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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Looking Out The Window June 06, 2014

    Looking out the window, I see a bright sun glaring angrily at the land below. Pedestrians and folks on two wheeler are seen wrapped up in clothing to avoid its glare and hastily move around. Cars lazily move around with windows rolled up and air conditioning turned on to max. A herd of cows are seen lazily moving around and the scent of garbage attracts them. One head butts a dog which lets out a yelp and then all start feasting on the mess left behind by the city folks. Looking down the street, I see a motorcycle approaching. Two men are sitting on it. Both are yelling at each other. Their voices get louder as they approach me. The louder they talk and the louder they yell, the faster they drive. Roar of their two wheeler and the filth they are yelling fills my ears. By the time they reach the next mini intersection, I think they will reach escape velocity and attain a low orbit around Earth. The heat is starting to crank up and not many folks are seen outside. Pretty soon, the city will wear a deserted look during the peak heat moments and folks will be seen only in early mornings or late evenings or night. Not many varieties of vegetables will be seen and the ones which are sold will rot quickly. Heat stroke news will be seen more frequently in the papers. Unannounced power cuts and erratic water supply will make a come back till the weather cools down again. We need to clean our swamp cooler and maybe get a new air conditioner next year. Sensing a dust storm in the horizon and the impending heaps of garbage and cows flying round and round inside the vortex, I wander back inside the home. Smell of food being cooked overwhelms the senses as I see bread pakoras being cooked and mixed veg concoction being readied for the lunch. Have a good day folks, hope we are well met and what's new in your world? Read more...

      Sunday, June 22, 2014

      View From The window

        Placing my arm on the solitary window, I rest my head on it and look outwards. The sky is a dull shade of grey, I hear rolling thunder in the distance, the flash of lightning that blinds. Rain starts to splatter against the glass. I see a lonesome bird struggling to stay afloat in the turbulent winds, fail as it loses the battle and plummet downwards only to disappear in the distance. Looking down, I see a sea of humanity which still flowed past endlessly as if they were in a rush to meet their new found God. Some flip open umbrellas, while other tilt their hats to shield their face and tighten their raincoats. Running my hand across the glass to wipe the dust, memories as bleak the sun scorched desserts float through my mind.

        Looking at my own reflection, I wondered what I had really achieved. Time passes by and after what seems like another lifetime, I find myself walking up back to the closet to get my coat. The stormy clouds starts to break, the rain come to a stop and I see the sun break through. As I headed out the door, I looked at my image in the receding mirror with tinge of sadness as past memories flooded his mind. I realized the world was getting smaller and darker with each passing year as I faded into the darkness of the trash strewn apartment hallway. Read more...