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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get those fluids in

    Studies have shown that the human body consists of approximately 70% water. It is one of the very vital fluids needed by the body to function smoothly and it is necessary to maintain adequate level of water in our body even though we can survive up to a point without water.

    Water helps not only to regulate and maintain body temperature, but it also helps to transports nutrients, oxygen, removes waste products and other harmful toxins. It moistens and lubricates our mouth, eyes, nose, hair, skin, joints, and the digestive tract. If our body does not get enough water we risk dehydration, elevated body temperature, fatigue, decrease mental and physical performance and heat related illness. So we have to drink minimum two to three liters of water daily to stay fit, but five liters is recommended by the doctors. We all need to stay hydrated on a regular basis and when the body tells you are thirsty it is already a sign that you are dehydrating. Reaching for the cold water of water is actually the best thing to do. Alot of people don't get enough of it and they usually ignore this initial sign and this leads to many health problems especially during summers. You need to remember to drink as much water in the winter as in the summer.

    Usually on a hot summer day, I enjoy drinking water more than anything else. Even if I drink a can of ice cold soft drink I do not get the same satisfaction which I get when I drink a glass of water. Water is the best drink and I guess the second place would be 100% natural fresh juices. Nowadays most of the carbonated and non carbonated drinks in the market have been mixed with the lots of chemicals and preservatives which tend to spoil our health in different ways. So, if you really needs to drink something else besides water, you should opt for the fresh juices, or the packaged fruit juices, out of which fresh fruit juice will not contain any added chemicals and as for as the fruit juices are concerned, you might get the chemical composition, which might not affected your body, even though it might contain only preservatives.

    The Cola drinks are not good at all and they have many negative side effects. If you enjoy drinking water, that is good because you won't be tempted so much by the wide variety of carbonated drinks that are available at every nook and corner. Sometimes drinking tea and coffee is good especially with greasy foods as it helps to cut the grease.

    On an ending note, water tends to get just too boring if I have to drink it through out the day even though it is one of the most important fluids which the body requires. Usually, I start off the day with either coffee or tea to banish sleep and to clear the cobwebs in the mind. I try to avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible and only drink it as a last resort when water option is not available to me for some reason. But, usually I tend to avoid drinking excessive amounts of soft drinks since I tend to gain unnecessary weight and I have read report linking it to tooth decay and diabetes. Hmmm…Just to warn you, If you are into water therapy or drink it to quench that huge thirst, make sure well in advance where all the restrooms are located if you are out some place or else make sure you wear an adult diaper in case of emergency.