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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Missing socks and other items

    I never really paid much attention to this before, but recently while organizing the drawers I noticed that many of the socks and other items seemed to be missing. When I usually go to the store, I end up buying at least a pair of socks and other basic items and then during the remaining part of the year I am left wondering where did all the socks go or where is the other items which I just bought. For me it extends to clothes also I have no clue where things end up half the time and I am left scratching my head. I really think that the washing machine is eating clothes, socks and underwear... Because no matter how much hunting I do I just can't find everything. I was starting to think that the washing machine monster gets them or is it that in time they turn into wire cloths hangers? The reason I said this was that I noticed that when I go to the cloths locker there is always more wire hangers than the previous visit. These hangers are multiplying like rabbits even though I don’t go to the dry cleaners at all.

    So after much searching, I finally gave up, threw my hands up in the air and said “I give up. I can't find them”. Finally, I ask the other family members if they had seen such and such. I am told by one of them to look out our bedroom window. I was really left wondering what they meant. So I went and took a look and there is everything I could not find! Some time back I did laundry and put everything outside on the line to dry instead of using the dryer as it consumes too much electricity and ruins the clothes faster. I hardly ever use the line outside and had forgotten all about it! LOL so if you are missing some clothes take a look out your window. You never know what you'll find. I think the missing clothes mystery is an age old question. I think ever since the washing machines were invented, the people have wondered where their socks and other items have disappeared off to. I have never come across anyone who can answer this question to my complete satisfaction. It truly is a mystery and a funny one at that. People lose so many clothes on a regular basis and it’s really must be aggravating at times. At one time, I was the king of loosing clothes. I don’t know where there going is what I usually end up saying. These missing socks are on the lifes greatest mysteries I guess. Lol Read more...

      Friday, January 23, 2009

      What do you do with the books/magazines after you are done with them?

        I simply love picking up a good novel and getting lost in the story line. Sometimes I get so immersed in the story line that I lose track of the number of hours that I have spent. Unfortunately, this love of books has led to a large collection of novel in my house. When the collection gets too large, I do a bit of spring cleaning and donate a small portion of books which I have lost interest in mainly because I like to share and I would like to create more space to keep the new books which I’ll eventually buy. But there were times that I wished I had kept certain books because I wanted to read those years later.

        New books start in my room, to be read and re-read. When the shelf get too full, I sort through and make a pile to be either donated to the school, sold to the secondhand book store, sold at a garage sale or simply given away to other families. The second pile I make is for books I am still interested in reading and this pile gets moved down to the shelves in one of my other rooms. It's a process I repeat twice a year. I never rush to get rid of books though. I am especially partial towards books by certain authors like: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams and Ray Bradbury.

        I wish we had some exchange group here where we could exchange books and magazine that we have accumulated over the years. When I sell off my stuff to the second hand book shop, I hardly get any value for them and I really hate it when I give them away for free, even though I know they are going to a right place and will probably help someone out. But what about you all. How do you decide which book to keep and which one to dispose off? Do you donate them to a certain place? Do you sell them to a second hand book shop or do you all do the book exchange? Read more...

          Thursday, January 22, 2009

          What is your most used kitchen item?

            It is almost that time of year once more when I have to get the house organized. Spring is just around the corner and that means the Holi festival isn’t too far behind. Cleaning is done on a regular basis but the organization part is usually put off until the last minute. The only area which always used to get neglected every year was the kitchen. This year I made it a point to organize the kitchen first then move on to the rest of the house.

            The first question that popped into my mind as I entered the kitchen was…. Where should I start from? It looked like a war zone in there. Maybe the army’s elite forces will have to be called in for this mission. Lol. Finally, I did manage to clean up the kitchen and discovered many long lost utensil, pots and pans. This got me thinking if I really needed all these excess items when I only used a few. This led me to the discovery that the items which I regularly used and my favorites were: Pressure cooker, Frying pan, a few Pots and a Tea Kettle. The pressure cooker is a really great device when you want something cooked in a jiffy. Less gas is used in cooking and up saving a lot of money. I guess one kitchen appliance I would love to add would be a microwave which will help me out in quickly warming up milk for the morning coffee or tea, making a melted cheese sandwich and at other times in defrosting frozen food stuff. I am not a big fan of oven as I do not have any practical use for it and it consumes just too much gas.

