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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real Property Management

    I am not too happy with this cold dull city which I currently live in as the climate does not suit me at all. I have always wanted to move to a warmer area one as soon as I purchase either a new house or a second hand house from which I can also earn some decent money from rentals. It is not easy purchasing a house especially if it is located far away in a far away place nor finding the right kind of tenants. All these thoughts flashed through my mind as I was looking for an agent to help me locate a property in prime locality. After purchasing the property in prime location, I realized that that the only people who can help me is Real Property Managementwho will do all the searching for me and will compile a list of tenants for me. I have already spoken to them and given the company a list of what I want and in what type of tenants I want. It seems like I will have a hassle free experience this time instead of the extremely stress one which I had last time since this company goes through a process which includes employment history, credit check and background check, ensuring that only reliable tenants are placed on your property. Now I can concentrate on other things like purchasing a car and furniture for one of mu other properties. Maybe, I can get in touch with a landscape designer as see what the company what kind of magic they can do with the lawn. One thing which I learned from my past experience was that plan ahead and avail the services of qualified people to reduce the stress points which people encounter while doing something. Read more...

      How rude are they?

        Try to imagine the following situation: You are with a group of people who speak different languages. They all do speak English to different degrees, but you do not speak or comprehend their languages. If two of them get involved in a conversation amongst themselves then you will be left out in the cold and you would not be able to understand anything at all. Is it rude or impolite for them to converse so in their own language meaning or is it perfectly understandable for them to want to talk quickly and easily in their own first language?

        After thinking about it, I guess it would really depend on the situation, since no two situations are really alike all the time. Under some situations I think I would find it slightly rude.
        For example, if a group of people want to talk in their first language which is much easier for them to speak and understand, but if they are in the company of someone who does not speak their language... not to mention in a country that does not speak their language, yet they continue talking in their own language and totally ignore you completely. If this happens, then I think they are being rude. I think they should either speak English or go off away from the group to speak by themselves.

        Also, I think it's a little rude and it's definitely exclusionary, especially in a social or work situation. They would be telling me that they obviously don't want me talking or associating with them by not speaking a language I can understand. Sometimes, I am surrounded by people speaking a lot of different languages, I have grown used to it now. If they're just some strangers talking, I don't care, but if it's at work or a social function, then I would consider it very rude

        Put yourself in another country where you don't speak the language as well as you'd like, and you were with mostly people that spoke your language, and not the language of that country. Wouldn’t they feel the same? I think there are many places all over the world, where people will speak the local language above all others and refuse to speak English (or another language) when they could have easily spoken it.

        To sum up, If you are all together as a group and it seems like you are deliberately being left out then yes, I think it would definitely be rude. It is rude to have an extended conversation in a different language while you are standing there completely confused. But again, it would depend on the situation. It would, however, be a good time to ask them to teach you a few words and phrases. You would learn something new and they would be more conscious of their breach of etiquette. Read more...

          Sunday, January 17, 2010

          Finding the right agent

            I am finally moving from this cold dull city to a warmer one as soon as I purchase either a new house or a second hand house. I know that buying a house is not easy especially if it is located far away in another city. I know this very well as I am thinking of shifting to Nevada. From what I learned from my previous experience, this time I am getting in touch with a Nevada resident agent who will do all the searching for me and will compile a list of houses for me to look at. I have already spoken to one and given the company a list of what I want and in what type of locality and of course what type of house I want. It seems like I will have a hassle free moving experience this time instead of the extremely stress one which I had last time. Now I can concentrate on other things like purchasing a car and furniture. Maybe, I can get in touch with a landscape designer as see what the company what kind of magic they can do with the lawn. One thing which I learned from my past experience was that plan ahead and avail the services of qualified people to reduce the stress points which people encounter while doing something. Read more...

