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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which mode of communication do you prefer - phone or internet?

    Communication comes naturally to us and language provides the best platform. Technology has provided us with various means to get our ideas across to others and across great distances. Initially it all started with the telegram and the telephone soon followed. Telephone was good, yet people wanted more choices. The plain simple letters were good for the people who loved to write and at times get creative and expressive. Yet, technology kept marching forward and we were given more and more choices. These days the net and the cell phones have provided not only conviniance but also freedom from being tied to a particular place.

    Which mode of communication I choose to communicate with others really depends on various factors like the distance...if I have to talk to someone across country, I definitely would prefer chatting or sending an email since it is cheaper and there will be no signal interruption. However, if it is just someone away but in the same city or lives not too far away and in the same country, then talking through phone is just great so I can hear his/her voice but nothing really beats the actual communication when you got to see the facial expression and laughter of the person your talking with. The major plus point of internet is that it usually works out cheaper then the phone in the long run. On the other hand, phone is better in the sense that you get to hear the voice and you get the response instantly. But it is more expensive when it is long distance or if you talk for an extended period of time. So, of all the different choices available – which mode of communication do you prefer using?