            The surplus containers won’t be disposed off as they might be needed in the future. I cleaned them up, wrapped them individually in clean paper and stored them in a box. This box was finally put away in the store room this time. The veggies were sorted out and the veggie stand was cleaned up as well. The grocery items were also given a quickie also. The kitchen looks so spacious and well organized now. On a closing note, I must ask you the following question … What kitchen appliance or item could you guys not live without? Or which one is your favorites and wouldn't want to be without? Read more...

              Wednesday, January 21, 2009

              What kind of treatment do you give to animals?

                Whenever I flip through the papers or the news channels, I notice that cruelty to animals is increasing day by day. Every year, thousands of monkeys and other animals are killed because new medicines are tried on them to see if they are safe for humans. It really saddens me when humans show such cruelty towards our fellow travelers. I am against needless cruelty to animal beings as it goes against the very basic law of nature. I hate it when people who are cruel to helpless animals get away with this crime.

                Although I don’t have any pets and neither do I like to have any in the near future, I would like to say that I would hate it when someone is cruel towards animals. I also think that animals should not be killed in a cruel and needlessly way. They also have rights to live as humans do since they are also living beings and have equal rights to the nature’s bounty. I know that a lot of people just think of them as animals, but they are much more than that. They are living creatures that feel different emotions and pain, while they may not be human, it doesn't mean that they don't have the right to be treated kindly.

                Humans have a greater responsibility towards animals now, because not only have we taken over so much of their natural habitat and destroyed their habitats, but we have given them next to nothing in return. Man has become money minded and just to increase his profits he mistreatment the animals.

                Animal abuse is something which is something really horrible and really disgusts me. If you don't like animals, then avoid them. It's as simple as that. When animals are killed for food, it should be done humanely and quickly and all parts should be used. Killing for sport or hatred is just irresponsible behavior which should be condemned.

                I must end this post by stating that all beings have equal rights. No one creature is more important than the other. Humans were made the dominant creature by God, but this does not give us the right to misuse or abuse the planet. We were given this dominant position so that we can look after our fragile planet, and to take care of other beings. But most of us have misused our powers, responsibilities. Our planet is in a sad shape. But it still can be saved. Non-humans as I prefer to call them have an equal right to this planet and all of its' resources, since it was meant to be shared equally by all. Read more...

                  Monday, January 19, 2009

                  Late night snacks

                    I guess that sometimes it just cannot be helped. The hunger pangs strikes and you end up going on a midnight mission to raid the fridge. Usually, I have my dinner around 8 PM and don’t eat anything afterwards. But yesterday was an exception I guess. I ended up working late and really didn’t have time for a proper meal. On the way home, I had picked up an Aloo Burger (potato burger). It filled me up for the moment, but by the time the clock struck 12…my stomach was growling so loud, the neighbors were complaining. I hopped, skipped and in my rush to reach the fridge quickly, I tripped and tumbled down the stairs and landed with a loud BLAM!!!! My head was spinning round and round like one of those old time vinal lp set at a high speed. Boy, I did manage to see some strange new constellations. Lol. Gotta watch that last step Hun. Lol. The local security guard who was making his rounds on foot flashed the lights in and took a peek a boo. I scared the jeepers out of him by sticking my head out at the same moment and barking BOO!!! at him. I swear he must have jumped 10 foot in the air. Lol. Just checking if you were awake or not, I told him….as I closed the window and went back to my food hunt.

                    I sneaked up to the fridge before it could see me coming and run away. Hot damn. I am a blessed soul indeed. I saw 3 slices of pizza, a giant bottle of coke and a bowl of spaghetti in there. I felt like I had just discovered a long lost treasure trove. I was ready to jump up and down and go whoopee….but the thought of the security guard hollering at me made me stop. I didn’t know how hungry I was until I bit into the pizza. I wolfed it down like there’s no tomorrow. My stomach seemed like a black hole. No matter what I threw down there, it just refused to fill up. I revisited the fridge which at this point was looking scared and had backed into the corner. I coaxed it into coughing up that pineapple jam bottle and loaf of bread. Yum. Finally filled up. I washed it all down with half a bottle of Coke.