              Friday, January 15, 2010

              Investing in a golden future

                Buying gold coin is a popular way of holding gold. Among the most popular bullion gold coins are the South African Krugerrand, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the American Gold Eagle, the American Gold Buffalo, and the Australian Gold Nugget all of which contain exactly one troy ounce of gold each. Yet at some point of time, one should make a decision to Sell Gold Coins to maximize ones gain.

                The most traditional way of investing in gold is by buying gold bullion. Gold bars can be held either directly (i.e. held directly by you or in your own safe) or indirectly (held in a vault on your behalf). Because of the many difficulties of transporting, storing and verifying pure gold bars, an increasingly popular method of investing in gold bars for the small investor is via allocated holdings using a gold account. Read more...

                  Finding the right gift

                    The big day for which you have been waiting for is almost here. Yes, it is almost Valentine’s Day and you still have not decided on what you will buy. It is difficult to find what you are looking for at the last moment and a generous amount of help is needed at times like this. One of my friends was in such a situation and I volunteered to help out. So, I logged onto the net and I was desperately searching the net for a Valentine's Gifts as it is one of the main item of any Valentine’s Day event. During the search, I discovered a really site called which helped us out alot.

                    The right gift might not seem an important to a layman initially, but making the right choices using it will make you feel terrific and make you look and feel your best on this special day when your loved one open this special gift. From Personalized Happy Valentine's Day Mug to the the 'I Love You' Gift Set, some sites offer a wide variety of options. Choose the right gift which will make an impact and makes the memory last a lifetime. It may take some work doing it the right way, but your special gift is worth the trouble. On an ending note, try to remember that it is the right gift which makes it all the more worthwhile... So, go ahead and try out something new and be a little adventurous. After all, it’s all about having fun also. Read more...

                      Wednesday, January 13, 2010

                      FAKE TAG WATCHES - THE IMPORTANCE

                        Fake Tag Watches was basically the copied pattern of the original brand owned by Edouard Heuer. He is not only an efficient watch maker in the Swiss world but he is known for the revolutionary changes brought by him in the fashion industry as well.

                        Golf timepiece copy Watches are influenced by the real versions and they came in to existence because the real brand has been lemmatized in a specific class of people due to its high prices. But still they have all well copied features and unique finishing in their manufacturing. Following are some important aspects of Tag Heuer counterpart time-keeping devices:

                        The importance

                        1. Unique Models
                        Fake Tag Watches has currently launched many models which have increased the overall up selling of the brand. These models have been acknowledged by people and are very economical as well. They include Monaco, Carrera an, The Link and many more. These Fake Tag Watches have been used in almost every fashion show in the present years.
                        2. The Affordability
                        Fake Tag Watches are most famous because of their suitable prices. The original brand was out of range for some low income earners due to which its up selling was also decreased. But after the establishment of Fake Tag Watches many people were attracted to their cheap rates with quality enduring products. The average cost of a Fake Tag watch is $280 which is hence reasonable.
                        3. Durability
                        The Fake Tag Watches are long lasting and offer warranty periods of 12 months to repair the malfunctioning watch free of cost by the company. They are very durable and can stand drastic weather conditions.

                        Thus, it can be summarized that Fake Tag Watches are very reliable which offers accuracy of time by following Greenwich Meridian. Read more...

                          Thursday, January 7, 2010

                          Lose that excess fat

                            You have been working hard all year long and you really need that much deserved break. It seems like you will never get that break. You try hard and convince the boss that you need some time off now. The big boss finally realizes that you really need a vacation which is long overdue. It seems like an easy task and you think you should get overwhelmed with choices as soon as you log in.
                            So what do you do during this break? I would strongly suggest that you start off your journey at a fitness gym which will put you back in top shape. It seems like our modern lifestyle has a tendency to give us very unhealthy eating habits which lead to unnecessary weight gain and other health problems. One can join a gym and start off on one of their packages to lose the excess fat within a certain time frame. If this does not work or it is not medically possible then the affected person can think about getting in touch with a lap band surgeon who will be able to guide the patient on how to reduce their weight to the correct amount with minimal risk and attain their dream figure. It is the only weight-loss surgery that is completely reversible and adjustable. The sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent solution also performed laparoscopically is an alternative to the gastric band and is a safe option for higher BMI patients. So, if no other option is available to the affected person, then it is never too late to take the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Read more...

