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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is your most used kitchen item?

    It is almost that time of year once more when I have to get the house organized. Spring is just around the corner and that means the Holi festival isn’t too far behind. Cleaning is done on a regular basis but the organization part is usually put off until the last minute. The only area which always used to get neglected every year was the kitchen. This year I made it a point to organize the kitchen first then move on to the rest of the house.

    The first question that popped into my mind as I entered the kitchen was…. Where should I start from? It looked like a war zone in there. Maybe the army’s elite forces will have to be called in for this mission. Lol. Finally, I did manage to clean up the kitchen and discovered many long lost utensil, pots and pans. This got me thinking if I really needed all these excess items when I only used a few. This led me to the discovery that the items which I regularly used and my favorites were: Pressure cooker, Frying pan, a few Pots and a Tea Kettle. The pressure cooker is a really great device when you want something cooked in a jiffy. Less gas is used in cooking and up saving a lot of money. I guess one kitchen appliance I would love to add would be a microwave which will help me out in quickly warming up milk for the morning coffee or tea, making a melted cheese sandwich and at other times in defrosting frozen food stuff. I am not a big fan of oven as I do not have any practical use for it and it consumes just too much gas.

    The surplus containers won’t be disposed off as they might be needed in the future. I cleaned them up, wrapped them individually in clean paper and stored them in a box. This box was finally put away in the store room this time. The veggies were sorted out and the veggie stand was cleaned up as well. The grocery items were also given a quickie also. The kitchen looks so spacious and well organized now. On a closing note, I must ask you the following question … What kitchen appliance or item could you guys not live without? Or which one is your favorites and wouldn't want to be without?