                    I was so damn full now, that I didn’t think I could make it back upstairs. Plus, I was damn scared silly now thinking that it must have tripped me on purpose. Something like from the old serial “Adams family” where the stair case open up and there’s a dragon hiding underneath waiting to gobble up any trespassers. So, with one eye on the stair case, I waddled up to the sofa and kept flipping through the channels until I finally fell asleep. I did manage to have a sound sleep and I guess no dragons ate me in my sleep. Lol.

                    But I must avoid these late night excursions. I have been told that when you eat late at night you are more likely to gain weight, because your metabolism slows down at night. Your body cannot digest the food normally and this leads to serious weight gain. I really do not know how much excess weight I have gained from my last night food raid, but I think I might hit the gym this weekend for a short workout. Read more...

                      Sunday, January 18, 2009

                      What did you have this morning?

                        It seems for most urban dwellers bread has become a staple food item. Even though it is not really nutritious, it does provide a very easy way to fix up a quick breakfast with minimum hassles. It’s a Thursday morning here and it’s breakfast time once more. Out of the following items corn flakes, oatmeal, rice or bread…..bread has become one of my favorite items recently. Usually I have corn flakes before leaving home. At other times, when I am in a rush bread eaten with butter or with some other item. When time is not so scarce, I prefer having boiled rice in milk mixed with raisins, sugar and whatever other sweet items are available.

                        Since I was feeling mighty lazy, I hunted around for the bread but it seemed to have run off with the butter. The giant packet of chips and a few packets of roasted peanuts were still hiding in the cupboard and giving me a menacing growling sound. So, it was decided that I’ll be having bread today. But, getting the bread itself seemed like a hassle today. I spent 15 minutes trying to convince the guy who lives next door that he really didn’t that fresh loaf of bread and butter which he had just bought. I told him “It is just horrible for the body. The butter will clog your arteries and you’ll end up being extremely constipated after you eat all that bread”. So, he seemed a little uncertain and hesitant….and I coaxed him some more until he finally agreed. I gave him a banana and a lollipop and ran home before he could change his mind.

                        I was running short of time now and I was trying to rush through this process. Where’s Batman when you need him? Opened the fridge door and located a few eggs. Couldn’t decide what to do with them until they dropped on the table and made a mess. So, it’s omelets for me today. Boy, what mess I made today in the kitchen. I hope no one else drops by and sees this mess or else they’ll probably think that a tornado probably tore through the kitchen. No time to clean the dishes as I literally ran out of the after the auto rickshaw. I think the auto rickshaw driver must have seen me running after it as he increased its speed manifold and sped away. So I took the bus to work for a change.

                        I think just about everyone eats bread at some time of day. It seems I really have started to like bread. It is something that is usually around in my home for sandwiches and toast. I especially like to have a toast with butter and jelly especially in the morning with eggs and coffee or maybe tea. It is a good way to start of the morning. I'm just wondering how many people out there eat bread during breakfast or at any other time of day? How many eats some other alternative item like cereal/oatmeal? Read more...

                          Saturday, January 17, 2009

                          How photogenic are you?

                            Today I had to go to the photo studio place to get my snaps taken. No matter how hard the guy tried, I was not really satisfied with the results. I am just the average looking guy. The photos were either too serious, or just not right. After many more tries, one photo came out just right and I walked away satisfied.

                            I have always known that I am one of the least photogenic people around. I need to have numerous photos of myself taken before one comes out reasonably ok. I get really conscious when someone tells me that they have to take my picture, clicks my picture and that is the reason it doesn't come up the way I want it to. But when I don't know if someone is clicking my picture, it always comes out reasonably well. You see I really hate to have my pictures taken and I never look good in them. If someone takes a picture what they get is what they get. I don't try to look good for pictures. I am the kind of person who likes to be the one who takes the picture and not the one who is being shot.

                            I think most people must be having similar problems. Not every one is photogenic and even magazine models need to have numerous photos taken for that just right photo. People look either too fat or too thin. Sometimes, they look scary enough to scare away the ghosts when in real life they are quiet good looking. So, whenever possible...I try out differnant angles and at other times I try to come back later when I more relaxed. What about you all? Has any one out there faced similar problems? Read more...

