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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What annoys you the most in life?

    What annoys the most in life?

    Life is so full of irritating things. When I start thinking about it, I find out that there are just many things that annoy the hell out of me. I think it would take a really long time to list them all down here. But the things that annoy me most are: heavy traffic, laziness & laid back attitude in work performance and cell phones.

    Heavy traffic is just so irritating! Day by day the vehicular traffic is growing by leaps and bounds. Every one it seems wants to drive their own car and get out on the street all at once at times, but the roads and highways seems running out of space cause there just too cars hitting the roads. It gets so difficult to get anywhere without getting stuck in traffic for many hours. What used to take me 25 minutes to reach my grandparents place a few years ago, now takes me at least 45 minutes during rush hours.

    Laziness in most spheres of life is an unpardonable thing in my book. This is especially true when I have to visit an office and the employees laid back attitude is a real turn off. Usually I am a very punctual person in most things in my life and I always try to make sure that I reach the designated place on time or complete the appointed task on time but when I have to wait for somebody either to arrive or to complete the unfinished task for long time, it just irritates me. The other thing which I absolutely detest is the laid back approach by some of the government employees towards work.

    Cell phones always have been and will be a necessary evil for me. I know it is an useful tool at times, but even after registering for the “Do Not Call” facility, I am still getting spam by many marketing companies. This had driven me up the wall in many cases and most of these only stopped calling me after I informed them that I am not interested in their stuff, stop calling me and if these calls persist then I will file a complaint with the police and the phone company. Most calls stopped except from the banks. At other times, it’s not the phones itself but the way people behave with them. Especially with the Bluetooth headphones and other accessories plugged into their ears. People are walking around having really private conversations in public while paying no attention to their surrounding and it's just plain rude. Also, it is extremely dangerous when they get inside the car and don’t stop using the cell phones. If these devices have to be used, then they should pull over to the shoulder and talk as much as they want. These people are hazards to the public. Cell phones just don't belong in office meetings, weddings, places of worship, funerals, courtrooms, clinics, hospitals, driving a vehicle and there are many more places they should not be used as certain management rules prohibit its use.

    Sometimes, it gets really bad at times. Sometimes, the problem works out after I talk to the other party about improving their performance. The traffic problem can be some what alleviated to some extent by switching the time I venture out and avoiding the heavy rush hours whenever possible. When the cell phones get to be a strain at times with persistent calls, I end up switching them off for a bit. I guess everyone has encountered some things in their daily life which annoys them a lot. I guess the only thing that can be done is not to get too worked about it and accept certain situations as they are. Which irritates you the most in your daily life and how do you handle it?