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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Would you respond to discussions posted months ago?

    For some time now, my routine would be to check for the posts that my friends have posted on their sites, but if there is nothing I cannot that I can add to their posted discussion I will then check at a later stage for 'new’ discussions. There are also times when all the current discussions just don’t seem to strike a chord within me to reply to. Hence, I skip these posts for the time being. But lately, I have figured that 'new' post with similar thoughts or subject can be ignored once proven that it is very similar to discussions previously posted either by the same person or someone else. It may be unfair, but that's how I go about my work on many of my sites. I also skip some of the really dumb posts or questions. I usually skip any set of questions and posts that are full of incorrectly spelled words and contain really stupid syntax errors. If they cannot do a simple thing like write a normal coherent post with a proper paragraphing with little or no errors then the person needs to improve their skills before they start posting again. Why torment the public with poor writing skills? So, would you post/reply to discussions posted months ago? Do you care to see if the discussions you responding is a re-post? How do you usually respond to the posted discussion here in this site or any other site? Oh yes one more thing, Please respond to one of my discussions. Thank you. Read more...

      Wednesday, April 22, 2009

      Which Indian dish is your favorite?

        I have had the chance to try out dishes from many countries. Even though I simply love the taste of Mexican and Italian dishes, my all round favorite is Indian foods. There are so many different varieties that it is difficult to list them all. Being an Indian, I am familiar with most of the popular dishes, even though I haven’t had the chance to try them all.

        Of all the different Indian dishes, I like South Indian food the best and they are one of my favorite dishes. I especially like Upma, Utthapams, Idli, Vada, and Dosa out of which I like the Masala dosa the best as it has been my favorite for many years.

        The different varieties of dosas available in my area are: Masala dosa, Paper dosa, Rava masala, and Mysore Rava dosa. There are a different varieties of Utthapam available in my area are: Tomato and Onion Utthapam and Onion, Capsicum and Tomato Utthapam. There is hardly much variation in Idli except for fried or plain. There is only one type of Vada which I am aware of which comes in the fried version.

        The dosas made here in Northern India sometimes vary in taste from place to place and they never taste as good as the ones made at home. The main reason being that in restaurants they mostly use rice paste where as they should be using a mixture of Rice and Urad paste. Dosas are one of the best dishes and the most filling. This dish is relatively easy to make and can be made at home relatively easily. Out of the different types of Utthapams available, I like the best is Onion, Capsicum and Tomato Utthapam. I remember when I first came back to India many years back; most of these dishes were available at one third of the price available today. I don’t remember the price band for the other dishes, but I do remember the dosas were around Rs 12 per plate and the price has escalated to minimum Rs 35 as of now.

        It is quiet likely that most of you have tried at least one Indian dish, since you are likely to find an Indian restaurant in most major cities around the world, where there is a sizable population of Indians. If you never had the chance to try out our delicious and mouth watering dishes, it never too late to give it a try. Sure, some dishes are hot and spicy while others are a bit tame. So, pick one or a few that tickle your taste buds just right. So if anyone of you all had the chance to visit an Indian restaurant and try a few Indian foods dishes, which one is your favorite? Read more...

          Tuesday, April 21, 2009

          Get paid to be an ethical hacker

            In common parlance, a hacker is a person who breaks into computers motivated by artistic and political ends, but is often unconcerned about the use of criminal means to achieve them. To some of these people, it does not really matter which means they use to achieve to the goals which they have set.

            Several subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes and aims use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with which they do not agree. One such group is a White Hat group who are also known as Ethical Hacker which are computer security experts who specialize in various testing methodologies like penetration testing, to ensure that a company's data systems are secure. Such people normally go on to use their Ethical Hacking skills in legitimate ways, such as becoming security consultants. These security experts may utilize a variety of methods to carry out their tests, including social engineering skills coupled with the use of hacking tools, and they attempt to evade security to gain entry into secured areas in order to locate the system weaknesses. The EC-Council was petitioned in a big way to donate a free online Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) course delivered via iClass format.” Said Owner, Peter Giannoulis.

            With hacking becoming more and more prevalent security fundamentals are one of the prime concerns in the IT Security. EC-Council not only offers you knowledge and certification in the above mentioned fields but also teaches the IT professionals about Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming also. You see, IT Security plays a very vital role in our times protecting us from all types of threats which are constantly knocking at the gates and EC-Council is playing a vital role in imparting Internal Security Awareness training to the employees which can be the differentiating factor to a malicious hacker gaining access and not. It is one job in demand at the moment with employers offering rising pay packets and jobs to good candidates.

            So, go ahead and join them for the next First LOOK! Event in Secure Coding, Ethical Hacking or Computer Forensic Investigation! Coming Soon: Disaster Recovery and Security Analyst since EC Council puts its money where its mouth is and they aren’t afraid to show what they are all about and that they are the best of all!
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              Thursday, April 16, 2009

              Which mode of communication do you prefer - phone or internet?