                              Friday, January 16, 2009

                              What’s on your shirt right now?

                                When I was younger and into the music scene, I preferred to wear t-shirts of my favorite groups. I hardly ever wore a plain simple t-shirt. I really did not mind being an advertisement billboard for the music group. As time flew by, my dressing habits changed and I slowly switched to shirts and plain t-shirts. This was mainly due to the fact that I had to work in an office environment and there is a certain dress code which frowns upon certain types of clothing. When I go to the market to purchase some essential items, I usually run into people who are wearing tops which say some really interesting things like “Take me home. I am lost.” Other times, they have pictures of actors or places printed on them.

                                Since I am an advertising billboard no more, I am wearing a plain simple white shirt and sweatshirt underneath right now because it was a little cold today here in Lucknow. I don't like to wear all those expensive branded shirt because over here the companies really over price these branded shirts and t-shirts. Not only are they cheaper, but the quality is almost as good as the branded ones if you shop smartly. Wait till summer time and I’ll probably not even be wearing a t-shirt while I am at home since it gets so terribly hot here. So, tell me….what does your t-shirt say right now? Read more...

                                  Thursday, January 15, 2009

                                  Can too much Internet be bad for you?

                                    There have been so many studies done that have suggested too much internet use can be harmful to a person's overall health. Many doctors have concluded that extended use of computer monitors might cause eye problems, and might also have an effect on the central nervous system. All of these studies have made me come to wonder how accurate all of this information is. The reason I am saying this is that one day one group of researcher comes out with one set of data proclaiming that certain data generated from his study signifies that certain things are harmful/bad. Then sometime later, some other concludes just the opposite.

                                    Since I work from home and at times spend many hours in front of the computer, this type of information had me a bit worried. I seriously doubt that the internet can be bad for you if used wisely. It would really stink if it actually was harmful for me in any manner sine I spend minimum three to four hours a day on the internet. I don't think that any study would convince me that what I am doing is bad for my health. I have learned a lot from the internet and I am not willing to give it up just now. One point which I can think of is obesity which is one of the risks that Internet can bring. The only solution I can think of for this problem is that before you go in front of your computer is to walk for at least 30 minutes every morning or do a bit of warm up exercise to burn those unwanted calories and keep your body flexible. The other problem which comes to mind is eye strain from extended use. The only solution I can think of for this is to take regular breaks every so often and do a few eye exercises.
                                    Also, eat nutritious foods especially foods that are good for the eyes. And hydrate yourself with plenty of water every day. Some people have suggested that the Carpal syndrome has increased manifold, but this problem has always been around and the net use just cannot be blamed for this problem. But, one thing which troubles me is that people have become less social than before.

                                    Just like everything in life, anything in excess can be bad for your health. In the case of the internet, excess use of the internet might be bad for the user's health in some way as the user spend more time sitting down and in front of a screen rather than moving around. Not only does the user put a strain on his eye sight, it also reduces the likelihood of him going out to the gym and exercise. Some reports have even claimed that the radiation emitted from the CPU or monitors can increase chances of people contracting cancer. I guess the main point I am trying to get at is to use the internet in moderation. Don't forget about stepping out and having a healthy life which includes a lot of social activities! Nurture the body and mind and you will become healthier and mentally alert. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Read more...

                                      Wednesday, January 14, 2009

                                      How friendly are you and are you able to make friends easily?

                                        Just like in real life, the people on the net fall into various categories. I have been on the net for many years and I guess I have met a wide variety of people from all walks of life. During this net journey I noticed that not all people whom I met were friendly. Some of them are downright mean and rude. Some people hide behind a mask of civility and the mask comes off once they realize that the other person doesn’t belong to the same group as they do and then they start off on an offensive behavior. But on the other hand, many people are very close, while others very friendly and open to discussions.

                                        I try to be as friendly as possible and I enjoy talking to just about anyone. Sometimes I strike up conversation with total strangers during journeys if I find someone good to talk to. I start talking with them and in this way and I have made few friends during these journeys. It’s not always easy for me to strike up a conversation with a total stranger, but I am always looking for opportunities to strike up an interesting conversation and make new friends whenever possible. I become very friendly to the people I already know, but sometimes I feel like I am a bit reserved with the people I don't know too much.

