is flipped or when a finger runs down the page. Neither batteries nor a power plug required. The smell of a freshly printed book is something. Or discovering a long forgotten book/magazine, opening it gingerly so that the pages don't tear, spine doesn't break, mesmerized by the combination of rush of old memories, yellowing paper, smell and rediscovering a long forgotten yet cherished book.

                    E-Readers are fine and they are appropriate when one is travelling or when is constraint for space, yet they do not have the same charm as a real book. There seems to be an infinite choice of books to read and it seems folks who have such devices will never run out of material to read. One can pack a large collection of electronic books inside a slim device and read the contents at ones leisure and at any location.

                    As a young child, I remember going to the library or book store to see if something new was available either in reprint or something which I had missed earlier and was now available on the book shelf and I could and could spend hours upon hours there without getting bored as long as they had a large selection of books to browse through. I just love reading and I guess this hobby has formed the bedrock of my writing which I really enjoy quite a bit. I have noticed that kids these days at times have lost this precious habit. They want everything done quick, are always in a hurry to complete something and have no patience to pick up a book and actually read it for many long hours.

                    Today's kids who are born in the digital era do not know the joys of a real book nor the joys of getting lost between the covers of an interesting book or spending time in a library. Casual reading will soon become a lost art, as folks will rely on the internet to discover facts, read books and even do the copy/paste homework submission without actually learning anything. I really dread what the future holds for these digital kids when they finally join the society on their own. A future without books and a society with no patience, imagination, reading nor writing skills. A very dull society which is intoxicated by the short term, bite sized pleasures provided by the television or computers for people who have very short term attention span.

                    The older generation seems to had the best of both worlds as we grew up in an era where we had real libraries, real books and one could get lost within the covers of a book. The bygone era when one could walk into either a library, a well stocked bookstore or even a cosy second hand bookstore and 'get lost' within the covers of a book only to be brought back to the present when the owner threatens to lock you inside the store for the night if you don't go home.  Folks would not mind making excursions to these much-loved spots as their imagination flourished and satisfaction was usually guaranteed upon exit. As they discovered a long lost world, are submerged in a battle, slay dragons, raid ships and discover long lost pirates' treasure.  I really do hope the younger generation is able to disconnect itself from the dependence called the internet to rediscover the joys of taking ones time in reading a real paperback book before they totally disappear and become such a rarity that one will only find them in museums or in some long lost corner of the basement/ attic.   

                      Saturday, November 8, 2014

                      Deewali - The Festival Of Lights And The Colorful Vendors

                        Diwali. This word means a line or a row of lamps/earthen lamps. It's also called the festival of lights and it's an annual festival. Cities light up like and homes look as pretty as a newly married decked up bride. The date of this festival varies every year. It represents the triumph of good over evil. 

                        In the North, Diwali celebrates the return of Lord Rama, King of Ayodhya, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman from a 14-year exile and a war in which he vanquished the demon king Ravana. In South India, Diwali festival often commemorates the conquering of the Asura Naraka, a powerful king of Assam, who imprisoned tens of thousands of inhabitants. It was Krishna who finally subdued Naraka and freed the prisoners. It is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aipasi (Thula month) ‘Naraka Chaturdasi' thithi, preceding amavasai. 

                        Some of the photos shown below were taken last year while the rest were taken this year. Street vendors start selling decorative items to customers. It can be decorative household items, colored earthen lamps either for decorative purpose or using it as a decorative earthen oil filled lamp. Rice puff type of stuff and candies made of sugar are sold while folks decorate their homes with electric lights or oil filled diyas/candles. Fireworks are set off in the evening and folks have tons of fun enjoying themselves.

                        A vendor selling Poha (Flattened Rice) and toys made out of sugar.

                        Circular gift box containing nuts

                        Another gift box for gifts.

                        Vendors selling rice puffs and Poha (flattened rice)

                        Vendor selling earthen clay lamp

                        Brightly colored clay pots and earthen clay lamps.

                        Two guys selling bamboo flutes.

                        Brightly colored fruits and vegetables made out of clay.

                        Brightly colored figures made out of clay.

                        Clay decoration.

                        Street vendor selling decorative vases and figures.

                        Cashews and Almonds as gift items.

                        Decorative items made out of clay.

                        Clay figures playing instruments.

                        Vendor selling candles and incense sticks.


                          Friday, July 18, 2014

                          The Bus Ride

                            Seconds turn into minutes. The clock ticks lazily and time seems to drag. Looking upwards, I see the fan spinning lazily. A stray fly or two buzz past. Noticing my gaze, they turn around and start murmuring sweet nothing in my ears. Not feeling up to a group orgy, I swat them with the rolled up paper. Seeing the bloody mess, I stuff it in handbag of the guy sitting next to me. He'll probably won't notice anything till he gets home. Lifting his head gently, I put a hand on his shoulder and get up gently so that I don't wake him up.

                            The bus conductor inquires about the ticket. "How many? That old man is with you?" He asks. "No" I said. Ruffling through the old man pant pocket, I find an overflowing wallet. Taking out a few bucks, I give it to the conductor who gives a ticket back. I stare hard at him only to see him blink and walk away. Pocketing the money, I throw the wallet out the window. Throwing the old man out of the moving bus window proved to be more difficult. I hollered out to the fellow passanger to lend a hand.

                            "Hey pretty thing. Here's the seat you were asking for." I hollered to the two headed blue colored being from Xion. I heard the being slither across the floor leaving behind a trail of mucus. I fingered the pouch of salt in my trench coat in case things got rough. Feeling a tentacle poke into one ear and emerge from the other I finally knew that my head was empty.