                              Treating them the right way

                                Animals at farms are one of the most ill-treated animals that I have heard about. They are usually not fed properly, shoved into cages too small for them, injected with hormones to fatten them up. Then they get so fat that they have difficulty standing on their own legs, Due to the inability to use their own legs they lose their ability to ever go venture outside to see the sun, feel the grass/dirt underneath their paws or hoofs, smell the fresh air. In the tiny cages they live in their own filth, very much helpless. Many people simply do not care. For these people, these are just 'food animals'. So they do not really care how the animals are treated if they are born to die anyway? Let me ask you one thing. How would you feel if one day someone took your cat, dog, pet bird or any other pet of the butcher shop, killed it, chopped it up, cooked it and served it to you? Would you not feel disgusted, revolted, and felt like someone has killed one of your family members? How would you feel about that? Would you eat them? Would you not consider this animal cruelty? I am aware that not all animals are treated this way, but I am sure most are. So please our co-inhabitants of this planet a thought. Let's give them place where they can live with dignity. Read more...

                                  Tuesday, January 5, 2010

                                  Dance like an Egyptian

                                    You have been working hard all year long and you really need that much deserved break. It seems like you will never get that break. You try hard and convince the boss that you need some time off now. The big boss finally realizes that you really need a vacation which is long overdue. It seems like an easy task and you think you should get overwhelmed with choices as soon as you log in to explore the places where you should head off to relax.

                                    Where do you go? I would strongly suggest that you think about Egypt Vacations since Egypt is a wondrous country with a multi-layered culture that seems to effortlessly balance both ancient and modern. This country offers a wide variety of experiences which is missing in other country. For example, you can explore the archaeological treasures of Egypt in Cairo and surrounding areas while cruising down in a luxury Nile cruise. It is a fantastic way to spend a vacation exploring the sites of Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Kom Ombo and more on a while enjoying a luxury cruise. I was really enchanted by Egypt which is also known as “Land of the Pharaohs,” as it is filled with a pinch of mystery, excitement and timelessness that can only be felt when a person actually visits the place personally. As winter is upon us, I might go there myself as it provides the perfect outlet for me to learn about its history first hand and also experience the delicious cuisine personally. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by your favorite travel agent and book a flight there now. You might not only find the right hotel in the right location but also have experience the local food and culture personally. Read more...

                                      Pets paradise

                                        A few days back, a friend of mine had gone to take his pet dog to the clinic for a few shots. Later on, on the way inside to the clinic, he had run across a huge billboard which mentioned that something to the effect that their will be a luxury clinic opening up for pets. Imagine that. Isn’t this a site to see? I laughed so hard when I heard this news. When my laughter had died down and I was back in control of my senses, I asked him exactly what had happened at the clinic. He told me that the pets will be given VIP treatment, and a lot of facilities will be provided to them that usually are not available at your regular neighbourhood pet clinics like an operation theatre, ICU, OPD and many other things to pamper your loved one. The pet will be treated like a king. The vet had looked at my buddy and said in a stern voice “Seems like you have never give your dog a proper bath and a hair cut. We will make him smell and look good real quick.” He was told that it will ONLY cost Rs 600. The guilt factor kicked in and the dog was handed over for its beauty treatment. The poor thing did not know what it was about to get into. First of, it was given a set of injections. It was whisked off into another room where it was given a hair cut and then a bath. This confused little dog didn’t know what was happening to it, but seemed to enjoy it. The vet helpers finally released him after 1 hour and 15 minutes. What was once a furry looking well fed dog was now looking like a starving, malnourished stray dog which had been picked up while coming up to the clinic. He was quickly taken home with his newly acquired look. After hearing all this, I thought that it is truly amazing how lucky these pets have it nowadays. They can get pampered, treated like a royalty and get some time off from their owners.

