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Friday, March 27, 2009

With whom am I more closer – Online friends or offline friends?

    I have found the net to be a very dynamic and a fast changing environment. No matter which site I visit, I meet new people and sometimes become friends even if I have not met them personally. I sometimes end up learning about new culture and concepts from the ones who are living in foreign lands and sometimes find common interests and likes. When I meet those "right" persons, I feel that I have found a friend even amidst the distance and the lack of actual face to face encounter.

    I have many very good online friends, and it is a very different kind of friendship to the people that I meet and see all the time in the daily life. I don't think I would necessarily be friends with all my internet friends in the "real world", and if I had to change a "real world" friendship into an internet one, I don't know if it would work either. Friends who know me personally accept me with all my faults and minus points, and also know my other friends and family. My net friends only see the part of me which I choose to show, and cannot judge my good or bad by appearance, environment, my family and so on. It is so different from the so called real one.

    I am not a people person, and I've always felt like everyone is outgoing and extroverted and I was always treated like an alien from another world because I am not as extroverted as many people. Sometimes, the scrutiny and criticism from people about how shy I am of course only served to make me feel more shy at times. I wonder if this ever occurred to anybody who ever got on my case about how I need to be friendlier and get out more.

    Though the internet I managed to find people who are similar to me. The distance of the internet works better anyway for most people. Online you can be with your friends and be alone at the same time. Sometimes, I feel that the internet is absolutely perfect tool for me. Net friendship offers anonymous friendship which can at times be more beneficial than real life friendship since at times more honest answers without being too critical. Real life ones tend to be more rude, critical, mean and offensive at times and take you for granted. Real life friendship can never be replaced by the online version. But we can escape into the world of online friendship to relieve the stress, tension, etc that we encounter. Online friends at times can offer good, neutral advice which helps me to navigate through the potential minefields of the real world.
    But one has to be careful to recognise that not everyone tells the truth on-line and you have to be extremely careful making online relationships. After saying this, I do believe it is possible to meet people on line who can turn into real friends.

    Finally on an ending note, I would like to say that although I have made alot of good friends online, I can never feel as comfortable with them as I can with my real life friends. Think about it, you never really know what the person on the other end is really like unless you have interacted with them many times (even then they can be someone else entirely). Both sides have their plus and minus points. On the same note, I am not trying to put down online friendship since they play an important role in our lives these days. It provides a good platform to connect with others over a wider area. So I try to balance it out as much as possible. But it is always safer to err on the side of caution.

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          Thursday, March 19, 2009

          Do you look much better in person than in photos or the other way around?

            Ask a bunch of people this question and you might get a bunch of different answers. Everyone has a different opinion about their looks and features. One of the problems of course is bias -- when you look at a person in real life, you don't just see a frozen, unmoving outer shell, these people are animated and you will subconsciously read a lot about them from their movements and expressions, distorting your perception of the outer shell/appearance whereas in a photo you tend to see just a frozen frame. A picture can freeze a moment of your life, your emotions & your exterior that’s it. Beyond this though, it all really depends upon the studio equipment & photographer who is taking the picture, if he/she is good.

            Most people look better in person. A photo is just, well, a snapshot in time. In person, there is movement and expression. By the time you start to notice something about someone's face, it's moved, changed and the moment is gone forever. In real life there is beauty which really lies in the eyes of beholder and people’s opinion will vary. You tend to see a lot of emotions, gestures good or bad, when interacting with a wide variety of people.

            As for myself, I look terrible in photos and not much better in real life. I guess I am just not a photogenic person. No matter which camera angle is used, I just don’t look right. I guess I should stop comparing my own pictures to the professional pictures that I see everywhere since the photos in magazines, newspapers and other places are usually fake though as they have been airbrushed or photo shopped most of the times. So, I must ask you all: Do you look much better in person, or in pictures? Have you ever had an occasion when you felt like you just did not look no matter how hard you tried? Read more...

              Thursday, March 12, 2009

              Which one do you prefer – a laptop or desktop?

                Over the years, I have had the chance to use both laptops and desktops of various makes and models. Each type of computer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every person has their own opinion and preferences.

                For long term and extended use desktop is always better to work on as laptops tends to heat very fast especially during summer months. This forces us to shut down the laptop since we can’t work on it continuously due to overheating. If your desktop computer ever breaks down for whatever reason, you will be able to take advantage of your local computer store often fix it at a really reasonable rate. One must also consider the price tag since for the price of laptop you can purchase much more powerful desktop computer which has many more features. It has a full keyboard which is sorely lacking on a laptop.

                The main benefit of a laptop is the portability factor. This can be a huge benefit, allowing the user to take his/her computer to and form work, on planes, anywhere around the house and outside the house and practically anywhere else. Along with such portability benefit comes a few major drawbacks. The first one which I can think of is: Since the laptops are so small, compact and portable, it becomes extremely easy for someone to simply walk off and you won’t even notice that it’s gone until it’s too late. These technological wonders are stolen at an alarming rate all around the world and when they do get stolen, you not only loose a valuable piece of hardware but also all your precious and sensitive data. The second major drawback which comes to my mind is: Since most parts and if not all of the parts are "proprietary" which means that if certain part of your laptop breaks, only the company that made it will be able to fix it, and after the warranty expires they will be very happy to charge you an exorbitant price for the service rendered.

