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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A new twist to the online auction

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

    As I was surfing the net today, I happened to discover a fantastic site called Bidazzled. It is a site which is giving a new twist to the online auction market by offering a fantastic 90% savings and unsuccessful bidders get bids back. Proceeds of Bidazzled auctions support charity dedicated to aiding those with small cell lung cancer.

    The price increases a few cents with each bid placed and a few seconds are added to the countdown clock to give others a chance to bid. The auction ends when no other bids are placed. So if a new laptop ends at just a dollar, then you win the laptop for a dollar! The end of an auction is a high energy exciting event and if bidders need to step away from their computer, "BidMate," the easily programmable autobidder, can take over while they are gone. While regular bids cost $1 each, users are given Bonus Bids with each bid purchase. Bonus Bids are also given for referring friends and you also get Bonus Bids if you do not win an auction. If a member has a lot of friends, it is possible to Bidazzle for free and wins some amazing items. So, visit the site today and get the item you always wanted at a low price. You will not only save a bundle of money but help in aiding a charity.
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      Surviving without the the net

        Internet is all prevalent and a lot of people use it for a variety of reasons. Since it has so many different uses, it appeals to a wide variety of people. It can be so addicting that we can end up spending several hours on net without realizing it. I noticed that it is an excellent time saving tool for just about everyone which can be used for a variety of functions like to pay the bills or shop online without too much hassle. I have found it to be a pleasant experience to connect with my friends thru social networking sites, check mail. It is also good way to read news and check out the latest stuffs. It really helps me to save money that you would use on those long distant phone calls by giving me an alternate means of communication, which is really cost effective. I need to save money wherever I can since everything has become so expensive and I need to optimally use my monthly money so I can get the best value for every dollars spent.

        Since computers and the net have practically taken over the world, I would imagine that it would be difficult for us to function as we are now. All of us are somehow connected to it and depend on it for a variety of things. For me computers and the internet are an important part of my life and I guess computers at least have been a part of my daily live for a long time. If the net dies on me suddenly, I think I'll go crazy at first, even though I would not call myself a net addict, but I also think that I will survive without it. My world will have shrunk dramatically and I will lose a lot of things which makes my life more easier. But, on the same note I will just revert back to the old fashioned way of doing things once more even though it is more time consuming. So, how much influenced are you by the net? If for some reason you were deprived of it, will you be able to function normally without it? Read more...

          Monday, December 7, 2009

          Fight those stressful moments the herbal way

            Salvia which is also known as salvia divinorum is a herbal alternative which helps to ease those problematic situations without any harmful and additive side effects. A family member discovered this herbal alternative when he was under a lot of work related stress and was feeling really run down and exhausted. So, if you want to buy salvia you can also look it up as salvia extracts and use it to drive those hard times away. Read more...