                Communication comes naturally to us and language provides the best platform. Technology has provided us with various means to get our ideas across to others and across great distances. Initially it all started with the telegram and the telephone soon followed. Telephone was good, yet people wanted more choices. The plain simple letters were good for the people who loved to write and at times get creative and expressive. Yet, technology kept marching forward and we were given more and more choices. These days the net and the cell phones have provided not only conviniance but also freedom from being tied to a particular place.

                Which mode of communication I choose to communicate with others really depends on various factors like the distance...if I have to talk to someone across country, I definitely would prefer chatting or sending an email since it is cheaper and there will be no signal interruption. However, if it is just someone away but in the same city or lives not too far away and in the same country, then talking through phone is just great so I can hear his/her voice but nothing really beats the actual communication when you got to see the facial expression and laughter of the person your talking with. The major plus point of internet is that it usually works out cheaper then the phone in the long run. On the other hand, phone is better in the sense that you get to hear the voice and you get the response instantly. But it is more expensive when it is long distance or if you talk for an extended period of time. So, of all the different choices available – which mode of communication do you prefer using? Read more...

                  Yamaha Rhino ATV Recall Alert

                    The Yamaha Rhino is a popular all-terrain vehicle which most of you all must be familiar with by now. It seems like everyone who loves zooming down the dirt roads and into the unexplored areas wants one. But it has shown a dangerous and potentially deadly trait to roll over, even when it is being driven at slow speeds on level ground. This vehicle has a very serious manufacturing defect due to the narrow wheel base and smaller tires than other ATV models. These two things give it a higher center of gravity that makes it much more likely to tip over, especially when it is going over bumpy terrain or around corners. Due to this defect, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall on all Yamaha Rhino 450 and 660 model vehicles. This recall affects approximately 120,000 off-road recreational vehicles.

                    The rollovers have caused serious injuries to numerous riders which have prompted lawsuits. Common injuries which are being reported include broken legs and arms, and at times grievous head and spinal cord injuries. The Rhino's propensity to roll over has been blamed on its high center of gravity and narrow wheel base. Many Rhinos did not come with doors on the passenger compartment. So, when the Rhino loses it balance and starts to rolls the passenger sticks their leg out to try and balance the vehicle. Unfortunately, the passenger or driver is typically unable to balance the vehicle and it rolls over crushing the driver's or passenger's leg.

                    This ATV which is an $11,000 side-by-side all terrain vehicle and other ATV models of similar design are to be blamed for thousands of deaths and serious injuries which occur each and every year. It is estimated that in 2006 alone, approximately 555 people – including 100 children – were killed in accidents involving ATVs. Another 146,600 people – more than one quarter of them children -- were treated in United States emergency rooms for ATV-related injuries in 2006, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

                    If you have suffered injuries such as a broken leg, arm or head and spinal cord injuries due to a Yamaha Rhino Rollover accident, then you have a right to seek legal help. Remember, you do have legal rights and you may be eligible for financial compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and other damages which you have suffered due to the company’s negligence.
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                      Sunday, April 12, 2009

                      Net appeal

                        A lot of us have access to the net and we are using it for various purposes. Since it has so many different uses, it appeals to a wide variety of people. It can be so addicting that we can end up spending several hours on net without realising it. I noticed that it is an excellent time saving tool which can be used to pay your bills online and to shop online without too much hassle. I have found it to be a pleasant experience to connect with my friends thru social networking sites, check mail. It is also good way to read news and check out the latest stuffs. It really helps me to save money that you would use on those long distant phone calls by giving me an alternate means of communication, which is really cost effective. I need to save money wherever I can since everything has become so expensive and I need to optimally use my monthly money so I can get the best value for every dollars spent.

                        When I start the net the first thing I check is for emails received from my friends scattered all around the globe. Then I look at the notifications received from social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Finally I check my office stuff and log off for the day.

                        Lately what appeals to me the most is making money online. I am constantly looking for new ways to make money from paid sites, writing articles etc. Internet has made my easier since I can write what I want, publish it in a blog, get paid for it, and announce to everyone very easily.

                        Finally, I would like to say that the internet is a tool which basically offers the key to so many things to which we would not have access to otherwise. We have access to things like shopping, communication tools, financial services, etc. It basically allows the user to interact with the outside world without ever leaving the comfort of his/her home. The thing that keeps me glued to my computer and surfing the net for hours and hours on end is the fact there are so many opportunities on the internet which can be utilised to not only to make money but also to make our lives better.

                          CHARTER HDTV-a-day Sweepstakes

                            Did you know that Charter Communications, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company and it is the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States? Charter is a leader in High-Speed Internet connections. At 60 Mbps, Charter High-Speed® Internet Ultra service is the fastest residential service in the U.S. In addition, they also offer 20 Mbps Charter High-Speed® Max service nationwide. And all of their internet services come with the Charter Security Suite™ to protect the customers against all types of online threats and intrusions. Because of this, they are able to provide good quality advanced video, high-speed internet, and telephone services to approximately 5.5 million residential and business customers in 27 states.

