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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Day The Cursed Sun Went Black


    Looking out the window, I see the sun that never set glaring at the land below and the nearly deserted town. No matter where I looked, all I could see were empty streets and the town seemed deserted except for the few drunks sprawled under lamp posts and the stray dogs that were busy chasing a few cars that passed through the town main intersection. Taking a deep breath, I started to close the heavy curtains to shut out the burning light and wisps of smoke started to rise from my skin. I started to curse out loud and thought about doing something about that cursed yellow object.

    Wandering down the dimly lit hallway, I made my way to the far end where the lab was located. Tripping over a pile of coiled wire, I fell face down onto the floor. Getting up, I felt pain shoot through my head and grabbed my nose only to realize that I had bloodied my nose. A loud explosion was heard and smoke started to pour out of the room. A bean stalk thin man wearing divers goggles and hair standing on ends stepped out, flipped me out and yelled “Why oh why did you have to short circuit my equipment? Now go away before you mess up something else.”

    Feeling a little sorry and guilty at the same time, I looked around mournfully wondering why I had even come wandering down this hallway when professor Smith was busy with finding a solution on how to reduce the strength of the sun so that the creatures of the night can safely walk out. So far, he was only able to get half the equipment to work and the other half simply refused to light up like a Christmas tree. The service tech guys came, did some fiddling with the dials, gave a bill with a smirk and told us that they’ll come back once more as another bill was handed to the professor. This process had been repeated three times yet no solution so far.

    My eyes wandered down the hallway where the wires finally ended and the bank of wall sockets started. All plugs were plugged into the sockets except one and one was partially pulled out. With what seemed like the weight of the world on my shoulder, I wanted to find a solution to the problem I had caused. Walking up to the wall, I pushed the loose plug back in and inserted the plug lying on the floor into the socket. I heard instruments hiss, crackle and pop. I felt the house shake as the huge dish on the roof started to move and align itself towards the sun. A loud excited voice was heard wanting me to come quick and lend a hand. Stepping into a dark room, all I saw was bright lights flashing, dials and needles flashing all types of numbers. Opening the blinds just a wee bit, I saw the sun go dark. As I drove off, I turned around a final time to look back and wondered if I’ll ever be back at this place. The streets and the shops which had worn a deserted till awhile back were starting to fill up with customers. People were seen on the sidewalks were rushing to catch an elusive bus or a taxi.


