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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Which one do you prefer – a laptop or desktop?

    Over the years, I have had the chance to use both laptops and desktops of various makes and models. Each type of computer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every person has their own opinion and preferences.

    For long term and extended use desktop is always better to work on as laptops tends to heat very fast especially during summer months. This forces us to shut down the laptop since we can’t work on it continuously due to overheating. If your desktop computer ever breaks down for whatever reason, you will be able to take advantage of your local computer store often fix it at a really reasonable rate. One must also consider the price tag since for the price of laptop you can purchase much more powerful desktop computer which has many more features. It has a full keyboard which is sorely lacking on a laptop.

    The main benefit of a laptop is the portability factor. This can be a huge benefit, allowing the user to take his/her computer to and form work, on planes, anywhere around the house and outside the house and practically anywhere else. Along with such portability benefit comes a few major drawbacks. The first one which I can think of is: Since the laptops are so small, compact and portable, it becomes extremely easy for someone to simply walk off and you won’t even notice that it’s gone until it’s too late. These technological wonders are stolen at an alarming rate all around the world and when they do get stolen, you not only loose a valuable piece of hardware but also all your precious and sensitive data. The second major drawback which comes to my mind is: Since most parts and if not all of the parts are "proprietary" which means that if certain part of your laptop breaks, only the company that made it will be able to fix it, and after the warranty expires they will be very happy to charge you an exorbitant price for the service rendered.

    In my office as well as my home, I have had the opportunity to use both the laptop as well as a desktop pc. There are complementary advantages with each of them. Due to the sheer convenience factor I will probably choose using laptop or pc depending on what kind of work I am doing and where I am doing it at that given moment. Laptop have become a very important part of many people lives and occupies a major chunk of the computer market today and I am not trying to dissuade people from buying them if they have a need for them, but I have noticed that far too many people are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with their laptops and wishing that they had purchase a desktop instead.

    Like I said above Laptops and Desktops have their own advantages and disadvantages. When we use laptop we will get more freedom to move around and the kind of freedoms that come with it. It is especially very helpful when we are traveling or on the move. In these cases we can use the USB data cards for net connectivity besides the Wi Fi connection. But Desktop is cheaper than the laptop coupled with the fact that the maintenance cost also less for the desktops. So, on an ending note, I would like to ask you all: Which type of computer do you use? Which one do you really prefer? How do you decide after factoring in all the advantages and disadvantages, which one is the best one for you? How many of you have had the experience of working with both and which one have you found better?