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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Treating them the right way

    Animals at farms are one of the most ill-treated animals that I have heard about. They are usually not fed properly, shoved into cages too small for them, injected with hormones to fatten them up. Then they get so fat that they have difficulty standing on their own legs, Due to the inability to use their own legs they lose their ability to ever go venture outside to see the sun, feel the grass/dirt underneath their paws or hoofs, smell the fresh air. In the tiny cages they live in their own filth, very much helpless. Many people simply do not care. For these people, these are just 'food animals'. So they do not really care how the animals are treated if they are born to die anyway? Let me ask you one thing. How would you feel if one day someone took your cat, dog, pet bird or any other pet of the butcher shop, killed it, chopped it up, cooked it and served it to you? Would you not feel disgusted, revolted, and felt like someone has killed one of your family members? How would you feel about that? Would you eat them? Would you not consider this animal cruelty? I am aware that not all animals are treated this way, but I am sure most are. So please our co-inhabitants of this planet a thought. Let's give them place where they can live with dignity.