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Monday, January 4, 2010

Which color is your favorite?

    All of us have our personal favorite. At some point of time we usually end up preferring a particular color over another. Our choices, preferences and choices too are not static and are influenced by various factors. For example, some drastic changes in our life might affect the color that we prefer at the moment.

    When I was a kid I don't remember having a favorite until my teen’s years when all of a sudden I went through a set of colors like blue and the brown shades.

    As I started growing up, these two shades kind of stuck with me for many years. I got bored with the blue color. But, I stayed with the brown shades and later I found myself gravitating to red, and then it changed to green and brown combinations. I even reached a point when I started liking green, which was a friend's favorite color, I didn't want to look like a copycat so my preference veered to brown once more. I guess it must be because I love nature and I love to plant many types of things in my garden and this color really attract me and I feel really good to see greenery around my house also I feel a lot of positive energy when I see so many plants at one place. What is your favorite color and how did you choose your colors? How long has this color stuck with you?