                                        On the net, it is extremely difficult to know who the other person is. The net is a wild and dangerous place full of hidden dangers. It does not really matter to me much what’s the real identity of the person on the other side as long as they are friendly towards me, don’t post anything inappropriate on any one of my sites, have a positive attitude towards me, have a lively attitude towards me and are able to strike up an interesting conversation every so often. On the other hand, I have people on my messenger list that I have known for many decades and in real life also….yet these people still manage to throw a few surprises my way. Sometimes I am amazed that even with such a massive amount of passage of time; I am still friends with a few of my old friends.

                                        How friendly a person is and how easily they are able to make friends in real life as well as on the net determine how meaningful their life will be. A lot of people are rather unfriendly in real life, bitter with what life has dealt them and they carry this baggage through out their life and they forget to leave it behind when they enter the net world. The bitterness they carry into the net world prevents them from acquiring new friendships and are not able to make new friends very easily. Others simply don’t have the right social networking skills and they simply get lost in the woods. So, if you don’t have the right skill sets to survive jungle out there….it’s never too late to start. Crack a smile, even if it’s a wicked grin and enjoy some quality time with your friends. Nurture those friendship and watch them blossom over a period of time. Friendships are like trees which have to be nurtured and watered every so often. Like trees, these friendships will grow and flourish and give back much more than you have put in. Read more...

                                          Monday, January 12, 2009

                                          Rushing through the day is just not my style

                                            This morning started out in a very pleasant way and I was in a very upbeat mood. The sun was out shining brightly and there was no trace of fog at all. Warm winds were blowing from out west and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. Considering that it is a Sunday, I was thinking of doing serious rest and relaxation. So, as I was busy goofing off and making a total mess in the house, someone rang the door bell. I thought hey it’s only 8:00AM, whoever it is will go away and I kept drinking my mug of coffee and trying to clear the cobwebs in my head. Oh my, this person was persistent. They kept ringing the bell, soon started to bang on the gate and they were getting on my nerves. I stuck my head out and barked….”You little #@$%...If you don’t go away and stop this noise, you’ll be part of my breakfast”. Yup, it was the sweeper gang making their rounds.

                                            Since today was no national holiday, I was wondering why they rang the bell. So, I stuck my head out the window once more, more alert this time….yes, the coffee was finally working on me….and saw they were still there. What do you want? I asked. “Sir, do you want us to clean this area? It’s full of leaves and dirt.” I don’t like being rushed and making such really important decisions this early in the morning, so I had to ask them….That area is city area. Therefore, technically that is city’s mess and not mine. You are employees of the municipality right? It’s your responsibility, so start sweeping and clean up that mess. They looked here….there, scratched their heads…kept scratching it like monkeys…until I asked them if they had escaped from zoo? They laughed out loud and it seemed like all the stress and tension had suddenly flowed out and was gone. They left and cleaned up the mess outside. I told them to come on a holiday next time and I’ll promise not to bark at them and shoo them off.

                                            It’s just that I don’t like being rushed in the mornings since I feel that the whole day will be ruined if somebody rushes me into action. I can easily be ready though in a short time. But I like to prepare things way in advanced so that I will not feel hurried or rushed. I don’t think anybody likes being rushed anytime during the day. In normal times, when we or just myself have to go someplace, I get ready well in advance and it’s only a matter of just stepping out of the house and leaving.

                                            I guess the most stress full and annoying things happens is when someone gives me a certain time for me to meet them, and then calls at the last minute to make the time sooner rather than later. I had a friend who used to come by my place, and call me from his car after he had reached the house and used to call from his mobile asking if I was ready. He was sitting in his car and ready to pick me up and go out and he should have had the courtesy to inform me at least 30 minutes in advance. Only he never used to tell me when or if he was coming. He would just show up on certain days and expect me to get myself ready quickly so I could leave with him. This used to really get on my nerves and I used to constantly chew him out on this bad habit of his yet he never changed. These things used to put me in irritated mood for the rest of the day and at times I used to snap at others for no particular reason and I used to feel bad about it and apologize for it whenever I realized my mistake. I usually bought the person some coffee. I think the people around me used to look forward to being yelled at since they knew they’ll be getting some coffee. Lol. I think everyone prefers to plan things out and do things according to their own time table. Everyone likes to take their own time and do things their own way. I prefer to call people up some time in advance in case we have to leave for some place together, and then drop by their place. So, who wants to get yelled at? Lol. Read more...

