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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get paid to be an ethical hacker

    In common parlance, a hacker is a person who breaks into computers motivated by artistic and political ends, but is often unconcerned about the use of criminal means to achieve them. To some of these people, it does not really matter which means they use to achieve to the goals which they have set.

    Several subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes and aims use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with which they do not agree. One such group is a White Hat group who are also known as Ethical Hacker which are computer security experts who specialize in various testing methodologies like penetration testing, to ensure that a company's data systems are secure. Such people normally go on to use their Ethical Hacking skills in legitimate ways, such as becoming security consultants. These security experts may utilize a variety of methods to carry out their tests, including social engineering skills coupled with the use of hacking tools, and they attempt to evade security to gain entry into secured areas in order to locate the system weaknesses. The EC-Council was petitioned in a big way to donate a free online Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) course delivered via iClass format.” Said Owner, Peter Giannoulis.

    With hacking becoming more and more prevalent security fundamentals are one of the prime concerns in the IT Security. EC-Council not only offers you knowledge and certification in the above mentioned fields but also teaches the IT professionals about Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming also. You see, IT Security plays a very vital role in our times protecting us from all types of threats which are constantly knocking at the gates and EC-Council is playing a vital role in imparting Internal Security Awareness training to the employees which can be the differentiating factor to a malicious hacker gaining access and not. It is one job in demand at the moment with employers offering rising pay packets and jobs to good candidates.

    So, go ahead and join them for the next First LOOK! Event in Secure Coding, Ethical Hacking or Computer Forensic Investigation! Coming Soon: Disaster Recovery and Security Analyst since EC Council puts its money where its mouth is and they aren’t afraid to show what they are all about and that they are the best of all!