                            At the core of their mission is to provide their customers with rock solid value to all. They diligently strive to do this every day by offering high-quality entertainment and communication services, continually improving customer care, and through the unwavering commitment to their more than 16,000 employees nationwide.

                            When I visited their site, I learned and discovered many new things like:

                            HD programming continues to grow in popularity at a rapid pace and Charter Communications is trying to meet that demand by offering customers who order services at a chance to win a 22” flat screen HDTV every day throughout the month of April. The contest is open to new and upgrading customers and if a current or new customer orders Cable, High Speed or Telephone online at throughout April – they are automatically entered upon installation to win.

                            Charter is offering an excellent opportunity to everyone so that they get a chance to win a grand prize package that includes a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming. Last month, Charter’s sweepstakes drew more new customers than any online promotion to date and it has created a buzz around its online contests. Last year it managed to give away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one lucky customer drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.

                            So, what are you waiting for? Log in and participate in their sweepstakes now. You might be one of the few lucky ones who might walk away with a few of their fantastic prizes. I am quiet sure that you will find this site an excellent place to avail the services of a reputed company which offers excellent services.

                              Friday, April 10, 2009

                              What is your criterion in tipping?

                                It is sometimes very difficult to decide how much to leave when I am dining out. Sometimes I ask why I can’t just leave what I feel the service was worth. After all I came to the restaurant to pay for someone else to cook for me. I agreed to pay for the price for the food, but why should I pay for the service? Isn't that part of the cost of the package? Can't I just go in the kitchen pick up counter and get my own food after it's cooked?

                                There is basically two rules which I use to decide whether or not to leave a tip and how much. This was decide after much thinking and I think it is a good method which anyone can use. I will leave a tip for table service that is friendly and I can see that the waiter and waitress have been doing their job really well. If they did a really great job and went over and above the service I expected, then I will definitely give them a great tip that is over and above what they expected.

                                The other kind of waiters and waitresses that I really detest are the ones that feel like I owe them a tip despite the fact that they took my meal order with a bad attitude, saw that my food was ready at the kitchen's pick-up counter and continued to talk to their co-workers and then disappear for hours when I need a utensil or a condiment at my table, I will give them very little tip and a piece of my mind in this case. Maybe a talk with the manager will be in order. In such cases, I have noticed that after the complaint, either the offending waiter/waitress has improved their service or sent to some other area. But in the worst case, the service remains the same and I tend to avoid the place.

                                But do keep in mind that tipping is extremely important because usually waiter and waitresses only make there money on tips and at times get no regular or very little salary. Most restaurant waiter/waitress are paid less than the standard minimum wage as it is customary that the other part of their income is supplement by tips. So for that reason alone they do expect and should get a tip for minimal service. You will find the occasional person that has an attitude and just should be left a smaller tip.

                                Finally, when I go to some place to eat, I expect good service. I don't expect perfection but I do expect to be treated decently, fairly and given prompt service by the staff. I like my food and service to be good. If it is not up to the mark, then I send the food back or tell them about it when they ask if everything was o.k. I don't mind telling them that it was not up to the mark as I am not shy about it when I encounter sloppy service. I guess the best method to completely avoid the tipping system, depending if the place allows it is to use carry out service or go to a drive-thru.

                                  Sunday, April 5, 2009

                                  Waking up bleary eyed

                                    Over a period of time I have learned how to cook not only breakfast but also lunch and dinner to some extent. I guess I am pretty proficient at throwing something together which resembles breakfast, lunch or dinner. These days, I am always ending up waking up very late in morning due to working on the net on various things that I always end up doing just before I am going to bed. Most of the work that I do revolves around either doing some writing assissments, doing some survey, checking mail, catching up with some long lost friend, etc. Therefore, I usually end up staying very late into the night, sometime as late as 1:00am.

                                    When I wake up, I hardly have any time to eat a proper breakfast. Usually it’s a few cups of coffee as I madly rush out the door and somehow manage to hastily jump into the car and try to make up for the lost time. At other times, after I finish fixing breakfast for myself I usually go directly to visit my clients and usually come home for lunch and then leave once more if neceaasary. I am usually very busy every morning updating the previous days work into the record file so eating breakfast is not my main priority. I usually end up eating a very late breakfast/brunch around 11am to 12noon. The only time when a normal routine is followed is when I do not have to go to work outside the house. On such days, I usually end up having milk with cereal, a few bananas or some other fruit and maybe a few slices of bread. This keeps me full till lunch. I know that missing breakfast is not good, but due to my busy schedule I am forced to skip one of the most important meals of the day. What about you guys?