                                              Sunday, January 11, 2009

                                              Breakfast troubles.....

                                                I just didn’t have much time for breakfast this morning since I was in such a rush to leave for work. So, I thought it’s better to have something even a little bit than going out on an empty stomach. So, I hunted around the house to see what can be whipped up in a jiffy. Boy, I did manage to discover a lot of items which I had thought had gone missing. For example, I found this giant packet of chips and a few packets of roasted peanuts which I thought had walked off. They saw me reaching for them and both of the items backed into a corner and started to growl at me. I guess they’ve been in the cupboard way too long and came to life. Hmmm... maybe I should look for something else to eat. Finally, after much frantic searching, I found a packet of Corn Flakes and a packet of oatmeal in one of the corners. I had not seen these two items either for a long time either. The oatmeal was the Quaker Oat quick cooking one, but I did not feel like going through this process. So, it was the cereal. While the milk was heating, I hunted down the remaining items. Everything was dumped into a large bowl. Corn flakes did taste good with a large helping of raisins, milk, and sugar. I would have loved to have this cereal with omelets and toast, but this option was not available to me at the moment since….well….hmmm…no eggs.
                                                We have Mac Donald’s here, but I really miss the breakfast menu…if you want to call it that. It used to be so convenient earlier when I was in Cleveland. In those times, like now…I used to rush out of my house to attend my computer programming classes. No time for breakfast even back then as I used to leave around 6:30 AM. But I used to pick up an egg Mac muffin and coffee from Mac Donald’s on the way to the institute and gobble it down on the way.
                                                I am not really a breakfast person these days, since I prefer a brunch as I am just too lazy in the morning and my stomach is still asleep. We have such a wide variety of foods, that eating food is never a dull event here. Usually when I am in the Indian food mode and it’s still very early in the morning I prefer something really light like Idli with Sambar. For us lazy people here, I wish restaurants here offered some breakfast items to help us out when we are in the rush mode. For tomorrow, I am a little bit more prepared. I have managed to make home made French fries…salted and a pinch of black pepper sprinkled with a tomato and onion sandwich. This combo has always been one of my favorites. Thinking about food has gotten me hungry already. I am off to hunt down a burger or a pizza. Be back soon. Read more...

                                                  Friday, January 9, 2009

                                                  Most enjoyable thing to do in winter for me

                                                    As you must have guessed by now, winter time is one of my favorite seasons of the year. In my state we have weather extremes ranging from extremely hot dust filled months to chilly cold winter months. In between there is the monsoon months in which under the normal months we end up with huge amounts of rains and untoreable humid weather. I really enjoy sleeping and eating whenever possible, I tend to hide in my bed a lot these days, unless I am forced out from underneath the covers due to untolerateable hunger or else I have to make a run to the bathroom before someone else goes in there or do something really important like checking Since I prefer to stay under the warm covers and I seldom go out from my home premises and I have always felt that sleeping combined with eating is the most enjoyable activity in winters. I usually get up at 6:00 AM, get ready, then get a jug full of coffee and food inside me, and then I get on my computer to start my work day (I work from home). When the weather isn't so biting cold, I like to open up the window, pull up a comfy couch close to it, prop my feet on a low table and read a book while enjoying the pleasant weather. There's just something about the combination of a bit of chilly air and a free flowing imagination that makes reading a much more enjoyable experience. I keep on doing this until you guys send me the snow I requested some time back, then maybe I can try my hand at skiing and maybe ice skating. Lol. Then maybe you all can shoot some really hilarious photos of me making some serious goof ups while tumbling down the slope or sliding and slipping round and round the ring. Read more...

