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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What annoys you the most in life?

    What annoys the most in life?

    Life is so full of irritating things. When I start thinking about it, I find out that there are just many things that annoy the hell out of me. I think it would take a really long time to list them all down here. But the things that annoy me most are: heavy traffic, laziness & laid back attitude in work performance and cell phones.

    Heavy traffic is just so irritating! Day by day the vehicular traffic is growing by leaps and bounds. Every one it seems wants to drive their own car and get out on the street all at once at times, but the roads and highways seems running out of space cause there just too cars hitting the roads. It gets so difficult to get anywhere without getting stuck in traffic for many hours. What used to take me 25 minutes to reach my grandparents place a few years ago, now takes me at least 45 minutes during rush hours.

    Laziness in most spheres of life is an unpardonable thing in my book. This is especially true when I have to visit an office and the employees laid back attitude is a real turn off. Usually I am a very punctual person in most things in my life and I always try to make sure that I reach the designated place on time or complete the appointed task on time but when I have to wait for somebody either to arrive or to complete the unfinished task for long time, it just irritates me. The other thing which I absolutely detest is the laid back approach by some of the government employees towards work.

    Cell phones always have been and will be a necessary evil for me. I know it is an useful tool at times, but even after registering for the “Do Not Call” facility, I am still getting spam by many marketing companies. This had driven me up the wall in many cases and most of these only stopped calling me after I informed them that I am not interested in their stuff, stop calling me and if these calls persist then I will file a complaint with the police and the phone company. Most calls stopped except from the banks. At other times, it’s not the phones itself but the way people behave with them. Especially with the Bluetooth headphones and other accessories plugged into their ears. People are walking around having really private conversations in public while paying no attention to their surrounding and it's just plain rude. Also, it is extremely dangerous when they get inside the car and don’t stop using the cell phones. If these devices have to be used, then they should pull over to the shoulder and talk as much as they want. These people are hazards to the public. Cell phones just don't belong in office meetings, weddings, places of worship, funerals, courtrooms, clinics, hospitals, driving a vehicle and there are many more places they should not be used as certain management rules prohibit its use.

    Sometimes, it gets really bad at times. Sometimes, the problem works out after I talk to the other party about improving their performance. The traffic problem can be some what alleviated to some extent by switching the time I venture out and avoiding the heavy rush hours whenever possible. When the cell phones get to be a strain at times with persistent calls, I end up switching them off for a bit. I guess everyone has encountered some things in their daily life which annoys them a lot. I guess the only thing that can be done is not to get too worked about it and accept certain situations as they are. Which irritates you the most in your daily life and how do you handle it? Read more...

      Tuesday, May 26, 2009

      How often do you wake up in the middle of the night?

        Everyone tells me that late night fridge raiding missions are not good for the health. But sometimes these food missions simply cannot be helped. I usually go to sleep well before 11:00 PM and sleep soundly all night long. At times, I end waking up due to some reason or other and not be able to sleep immediately no matter how hard I try. After some tossing and turning, I get out of bed and I try to figure out what to do. At this point, my stomach would start grumbling and then the stomach would assume a life of its own and start demanding more food. This makes it impossible to go back to sleep. So I would have to get up and sneak around the house real quietly so as not to wake others up. During these moments, I simply love to grab myself a sandwich or anything else that can be found in there. Then I would drink water or a soft drink, brush my teeth and try to go back to sleep.

        It is not often that I wake up from sound sleep at night. It’s either hunger pangs or troubled sleep due to some other problem. These late night sessions ruin my next day waking hours to the extent that I feel tired all day long. I try to avoid certain situations which might disturb my sleep. I try to relax mentally by either by reading something, listening to music or surfing the net. What makes it worse is going to sleep with a troubled mind. This makes toss and turn all night long and finally forces me to wake up and stay awake till my mind clears up. Maybe reading something really exciting like an engineering manual or trying to solve some complex math problem might make me sleep more soundly. Lol. So, do any one of you all have midnight wake up situations? Read more...

          Wednesday, May 20, 2009

          Many benefits of positive thinking

            Most of us have probably heard that positive thinking brings forth many advantages. I always try to start the day with a positive attitude. I have noticed that this positive attitude can really help people to cope up with whatever they do for the day. It helps people to solve the problem more easily and be calm even under bad situation.

            Before, I used to worry most especially when there were difficult task to be accomplished and usually I ended up being stressed and full of anxiety. This worrying a lot before only brought more stress and problems. Under these stressful conditions, it seemed like the problems never went away.

            At one point of time, I used to be a negative thinker and had been for some time. I always expected the worse and usually that is what I got. After reading many books I have changed my outlook, it seems that everything is running more smoothly now. I noticed that after I have started thinking positively my days are a whole lot better. It seems like I accomplish a lot more when I am in a positive mood. I seem to be more energetic, able to accomplish more and be able to handle whatever life throws at me with minimum stress and tension.

