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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pirates in a bottle


    Imagine a clear glass bottle. 
    Imagine a miniature wooden ship inside it.
    Imagine it floating on water. 
    Imagine the sails full of air.
    Imagine it barreling towards some safe harbor as dark clouds sweep the horizon and a miniature pirate hollers something. 


    Squinting hard, the woman swore that there was something there yet just couldn’t reach it no matter how hard she tried. Prying open the cork, a loud sound was heard as it flew across the room. “You are a bunch of arses taunting me. I’ll fix ya as soon as I reach ya”. One glass after another of the golden precious liquid was poured into the glass. Putting the empty bottle to her ear, the woman swore that she could hear loud laughter and coarse jokes aimed at her. Looking at the now empty bottle and the last glass of champagne with a tinge of regret, she thought she saw a pirate ship inside the bottle where the crew was going crazy. Pouring the fluid back, she shook the bottle, poured it all back and took a quick gulp munching whatever came along the way. “Gawd. That tasted awful. Do these filthy chaps ever take a bath.” She muttered as she tottered to the sink on another binge and purge session.

      Monday, February 17, 2014

      Walking around in circles

        Roving around the city, I have noticed something odd. Folks wander here and there aimlessly like zombies. Ask them something and they just stare at you blankly. With great difficulty, some manage to utter words which are hard to understand. At random times, they suddenly become active, start running towards a fast approaching bus or taxi in vain hope that it will shallow them up and vomit them at some new destination. At times they just spin around in circles while making odd noises while some gather in bunches and run around some object as they sing some song which I can't place. Have you noticed anything similar or have you participated in such activities?

          The interplanetary excursion Fiction In A Flash # 20

            One fine day, we boarded an innocuous looking wormy interplanetary ship and headed to Uranus where the Blue Backwoods tribe allowed jewels and meerschaum to be harvested using hazardous Peroxide without wearing any clothes in remembrance of the miners who had gone before us and give us the money to keep our home fires burning. 

              Where The Wild Things Are Fiction In A Flash # 21

                (This picture was taken from the Internet)

                Curses that would turn a sailors cheeks red filled my ears as I saw a figure yelling into a phone.  She kept cursing as it barreled towards the water. The startled woman ran down the bridge when I kept staring at her. "I must be drunk." I mumbled as I took another gulp of whiskey.

                  The Abandoned House Fiction In A Flash # 22

                    (This picture was taken from the Internet)

                    A strong earthy smell wafted over me and the sound of crunching leaves seemed ominous. Startled, I looked up and the forbidding sky seemed as dark and forbidding as the thoughts I was in. Turning around, I gestured to my companion and we sat under the shadows of the derelict house to empty the whisky bottle. 


                      Sunday, June 16, 2013

                      Dead End Creative Challenge # 255

                        Haiku (5-7-5)


                        This week's word/phrase: seek


                        Seeking eyes glance hither

                        Rough fingers run down bare back

                        Flash of blade blinds eye

                          Monday, May 6, 2013

                          The silent scream

                            Haiku (5-7-5)

                            The troublesome thoughts

                            Perspiration lines forehead

                            Griping the sheets tight


                            I roam in your mind

                            Silent scream reverberates

                            Shattered sanity