                In my office as well as my home, I have had the opportunity to use both the laptop as well as a desktop pc. There are complementary advantages with each of them. Due to the sheer convenience factor I will probably choose using laptop or pc depending on what kind of work I am doing and where I am doing it at that given moment. Laptop have become a very important part of many people lives and occupies a major chunk of the computer market today and I am not trying to dissuade people from buying them if they have a need for them, but I have noticed that far too many people are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with their laptops and wishing that they had purchase a desktop instead.

                Like I said above Laptops and Desktops have their own advantages and disadvantages. When we use laptop we will get more freedom to move around and the kind of freedoms that come with it. It is especially very helpful when we are traveling or on the move. In these cases we can use the USB data cards for net connectivity besides the Wi Fi connection. But Desktop is cheaper than the laptop coupled with the fact that the maintenance cost also less for the desktops. So, on an ending note, I would like to ask you all: Which type of computer do you use? Which one do you really prefer? How do you decide after factoring in all the advantages and disadvantages, which one is the best one for you? How many of you have had the experience of working with both and which one have you found better? Read more...

                  Friday, March 6, 2009

                  What kind of public transportation do you usually take when travelling?

                    India is a vast and a very crowded country in many areas. Everybody who is somebody wants their own set of wheels. This has led to total chaos on the roads since the civic authorities have not done much in repairing or widening the city roads. Therefore, due to various factors, some of us who want fewer hassles in our lives prefer the public transportation mode in some cases. In our country, there are many different kinds of public transportations like: Bus, taxi, and van for hire, auto rickshaw, rickshaw (pedaled by the driver) and many more. Personally, for short distance travel, I prefer to either drive on my own or just ride an auto rickshaw for short distance. Over here, which mode you choose depends on various factors like whether you want to travel long or short distance, the pricing, availability and the most convenient pick up and drop off points.
                    Even though I do have my own wheels I usually end up using public transportation vehicles. Since I am here in India, the most common that people use for public transportation is the Auto Rickshaw. Riding an auto rickshaw is actually the most convenient mode for me as I won't have any hassle looking for a parking area and they can be found just about everywhere... The second most common vehicle I use is Bus because mostly in national highways they outnumber the Taxis and other like Auto Rickshaws (which just cannot travel such long distances) and are much cheaper. Anyway whatever vehicle I use I just always pray to be comfortable and safe to where I am going.
                    Travelling either a short distance or a long distance can be fun and enjoyable at times. Plus, it can be quiet an experience in itself as one gets to see many new sites which one never gets to experience while driving ones own vehicle. I’ve had some really strange yet entertaining experiences in public transportation vehicles, but that will have to wait till next time. So, what do you usually ride when travelling? Do you usually travel in your own vehicle or do you use the public transportation? Read more...

                      Sunday, March 1, 2009

                      Get those fluids in

                        Studies have shown that the human body consists of approximately 70% water. It is one of the very vital fluids needed by the body to function smoothly and it is necessary to maintain adequate level of water in our body even though we can survive up to a point without water.

                        Water helps not only to regulate and maintain body temperature, but it also helps to transports nutrients, oxygen, removes waste products and other harmful toxins. It moistens and lubricates our mouth, eyes, nose, hair, skin, joints, and the digestive tract. If our body does not get enough water we risk dehydration, elevated body temperature, fatigue, decrease mental and physical performance and heat related illness. So we have to drink minimum two to three liters of water daily to stay fit, but five liters is recommended by the doctors. We all need to stay hydrated on a regular basis and when the body tells you are thirsty it is already a sign that you are dehydrating. Reaching for the cold water of water is actually the best thing to do. Alot of people don't get enough of it and they usually ignore this initial sign and this leads to many health problems especially during summers. You need to remember to drink as much water in the winter as in the summer.

                        Usually on a hot summer day, I enjoy drinking water more than anything else. Even if I drink a can of ice cold soft drink I do not get the same satisfaction which I get when I drink a glass of water. Water is the best drink and I guess the second place would be 100% natural fresh juices. Nowadays most of the carbonated and non carbonated drinks in the market have been mixed with the lots of chemicals and preservatives which tend to spoil our health in different ways. So, if you really needs to drink something else besides water, you should opt for the fresh juices, or the packaged fruit juices, out of which fresh fruit juice will not contain any added chemicals and as for as the fruit juices are concerned, you might get the chemical composition, which might not affected your body, even though it might contain only preservatives.

                        The Cola drinks are not good at all and they have many negative side effects. If you enjoy drinking water, that is good because you won't be tempted so much by the wide variety of carbonated drinks that are available at every nook and corner. Sometimes drinking tea and coffee is good especially with greasy foods as it helps to cut the grease.

                        On an ending note, water tends to get just too boring if I have to drink it through out the day even though it is one of the most important fluids which the body requires. Usually, I start off the day with either coffee or tea to banish sleep and to clear the cobwebs in the mind. I try to avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible and only drink it as a last resort when water option is not available to me for some reason. But, usually I tend to avoid drinking excessive amounts of soft drinks since I tend to gain unnecessary weight and I have read report linking it to tooth decay and diabetes. Hmmm…Just to warn you, If you are into water therapy or drink it to quench that huge thirst, make sure well in advance where all the restrooms are located if you are out some place or else make sure you wear an adult diaper in case of emergency. Read more...