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Monday, January 4, 2010

When shopping – What is your preferred mode of payment?

    Before plastic money was introduced, I remember that I used to carry a wad of cash around. This bundle of money was used to pay for the groceries, car expenses, utility bills and other expenses. With the advent of plastic money, my life has become a lot easier and simpler.

    The times have changed a lot and plastic money is rapidly gaining popularity. These days I still sometimes carry cash with me when I venture out of my home since not every store accepts cards. This is mainly true for the small mom and pops stores which sell either bakery items, vegetables from the small road side vendors, groceries, hardware stores, etc. where they only accept cash for all transactions.

    Even though I prefer to use my cards whenever possible due to its sheer convenience, I still carry a wallet in my pocket and some loose coins in my front pocket. I don't carry a lot of coins when my wallet is all that I have and the coin compartment in it is just too small. Having a pocket full of loose change like coins and notes of small denominations is really convenient when your hands full of plastic bags or other items which you have managed to pick up on the way back home. When you step out of the house, do you carry only cash or a combination of card and cash? Which method do you prefer more?