      Monday, August 29, 2016

      Ship In A Storm

        Groggily I woke up from the deep sleep whose tentacles refused to let go. Still under the sheets, my arm crept out from under the bed sheet, groped from the snooze button as the radio blared out some song as the faceless voice moaned about the changing weather patterns and sudden storm which might hit the town in the night. Failing to switch it off, I stuck my head out and looked at the world through my bleary eyes. Not liking the world view, I hid back under the sheet and hoped that it would get better the next time I stuck my head out.   
        Getting out of the bed, I wandered around as if in a daze to the dining table to pour myself a shot of whiskey. Nursing my only constant companion these days, I lifted the mug, took a long sip and then poured myself another shot. Looking out the window, I see a vast forest that seems to stretch for miles upon miles. The activity in the small trading town some distance away is in full swing and I can hear the dim voices of men in the street. As my gaze drifted to the wide body of water in the bay, I see a ship had pulled in. The phone started to ring madly. Picking it up, I said “Hello.” 
          “Sir, Captain Cook is unavailable for todays journey. It seems like he had a run in with some wild beast and lost his hand. Could you step in his place for todays journey?” Asked a nameless voice from the Shipping Corp.    
        A short time later, I found myself at the pier. The ship which I had seen from my home loomed ahead and I stopped momentarily to marvel at its huge size. Anchors were being pulled in and it was being untied from the dock. The crates and barrels for the outward journey were being tied down and the crew was in a mad rush to leave before the storm hit the island. A whistle and then a holler broke the spell and I hurriedly walked down towards my own ship. The crew was in full force and someone hollered for me to hot foot to the cabin as the ship was pulling anchor and heading out of the bay.
          The waters were getting choppy and the ship was swaying and heaving even though the crew tightened the ropes and the goods. A storm was brewing and the harbor offered no safety. Anchors were raised and final calls were made. The sails soon caught the easterlies and became taut. As the ship start to move away, I felt my lungs draw a deep breath of the salty air and I felt alive once more.   
        Time passed by and the land we left behind became a distant memory. The ocean stretched from one horizon to the next and there was no land in sight. Looking upwards, I could see nothing but a few stray clouds as they floated past the bright sun which seemed to blind me with its light. The screech of the sea gulls which ebbed and rose seemed never ending, yet seemed to break the deadening monotony. The ship rose and fell as it tried to ride out the storm and the creaking sounds from the hull below my feet made me wonder if it would last this storm.
          Lightning flashed in the distance and one could hear the gentle booming thunder even over the waves which crashed against the hull. The rolling and churning clouds made their way from one end of the horizon to the next. I really don’t know how much time passed by, yet when I came back to my senses I noticed that the wind had died down. There was utter silence all around. A sailor in the crow’s nest was hollering while the sailors in the sea water swept decks were barking and cursing in return. It was still pitch black outside and it started to rain heavily. The sudden downpour soaked me to the bone.  
        Minutes turned into hours and not even a speck of god forsaken rock appeared on the horizon. Looking up, I saw a pale yellow moon appear on the horizon. Turning around, I made my way to the cabin for a shot of whiskey to still my beating heart which seemed to beat so hard as if it wanted to pop out and seek shelter elsewhere.
          Upon entering the room, I flipped the lights on. Total darkness prevailed yet my hand persisted in flipping it back and forth hoping the lights would come on. Down below, I felt the generators kick in and the intercom blared that the hull had been breached and the pumps are on. I felt the ship tilt to one side as it struggled to regain the balance yet failed. I lit the hurricane lantern and hung it in the corner. The constant swaying of the ship was starting to make me uneasy and I grabbed whatever I found nearby to steady myself. As I neared the intercom, I flipped it on and asked for a status update. The future looked grim as we faced certain death as I started to pray to all the Gods I knew.     
        The darkness began to clear as I groggily regained my senses and claw back from the nameless horror pits which I had been dragged to. I woke up after what seemed like many eons with every inch of my body screaming with pain and I slowly started to sit up. I was wondering where I was and what happened to the ship. A sunken vessel with debris around it drew me as if I was in a trance. There were small school of fishes and at times a lonesome shark swimming in and out of the open port holes As I near the deck, some memory ignites and I realize that this sunken ship was my own. The ship which was once proudly sailing the seas was now lying on the bottom of the sea, its sails tattered and torn, its hull breached and the crew dead. As I floated around, the cabin door which had the company emblem gently swings in the currents as if inviting me to enter. As I swim past, the dead crew seemed to look out wanting an escape which they’ll never get doomed to be trapped in this watery grave till eternity.
        The heavy knock on the door and the persistent loud voices woke me up from a horrible dream. I woke up with a gasp as I realized that it was early in the morning and the sun was burning away the last remnants of the dream I was caught in. Sweat was pouring down my face and into my shirt which was soaking wet. The dream was so persistent that the visions seemed imprinted into my mind forever. It seemed to pursue me into this world as I toppled backwards and fell out of the chair.
        Opening the door, I saw my Bill standing at the door giving me the puzzled look. Drawing the ship port curtains aside, I saw that the city life was in full swing as the ship neared its destination. As time wore on, the lingering effects of the dream faded.  Time flew by, I felt the ship dock at the pier, heard the loud curses as the ramp was lowered and help was ought to unload the shipment. Taking a horse drawn carriage to the city where I grew up, I left for shopping district hoping it will be tame compared to the dream I had. The first thing which I will be doing is hitting the well maintained children parks so that I can use the swings and slides for a few hours to dispel the persistent dream.

          Monday, August 15, 2016

          The Interrogation Of Nivens McTwisp

            The darkness seemed to clear, my head started to pound and the body ached like someone had pulled me through a clothes wringer machine. Looking around, I see that I am in a dimly lit room with white florescent light lining the ceiling . 

            Looking out the solitary window, all I see are stars and a lonely moon travelling across the sky. I rubbed my head wishing the awful splitting headache away. My legs are weak as if all the energy had been drained out of my system. As the pounding headache and body aches disappear, I look around and see a man sitting across from me and another man leaning against the far wall. I start to inquire why I am being interrogated and what I am being charged for.

            “Hello. I am Detective Sam and that’s Detective Ryan. It seems like you have regained your senses. I need you to explain to me once again what you were doing at the tavern.” Asked the investigating officer as he flashed me his badge..

            I started to gentle massage my forehead to get rid of hangover induced headache. A glass of water and a bottle of Asprin appeared before me. As the headache receded, memories rushed back and I remembered the turn of events that led to this.

            All I was doing was sitting on a garden chair while listening to one of my relatives telling me the importance of getting married as early as possible to any woman in town even if she is a total stranger and having a few dozen kids. I was getting bored listening to my aunts babble which went on and on.

            My attention started to wander around and I noticed a girl wearing a knee length one piece skirt and pocket watch emerge from one of the hedges located near me. Seeing that she had caught my attention she muttered “My names is Alice. Have you seen a rabbit anywhere? Harvey wanted to go on an adventure but I can’t find him anywhere. and “Oh my ears and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late I'm late!” as she stared at the pocket watch as she ran past. I got up and started to chase her to inquire about her nonexistent whiskers and what she’s late for.