                                                      Monday, January 5, 2009

                                                      My walking experiance

                                                        For some reason which I still cannot fantom till now is why I woke up so bright and early this day. The sun still had not peeked its head over the horizon and I had jumped out of bed wide awake. It was a wonderful morning it seemed even though it was a bit dark outside. Their was just a hint of light and light amount of fog hung in the air. The crazy rooster which lives across the street in one of the poor people’s huts still had not woken up yet. I seriously think their is something wrong with its alarm clock. It starts making its noises anytime after 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM and makes it through out the day at regular intervals. It just drives me nuts.

                                                        So, tentively I drew aside the curtains and took a peek outside once more like a little who sticks his head through the curtains to see what's happening outside. Still no sign of the elusive sun. I thought oh well, might as well get it over with it now or this task will not get accomplished today. As I got ready, I made sure I had worn the warm cap and a woolen sweater inside the jacket so that the cold doesn't affect me at all. Finally, I opened the door expecting the worst, but instead I found out that it really wasn't as bad as I feared. Just when I was ready to step out, I noticed 4 stray dogs asleep on the ramp just outside our gate. I thought, let them sleep and I'll just sneak past before they wake up. But no luck. Just when I was about to make a getaway, I heard the friendly WOOF and saw 4 pair of eyes staring intently at me. It's like they were probably thinking "Hey mister, where you headed off to this early in the morning?”. Lol. These dogs even though they are stray are real friendly and they tend to keep other mean dogs away as well other stray animals. I had a packet of biscuits in my pocket from which I gave a few to them which they lapped up rather quickly. While they were busy eating the biscuits, I quickly put some distance by walking at a brisk pace.

                                                        Soon, I neared an intersection where I took a right turn. This one particular road I really like since it was recently repaved and it hardly has any traffic except for the residential colony folks and the school kids who come to attend classes in the school located on this particular street.

                                                        It looked mighty long and unending all of a sudden. One step leads to another and before I knew it, I was half way down the road when I saw this cow staring at me and mooing away. I told the cow "Sorry, since I cannot understand a single word which you are mooing at me, I won't be much of a help. But if you are hungry, tired and looking for some free entertainment, maybe you can go to the same mall which I went to about 2 days back. There you will find a real friendly skinny Santa who might let you sit on his lap considering that you are a female and I don't think he is very picky. He might even give you a few lollipops". Considering it was a stray cow, I was wondering where its owner was. I saw him milking a cow on an empty plot a bit down the road. I told him if that cow was his and he replied in affirmative. Asked him to bring it back and not to let it stray here and there since people might get hurt or it might cause an accident. Plus, I told him that the municipality was roaming around in a truck picking up stray animals, so he better removed it right away or risk losing his cow. Oh, the stray animals can be reclaimed from the municipality by the owners once they pay the fine, so it's not a permanent loss really. But, these people are usually poor ad they simply cannot afford this extra expenditure. He said "Sure, I'll bring it back once it is done munching on that grass patch over there. Thanks for the heads up".

                                                        So, I continued my walking and most of it was quiet uneventful. There were only fellow morning walkers like me all bundled up strolling down the near empty roads. Some I recognized as my fellow neighbors while others were strangers. The road side stalls were just opening up for the city inhabitants. Most of these shops are road side food shops; some are tea, biscuit and bun shops, while the rest were tailor shop or wielding, carpenters, or some other similar type of shop. A few sweepers were cleaning the streets, while some people were cycling down the street heading off someplace. Each must earn their living somehow I guess.
                                                        The long winding and what seemed like unending road finally took me home. It was 7:00 AM when I finally reached home and it seemed like allot of time had flowed by. Overall, I found the random walking I did today was fun, enjoyable and I got allot of sights to see which I usually don't experience later on in the day. Well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe it won't be so cold and the sun might actually out a bit earlier. Tomorrow being a Sunday, I might take some reading material and I might relax at the park my morning walk. The park is located almost next to my house and is not very well maintained but never the less it is clean and provides some shade during summers. Sometimes, the kids come here to play cricket when the weather is pleasant and it gets really lively at that time. Maybe I'll have my lunch at the park tomorrow if the day is bright and sunny and the kids don't drive me out of the park due to their frenzied playing. Lol. Take a hike and enjoy nature and you will probably become a bit healthier. Read more...