                                        Some places are set up in such a way that an air-conditioned car picks up the pet, takes it to a 5 star place, where they get hair cut, bath, and manicure. Then they get to watch television or listen to radio while reclining in a soft comfortable cushion. They are fed freshly made delicacies All this is located inside a fully air-conditioned area. Plus they also have their own personal butler to take care of any needs that may arise.

                                        People who have pets are usually very attached to them and the owners want the best they can provide for their pets. The pets are like a loved family member. I guess it is only normal that the pet owner don’t look at their pets as animals, but as fellow human beings. So don’t feel shy about pampering your pets and let them have the time of their life. Read more...

                                          Monday, January 4, 2010

                                          Medical Logos

                                            So you need some fantastic and amazing designs and you do not know where to start your search. It is about time you logged into the net to start your journey to find the perfect design which suits your business. When you start your net journey, instead of aimlessly searching for sites which offers Medical Logos you should ask around and see what the businesses near your office are using. It was really difficult for me to find help in my area as I did not get the type of service from the shops which offered this facility. I needed a fantastic Custom Designs site and which offered everything in one place so that i do not have to hunt around anymore.

                                            there was not enough information available to make n informed decision and I usually went away totally dissatisfied and there were not enough variety to choose from. Most of my troubles disappeared when I discovered a site which revolutionized my online experience. While looking through the selection which they were offering I noticed that their site offered their clients numourous designs and all designs are from talented designers all over the world. What can be better than saving a few bucks and getting the very best deals? The best part which the site offered was that it offered me an opportunity to make an informed decision about the Medical Logos which could make my company’s letter head look better. Read more...

                                              When do you usually prefer to eat?

                                                When it comes to food, there is no fixed time to eat at our place. One meal which I really enjoy is dinner and the time that I eat varies everyday. It depends on various factors like: when I get home from work, when dinner is ready and when I feel like eating. Even though there is no fixed time for me, the usual time slot in which my dinner time falls in is anytime between 7 pm to 10pm. This variation is mainly because of work and sometimes I get home late and at other times I get home early from work. If I'm really famished, then I will chomp down whatever is available. But if I'm not that hungry I can wait to eat a little bit later until I am fully relaxed.

                                                Everyone tells me that eating dinner very late at night is not really a good idea since the food which you are eating does not have enough time to get digested before you hit the sack. I have been told that this late night eating could lead to problems in digestion, unnecessary weight gain and problems in getting sound sleep. All my family members usually try to encourage me to eat dinner at a so called proper and reasonable hour so that I have enough time to be a bit active after words, so that the food can digest properly. What is your usual time when you eat or does it vary from day to day? Read more...

                                                  When shopping – What is your preferred mode of payment?

                                                    Before plastic money was introduced, I remember that I used to carry a wad of cash around. This bundle of money was used to pay for the groceries, car expenses, utility bills and other expenses. With the advent of plastic money, my life has become a lot easier and simpler.

                                                    The times have changed a lot and plastic money is rapidly gaining popularity. These days I still sometimes carry cash with me when I venture out of my home since not every store accepts cards. This is mainly true for the small mom and pops stores which sell either bakery items, vegetables from the small road side vendors, groceries, hardware stores, etc. where they only accept cash for all transactions.

                                                    Even though I prefer to use my cards whenever possible due to its sheer convenience, I still carry a wallet in my pocket and some loose coins in my front pocket. I don't carry a lot of coins when my wallet is all that I have and the coin compartment in it is just too small. Having a pocket full of loose change like coins and notes of small denominations is really convenient when your hands full of plastic bags or other items which you have managed to pick up on the way back home. When you step out of the house, do you carry only cash or a combination of card and cash? Which method do you prefer more? Read more...

