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Monday, June 1, 2020

Put Yourself In Other Persons Shoes

    The stuff which includes the memes and photos one forwards to others tell alot about the other person's thought process. An excessively plus sized person asleep in some chair isn't a funny sight, nor is someone who is having trouble crossing the street, walking different than the usual normal walk, etc.
    The plus sized person weight gain might be due to circumstances beyond his control (genetics), thyroid or liver issues, eating disorder fuelled by depression, etc, maybe alcohol issues.
    The. Person who is walking abnormally might have hip related issues/ joint problem (one of my neighbors has it), muscle deterioration due to some disease (Some employee at the car insurance where I went to a few months ago is affected by it) and the guy who was walking around in a daze or else is having issues doing simple things might have been experiencing extreme dehydration or some mental health issues.
    Go ahead and think that I'm getting bothered by irrelevant issues, but try putting yourself in the other person's shoes. Imagine a life where one is affected by some health issues and simple things become difficult.