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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bus Ride

    Seconds turn into minutes. The clock ticks lazily and time seems to drag. Looking upwards, I see the fan spinning lazily. A stray fly or two buzz past. Noticing my gaze, they turn around and start murmuring sweet nothing in my ears. Not feeling up to a group orgy, I swat them with the rolled up paper. Seeing the bloody mess, I stuff it in handbag of the guy sitting next to me. He'll probably won't notice anything till he gets home. Lifting his head gently, I put a hand on his shoulder and get up gently so that I don't wake him up.

    The bus conductor inquires about the ticket. "How many? That old man is with you?" He asks. "No" I said. Ruffling through the old man pant pocket, I find an overflowing wallet. Taking out a few bucks, I give it to the conductor who gives a ticket back. I stare hard at him only to see him blink and walk away. Pocketing the money, I throw the wallet out the window. Throwing the old man out of the moving bus window proved to be more difficult. I hollered out to the fellow passanger to lend a hand.

    "Hey pretty thing. Here's the seat you were asking for." I hollered to the two headed blue colored being from Xion. I heard the being slither across the floor leaving behind a trail of mucus. I fingered the pouch of salt in my trench coat in case things got rough. Feeling a tentacle poke into one ear and emerge from the other I finally knew that my head was empty.

      Wednesday, July 16, 2014

      A Chance Encounter

        Haiku (5-7-5)

        Familiar Object
        Memories Revisited
        Floodgates Reopen