            For the most part I have had a good life and have had no real reason to complain about what God gave me. But like most humans I always seem to want more, to do more, and to be more than what I am now. I guess it is human nature to always want more. As they say there is always this concept of wanting more has always existed and will always continue to do so. It gives us the inner drive to accomplish more.

            Nowadays, I have become a firm believer in positive thinking even when things go really wrong in my life or something serious in my life that could wind up with negative results. Yet I still try to maintain a positive frame of mind that things will eventually work out in my way. This positive thinking helps me to face my day with the right attitude and a better perspective. If everything seems dark, gray, full of negative energy and gloomy, you won't be able to notice the bountiful beauty, positive energy, etc. If you have set yourself to be sad and full of worries then this attitude will drag you down and you will not be able to give optimal performance. Positive attitude will help a person overcome many hurdles in life. Positive thinking gives hope for a better future and better health. If you are still in the grips of negativity, then it’s time you loosened its grip by changing your attitude. Grab a few self help books and hang around people whom you consider as positive people. This will defiantly change your whole outlook in life and you will accomplish much more. Read more...

              Friday, May 15, 2009

              Getting hot under the collar

                Well, the summer months are upon us and the temperatures are touching new highs every day. Today’s temperature was 45 degree Celsius and it will probably stay in that range tomorrow also. It is extremely difficult to keep the house clean during these summer months as our so called “normal” summer months where we not only have intense hot days but it also throws a few dust storms at us every so often. When I have to go out either for office works or personal errands, I am relatively clean person but by the time I return home, I am a smelly, sweaty walking dust ball.

                During the winter months, the weather was really pleasant and in our area we never get any snow. During these winter months, I was busy working on the lawn and the yard since I wanted to make our garden nice so that it will have a lot of greenery by the time summer rolls around. It was extremely difficult and tedious on getting rid of all the weeds, transplanting the flowers on the yard so that they will be all in the shaded area. I really wanted to get the house painted since the house looks just horrible and so worn, but we never really got around to it.

                This year I have managed to get more organized and will probably be running around a little less. So far I have managed to convert one of the spare rooms into a mini gym room since I plan to lose 5 kg of weight. My plans are to spend all summer reaching my weight loss goal. I intend to lose my entire excess pounds total and I hope to lose at least most of that this summer. I am going to be doing a lot of running on the treadmill during my free moments. If I must sweat and smell like a pig then I might as well get some health benefit out of it. Also, we have installed another new air conditioner in the house besides the one in the living room.

                This time around, I really plan on staying indoors, hibernating, until autumn arrives here once more. I just can't stand the hot summer months. I have so many plans for this summer but most important have something to do in this summer is to improve my writing skills. At times, I sit down and make a "to do this" list, but then something gets in the way. Probably a subconscious fear my writing isn't good enough? lol I'm also trying to squeeze in a writer's workshop somewhere in my schedule this summer and a small vacation to the hills. Read more...

                  Friday, May 8, 2009

                  Life is tough indeed

                    Life is tough indeed. We all have to go through the daily grind. Life has never been easy for anyone and I guess it will never be. One must adapt constantly or else the person will always end up at the loosing end. It constantly throw challenges at you when you least expect it. Just when I noticed that I cleared one hurdle, a new one popped up later on. But life does provide a person with an opportunity to keep on learning from their past experiences and mistakes so that we don’t end up repeating them over and over. We should not be afraid to ask for help when needed and in turn help others who are facing difficult times. Life never gives us a second chance to correct our errors which we have made, but we can use this learning experience to make our lives easier. There are no set rules to follow when we go thru life and face our problems and difficulties. We have to constantly strive to minimise these troublesome things in our life. No two set of problem that we face in our life will have the exact same solution since the situations will always be a bit different. But, even in these cases our past knowledge comes in handy.

                    So, go ahead and make those mistakes and don’t feel too bad or guilty about it. We all make mistakes. The trick I guess is to accept the mistake, learn from it and move on in life. We should not burden ourselves with a guilt trip which will just ruin our whole life and we won’t gain anything from this negativity. Read more...

                      Saturday, May 2, 2009

                      Would you really miss the idiot box?

                        Sometime back I got thinking if I would really miss the television set if it suddenly died on me and I was not able to replace it for some reason. A couple of different thoughts floated through my head and I followed them all through to help me decide the right answer.

                        Even though I am not a tv addict, I would say that this form of media plays an important part in peoples life. A wide variety of information is given out to the masses and in such a way that people usually can absorb it very quickly. If used correctly then it can be used for productive means. Education and entertainment are just 2 of the many facets of television.

                        Both are important in their own areas. Most of my work is computer related as it is and I hardly ever get any free time as it is to sit in front of the idiot box. Even though we have a television set at home, I really do not think I will really miss it if it was suddenly gone one day. This is mainly because I have other entertainment avenues to keep me occupied like the internet. Read more...