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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Which Indian dish is your favorite?

    I have had the chance to try out dishes from many countries. Even though I simply love the taste of Mexican and Italian dishes, my all round favorite is Indian foods. There are so many different varieties that it is difficult to list them all. Being an Indian, I am familiar with most of the popular dishes, even though I haven’t had the chance to try them all.

    Of all the different Indian dishes, I like South Indian food the best and they are one of my favorite dishes. I especially like Upma, Utthapams, Idli, Vada, and Dosa out of which I like the Masala dosa the best as it has been my favorite for many years.

    The different varieties of dosas available in my area are: Masala dosa, Paper dosa, Rava masala, and Mysore Rava dosa. There are a different varieties of Utthapam available in my area are: Tomato and Onion Utthapam and Onion, Capsicum and Tomato Utthapam. There is hardly much variation in Idli except for fried or plain. There is only one type of Vada which I am aware of which comes in the fried version.

    The dosas made here in Northern India sometimes vary in taste from place to place and they never taste as good as the ones made at home. The main reason being that in restaurants they mostly use rice paste where as they should be using a mixture of Rice and Urad paste. Dosas are one of the best dishes and the most filling. This dish is relatively easy to make and can be made at home relatively easily. Out of the different types of Utthapams available, I like the best is Onion, Capsicum and Tomato Utthapam. I remember when I first came back to India many years back; most of these dishes were available at one third of the price available today. I don’t remember the price band for the other dishes, but I do remember the dosas were around Rs 12 per plate and the price has escalated to minimum Rs 35 as of now.

    It is quiet likely that most of you have tried at least one Indian dish, since you are likely to find an Indian restaurant in most major cities around the world, where there is a sizable population of Indians. If you never had the chance to try out our delicious and mouth watering dishes, it never too late to give it a try. Sure, some dishes are hot and spicy while others are a bit tame. So, pick one or a few that tickle your taste buds just right. So if anyone of you all had the chance to visit an Indian restaurant and try a few Indian foods dishes, which one is your favorite?