                                                      Cruising down the road

                                                        I have finally got my own set of wheels. It’s a brand new motorcycle and I am finally zooming around town and really enjoying myself. After the initial euphoria, I realized that one of these days it will eventually require some maintenance work and shopping for accessories like Dynojet can be such a headache at time. It can be really difficult to find the right one-stop place to see all of the accessories that are currently available for the most comfortable and reliable ride, and to give me the ability to compare accessories from different manufacturers. At other times, getting out of the house and doing the actual shopping itself is really tedious and really time consuming. On the other hand, a really good motorcycle-accessories shop provides convenience and ease never heard of before. It is a real time saver and provides never heard convenience heard before. It is so easy to hunt around for the best rates right from home. I discovered an excellent site called CruiserCustomizing which is very user friendly and gives the shoppers a gets your vehicle back to mint condition. They have an excellent policy of making sure that your safety is their number one concern and they have experts who never compromise the quality of their work. Read more...

                                                          When you go out do you carry water?

                                                            Hot summer months are upon us and the energy sapping heat makes me sweat like a pig. No matter how much water I drink when I leave the house, I am always thirsty for more. I guess this is true for all countries where the maximum temperatures at times touch 115 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit range on a normal summer day.

                                                            Since I am not sure about the purity of the water in public places, I always make it a point to carry at least one bottle of water whenever I leave the house. I can guarantee the water purity at my place since we are drawing water directly from underground water table and it is filtered. For one thing, it is just too hot and one needs to drink water or some liquid constantly, and I have this habit of drinking water quiet frequently. I try to save money whenever possible by not spending money on buying bottled water from the ma and pop stores when I am thirsty or a cold drink.

                                                            Hot summer days makes us realize the importance of water. This is especially true when travelling around the city or going on those long drives on the highway. At times one can get stuck on a lonely stretch of road with no help in site and if you are not carrying your own container of water, then you might end up with dehydration. So, when you travel do you carry a bottle of water with you or do you buy the bottled water from a store when thirsty? Read more...

                                                              Finding the right auto repair service

                                                                I have finally managed to purchase a brand new vehicle after saving money for what seemed like many long years. I am really glad to have bought one and looking forward to using it everyday. A person realises after the initial euphoria wears off that one of these days it will eventually require some type off maintenance work. For the uniniated person, shopping for any kind of car accessories can be such a headache and a time consuming task at time as no one knows for sure where to get good quality items. It can be really difficult to find the right auto body repair service store where I can purchase what I want and when I want to without buying unnecessary items. At other times, getting out to the shop and doing the actual shopping itself is really tedious and really time consuming.

                                                                On the other hand, a really good auto body repair service shop provides convenience and ease never heard of before in case something does happen to your vehicle. A good auto body repair service shop is a real time saver and provides never heard convenience heard before. It is so easy to hunt around for the best rates right from home. I had discovered an excellent site which is very user friendly and gives the shoppers a gets your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. They have one of the best policy of making sure that your safety is their number one concern and they have auto body shops & collision repair experts who never compromise the quality of their work. Read more...

                                                                  Which color is your favorite?

                                                                    All of us have our personal favorite. At some point of time we usually end up preferring a particular color over another. Our choices, preferences and choices too are not static and are influenced by various factors. For example, some drastic changes in our life might affect the color that we prefer at the moment.

                                                                    When I was a kid I don't remember having a favorite until my teen’s years when all of a sudden I went through a set of colors like blue and the brown shades.

                                                                    As I started growing up, these two shades kind of stuck with me for many years. I got bored with the blue color. But, I stayed with the brown shades and later I found myself gravitating to red, and then it changed to green and brown combinations. I even reached a point when I started liking green, which was a friend's favorite color, I didn't want to look like a copycat so my preference veered to brown once more. I guess it must be because I love nature and I love to plant many types of things in my garden and this color really attract me and I feel really good to see greenery around my house also I feel a lot of positive energy when I see so many plants at one place. What is your favorite color and how did you choose your colors? How long has this color stuck with you? Read more...


