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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The locker dilema

    My kids just cannot stand cold weather and I had been thinking of having them move to a warmer location for a long time. For one reason or another, they were not able to shift to a warmer place due to the inability to find the right Lokers. Now, I am finally getting a chance to move them to their favorite city so that I can have some peace of mind. They are moving to Santa Fe sometime this week and I just cannot wait. It is a dream comes true for me. I thought that I would invite one of my buddies over to my house for celebrations but he was just promoted and he told me that he will be moving to New Orleans as soon as the position is finalized.

    The question now arises of which kind of lockers should be chosen to store their stuff. We were interested in choosing a company which was able to service multiple locations with ease and which provides safe, secure, full-service storage and affordable self storage options. After much searching we were able to find the right kind which not only gave us really great overall service but also was affordable.


      Saturday, June 4, 2011

      Dressing up the window

        The hunt for the right blinds was on and everyone was left clueless on how to kick start this great adventure to enhance the house look without spending too much money. You see, my uncle recently shifted to a new area recently and the first thing he did was purchase a house close to his new office. The first thing that I noticed instantly when I dropped by their place was how boring everything looked. After filling it up with all types of furniture, it started to look just right. We also spent many days going to different setups at other people houses to get some ideas, we all realized that the one thing which was missing from his place was a right set of Vertical Blinds to make people as comfortable as possible and to give it the right look which will enhance the viewers experiance.

        These guys really did not want to splurge on something really expensive so they went to a place which stocked a wide variety of choices at excellent prices and my buddy was thrilled at the range the site offered. Each person gave their own suggestions, but he managed to find something on his own. We finally bought Venetian blinds in a dark wood shades he simply loved this product considering the fact that he simply hated the run off the mill variety items offered at most stores. No more boring window shades anymore and now he can spend more time there without worrying about anything. We had never realized how convenient and versatile these handy items were until the salesperson explained all the different uses it can be used for. Read more...