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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Would you really miss the idiot box?

    Sometime back I got thinking if I would really miss the television set if it suddenly died on me and I was not able to replace it for some reason. A couple of different thoughts floated through my head and I followed them all through to help me decide the right answer.

    Even though I am not a tv addict, I would say that this form of media plays an important part in peoples life. A wide variety of information is given out to the masses and in such a way that people usually can absorb it very quickly. If used correctly then it can be used for productive means. Education and entertainment are just 2 of the many facets of television.

    Both are important in their own areas. Most of my work is computer related as it is and I hardly ever get any free time as it is to sit in front of the idiot box. Even though we have a television set at home, I really do not think I will really miss it if it was suddenly gone one day. This is mainly because I have other entertainment avenues to keep me occupied like the internet.