            My clothes started to tear, and scratches appeared as I hopped through neatly trimmed hedges and the chase lead through grassy plains. In the distance, I saw a huge tree and the blabbering girl standing underneath gesturing me to hurry up. As I neared, my heart skipped a beat as I saw her jump into a hole.

            I stood at the edge and peered into the dark hole. Nothing could be seen. I mumbled and then yelled “Hello. Hello. You okay down there?” But I heard no response. Seconds turned into minutes and I assumed the worst. I turned around and started to hop away when I heard an echoing voice “Want to munch on something that says Eat me? Meet a hooka smoking caterpillar sitting on a huge mushroom asking you if you want to get high as a kite, find dragons in the fridge and drink its blood to make your wishes come true?”

            I said “Of course. What do I do? I can’t see a dang thing down there. I haven’t brought along a torch and I hope you aren’t expecting me to jump down there.”

            Alice’s head popped out of the ground and she heaved herself up till her elbows were resting on the grassy ground. Looking upwards, I saw the sun peeking through the leaves as if trying to figure out what’s happening under the tree shade. Looking at the blond haired girl, I saw that the face had turned beet red in anger as she stared at me and yelled “Look here mister what’s your name. I can’t do everything for you and if you didn’t remember to bring along a torch and something to lower yourself then that’s your bad luck. Why don’t you try jumping down here you old fart?”

            I woke up and let out a loud groan. My body ached and I wondered how many bones had broken as I fell into the hole. Looking around, I saw a room with multiple doors with a table located in the center. On the table was a bottle with a sign “Drink me.” With nothing else to quench my thirst, I took a gulp or two. The world started to spin and my clothes became a few sizes too large. As I emerged from under a pile of clothing, I noticed that I was totally nude and looking upwards I saw that the table size had increased it seems.

            While searching for food and drinks, I saw a familiar face. I cleared my throat and said “Awhile back, you had gotten your panties in a knot because I was taking too long. Well. I made it here. Make me a sandwich and get me a beer. While you are at it, show me the fridge full of dragons.” And officer, that’s when the fight started.

            “Well. The folks who attended the gathering at Mr. Macpherson daughters wedding reception aren’t too happy with you and the host has a different version. You got bored talking to your aunt. You wandered off and found yourself at the coffee, snacks and bar. You need to watch the Dark English Ales they had there. Alice, the bartender says you got a bit tipsy and started to strip on one of the tables. Court date in a few days. The lawyer is coming over tomorrow. And did you find any dragons in their fridge?” Replied the tired and visibly irritated officer.

            “I never got that far. And Mr. MacPherson is wrong. It wasn't the dark ales. I'm used to those. I don't remember a wedding, but remember distinctly needing something to drink.”

            The officer spat his tobacco juice he'd been hoarding in his cheek over top the chair where it landed with a splat near the corner of the gray interrogation room. “Suffice it to say, you wrecked the place, took out three fake gazebo's and turned the doves loose before the wedding party got to leave.”

            “I slightly remember a Jabbor-Wockey.”

            “No, Mr. McTwisp, they were doves, not a...a...Jabbor-Wockey.”

            “Doves you say?” Mr. McTwisp recollected no doves in any box but a huge flying nine headed Jabbor Wockey. They heard a door clang, and two sets of feet walking down the hallway. The door to the room opened, spilling in bright yellow faded florescent light from the outside.

            “Hey Fargus, his aunt is here to get him.” “Well. Lucky you.” Fargus sarcastically stated. He'd heard enough, had enough and knew enough to know that this guy was heading to Bellevue as soon as the judge could write the order out.

            “Aunt Mona!” Mr. McTwisp stood up unsteadily still on his feet, holding on to the brown industrial made chair.

            “Come on Simpson, we can't keep Harvey waiting, you know he gets agitated in these places.”

            “Yes Auntie. Where is he?”

            “Waiting out in the hall.”

            Both officers looked at each other as the one who brought her in shrugged. “Uh, ma'am, may I inquire as to whom this Harvey is? Brother? Father? Friend?”

            Aunt Mona looked at the cop like he'd just lost his head in front of her. “He's a six foot rabbit of course! Now, come on Simpson, get to hopping, we can't keep him waiting!”

              Tuesday, August 2, 2016

              Lingering hate in which I drown

                Image Taken Off The Net

                The following poem has been written in the Kryielle format. A kyrielle is written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines). Each quatrain must have a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables
                The headstrong winds raging inside
                Showing no emotions I’ve died
                The heavy burden weighs me down
                Lingering hate in which I drown

                Bitter memories haunting past
                Moments linger on shrapnel blast
                Seeking to topple your crown
                Lingering hate in which I drown

                Seeking peace for my mind
                Troubled memories past far behind
                Brace to topple the demon crown
                Lingering hate in which I drown

                Looking inside searching for release
                Prison I am locked in no peace
                The whispering memories frown
                Lingering hate in which I drown