                                                                        Some of the posts in this blog might be paid posts. Read more...

                                                                          The enchanted library

                                                                            It had been a long day and it felt good to be going to my ancestral home. It had been a cloudy sky when I had left home many hours back and I expected a downpour. During my journey, the sky cleared up a bit and looking up I saw a sickly yellow full moon leering back at me. The pale yellow moon still hung in the sky and it always gave me a chill whenever I saw it hanging there as if following me around. Being a superstitious man, it gave me chills as it was a bad tiding moment. These long drives on long dusty back roads always wore me out and the unexpected car problem in some back road surrounded by a corn field added to my woes. Opening up the hood, I looked inside and could not figure out what was wrong. Slamming the hood down, I went back inside and turned the blinkers on and waited for some passerby to lend a hand.

                                                                            It was a lonely stretch of land where nothing could be seen for miles upon miles. The moon still seemed to glare at me through the clouds and at other times through the tops of houses as I walked through the field looking for a house where the folks were still awake. Looking up, I cursed at it telling it to go away and leave me alone and not add anything to my misery. It seems like I’ve been through this area many a times yet something was different. I could feel it in my bones, but I could not put my finger on it. I felt like a leaf caught in the gently flowing river called time which gets swept along vainly struggling to find it own path as it gets swept along at ever increasing rate until all control is lost.

                                                                            A huge patch of dense trees in the distance caught my attention. I could see some flickering light there and I changed my course hoping some help could be found. It was an old forest and if it could talk, it might have a tale or two to tell the passerby. I looked around and it seemed like it was alive and could sense me looking at it and walking around. I swore I saw many pairs of large yellowed eyes some distance away staring at me which disappeared when my attention turned towards them. A soft breeze started to rustle the leaves and ruffled my hair ever so gently, yet died down as quickly as it had risen. In this enchanted forest, it seemed like a thousand voices talking to each other and I could not name the source. The voices seemed everywhere. As I walked deeper into the woods, my uneasiness grew in the near total darkness broken at times by the moon peeking through the tree canopy every so often. I heard the sound of water gently flowing down some creek and the sound of a startled deer hoping away.

                                                                            Off to a side I saw what seemed like some lanterns going by while some people were whispering to each other. I called out and the voices died as quickly as they had appeared and the lanterns were turned off. I could not make out what was happening as total darkness engulfed me once more. After what seemed like eons, the lights came on once more and the bodiless voices with lanterns seemed to chase each other through the shrubs, weave through the trees and finally disappear some distance away. As the voices fade away, I wonder how so much time in this timeless forest has flown by and how do I find my way home.

                                                                            In near total darkness which is intermittently lit by moonlight, I stumble across the forest until I come across a creek. The strange gurgling sound draws me closer and I kneel down to wash my face and fill my water bottle. Yet before I could do so, the sound of hoofs drew my attention. Soon a black buck appears from the dense forest clearing as if being chased by something or someone and races across the open field. As it nears the stream, it slows down and seems to hesitate and finally heads back towards the darkness from where it came from. A shrill cry emerged and the forest was till once more. Startled by the site, I drop my water bottle into the stream. The flowing water seems so black even in this dim moonlight. The splashing and rippling caused by the water bottle subside soon yet I hesitate to pull it out as I see strange lights in the water of what seems like reflections of star constellations even though the sky is covered by forest cover. Losing interest I back off and greatfull that I have an extra water container.

                                                                            Discovering a beaten dirt track alongside the stream, I start wander down it hoping to find the end of this forest. I eventually come to the end of the dirt road after what seemed like an eternity and discovered myself at the end of the village. A small patch of land with a boundary wall around it drew me as if I was in a trance. There were dried leaves all over the place and a crunching sound was heard as I walked across the path. As I near the faded bronze gate which has a lion head emblem, a gentle wind rustles through the dried leaves and opens the gate.

                                                                            Upon entering the compound, I notice an old wooden door partially open. Bright yellow light was spilling out. As I entered, I saw a large room with a blazing fireplace at the far end. Wooden book shelves filled with ancient books lined one end of the wall while there was a large window at the opposite end looking out at the interior of the house from where I had come. Out of curiosity, I walked up to the book shelf and pulled a book out at random and I started to read the

                                                                            “The Cats of Ulthar

                                                                            It is said that in Ulthar, which lies beyond the river Skai, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire. For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.
                                                                            In Ulthar, before ever the burgesses forbade the killing of cats, there dwelt an old cotter and his wife who delighted to trap and slay the cats of their neighbors. Why they did this I know not; save that many hate the voice of the cat in the night, and take it ill that cats should run stealthily about yards and gardens at twilight. But whatever the reason, this old man and woman took pleasure in trapping and slaying every cat which came near to their hovel; and from some of the sounds heard after dark, many villagers fancied that the manner of slaying was exceedingly peculiar. But the villagers did not discuss such things with the old man and his wife; because of the habitual expression on the withered faces of the two, and because their cottage was so small and so darkly hidden under spreading oaks at the back of a neglected yard. In truth, much as the owners of cats hated these odd folk, they feared them more; and instead of berating them as brutal assassins, merely took care that no cherished pet or mouser should stray toward the remote hovel under the dark trees. When through some unavoidable oversight a cat was missed, and sounds heard after dark, the loser would lament impotently; or console himself by thanking Fate that it was not one of his children who had thus vanished. For the people of Ulthar were simple, and knew not whence it is all cats first came.
                                                                            One day a caravan of strange wanderers from the South entered the narrow cobbled streets of Ulthar. Dark wanderers they were, and unlike the other roving folk who passed through the village twice every year. In the market-place they told fortunes for silver, and bought gay beads from the merchants. What was the land of these wanderers none could tell; but it was seen that they were given to strange prayers, and that they had painted on the sides of their wagons strange figures with human bodies and the heads of cats, hawks, rams and lions. And the leader of the caravan wore a headdress with two horns and a curious disk betwixt the horns.
                                                                            There was in this singular caravan a little boy with no father or mother, but only a tiny black kitten to cherish. The plague had not been kind to him, yet had left him this small furry thing to mitigate his sorrow; and when one is very young, one can find great relief in the lively antics of a black kitten. So the boy whom the dark people called Menes smiled more often than he wept as he sat playing with his graceful kitten on the steps of an oddly painted wagon.
                                                                            On the third morning of the wanderers’ stay in Ulthar, Menes could not find his kitten; and as he sobbed aloud in the market-place certain villagers told him of the old man and his wife, and of sounds heard in the night. And when he heard these things his sobbing gave place to meditation, and finally to prayer. He stretched out his arms toward the sun and prayed in a tongue no villager could understand; though indeed the villagers did not try very hard to understand, since their attention was mostly taken up by the sky and the odd shapes the clouds were assuming. It was very peculiar, but as the little boy uttered his petition there seemed to form overhead the shadowy, nebulous figures of exotic things; of hybrid creatures crowned with horn-flanked disks. Nature is full of such illusions to impress the imaginative.
                                                                            That night the wanderers left Ulthar, and were never seen again. And the householders were troubled when they noticed that in all the village there was not a cat to be found. From each hearth the familiar cat had vanished; cats large and small, black, grey, striped, yellow and white. Old Kranon, the burgomaster, swore that the dark folk had taken the cats away in revenge for the killing of Menes’ kitten; and cursed the caravan and the little boy. But Nith, the lean notary, declared that the old cotter and his wife were more likely persons to suspect; for their hatred of cats was notorious and increasingly bold. Still, no one durst complain to the sinister couple; even when little Atal, the innkeeper’s son, vowed that he had at twilight seen all the cats of Ulthar in that accursed yard under the trees, pacing very slowly and solemnly in a circle around the cottage, two abreast, as if in performance of some unheardof rite of beasts. The villagers did not know how much to believe from so small a boy; and though they feared that the evil pair had charmed the cats to their death, they preferred not to chide the old cotter till they met him outside his dark and repellent yard.
                                                                            So Ulthar went to sleep in vain anger; and when the people awakened at dawn—behold! every cat was back at his accustomed hearth! Large and small, black, grey, striped, yellow and white, none was missing. Very sleek and fat did the cats appear, and sonorous with purring content. The citizens talked with one another of the affair, and marveled not a little. Old Kranon again insisted that it was the dark folk who had taken them, since cats did not return alive from the cottage of the ancient man .and his wife. But all agreed on one thing: that the refusal of all the cats to eat their portions of meat or drink their saucers of milk was exceedingly curious. And for two whole days the sleek, lazy cats of Ulthar would touch no food, but only doze by the fire or in the sun.
                                                                            It was fully a week before the villagers noticed that no lights were appearing at dusk in the windows of the cottage under the trees. Then the lean Nith remarked that no one had seen the old man or his wife since the night the cats were away. In another week the burgomaster decided to overcome his fears and call at the strangely silent dwelling as a matter of duty, though in so doing he was careful to take with him Shang the blacksmith and Thul the cutter of stone as witnesses. And when they had broken down the frail door they found only this: two cleanly picked human skeletons on the earthen floor, and a number of singular beetles crawling in the shadowy corners.
                                                                            There was subsequently much talk among the burgesses of Ulthar. Zath, the coroner, disputed at length with Nith, the lean notary; and Kranon and Shang and Thul were overwhelmed with questions. Even little Atal, the innkeeper’s son, was closely questioned and given a sweetmeat as reward. They talked of the old cotter and his wife, of the caravan of dark wanderers, of small Menes and his black kitten, of the prayer of Menes and of the sky during that prayer, of the doings of the cats on the night the caravan left, and of what was later found in the cottage under the dark trees in the repellent yard.
                                                                            And in the end the burgesses passed that remarkable law which is told of by traders in Hatheg and discussed by travelers in Nir; namely, that in Ulthar no man may kill a cat.”

                                                                            The shrill cry of many hawks on the hunt woke me up from a horrible dream and I woke up with a gasp and I realized that it was late in the afternoon and the sun was burning away the last remnants of the dream I was caught in. Sweat was pouring down my face and into my shirt which was soaking wet. The dream was persistent and still seemed to pursue me into this world and I toppled backwards and fell out of the chair. Not wanting to linger in this haunted forest anymore, I trace my footsteps back to my car in the corn field patch. On the return journey, I see the same houses and yet they seem more alive than the previous night. I walked slowly back towards the houses and the sound of activity was evident even from a distance. The sound of children playing in the streets and smell of food was gently carried over to my general area.

                                                                            As I neared the houses, a solid permanent black top road started and my pace quickened. My body was tired yet my mind wanted to go on. Reaching the first door, I knocked on the door. A short while later it opened and an old man stared back at me. He just stood there and gave me a long hard stare as I stood frozen to the spot. After some time, he finally asked if I had been in the woods. Looking back over my shoulder and then back again, I stuttered back yes and asked how he knew. As I was pulled inside, I was told what a fool I had been to venture to those woods and was lucky to come back whole. As I stood in front of the mirror, I saw a white haired wrinkled man who had the haunted look in his eyes. A hot steaming plate of food and some coffee was offered and I was told that I could stay till my car was fixed. The old man went off to the field and I was left on my own to dwell on what happened last night. I found my way to a room upstairs and took a long shower to wash off all the mud, leaves and filth off me. Read more...