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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What did you have this morning?

    It seems for most urban dwellers bread has become a staple food item. Even though it is not really nutritious, it does provide a very easy way to fix up a quick breakfast with minimum hassles. It’s a Thursday morning here and it’s breakfast time once more. Out of the following items corn flakes, oatmeal, rice or bread…..bread has become one of my favorite items recently. Usually I have corn flakes before leaving home. At other times, when I am in a rush bread eaten with butter or with some other item. When time is not so scarce, I prefer having boiled rice in milk mixed with raisins, sugar and whatever other sweet items are available.

    Since I was feeling mighty lazy, I hunted around for the bread but it seemed to have run off with the butter. The giant packet of chips and a few packets of roasted peanuts were still hiding in the cupboard and giving me a menacing growling sound. So, it was decided that I’ll be having bread today. But, getting the bread itself seemed like a hassle today. I spent 15 minutes trying to convince the guy who lives next door that he really didn’t that fresh loaf of bread and butter which he had just bought. I told him “It is just horrible for the body. The butter will clog your arteries and you’ll end up being extremely constipated after you eat all that bread”. So, he seemed a little uncertain and hesitant….and I coaxed him some more until he finally agreed. I gave him a banana and a lollipop and ran home before he could change his mind.

    I was running short of time now and I was trying to rush through this process. Where’s Batman when you need him? Opened the fridge door and located a few eggs. Couldn’t decide what to do with them until they dropped on the table and made a mess. So, it’s omelets for me today. Boy, what mess I made today in the kitchen. I hope no one else drops by and sees this mess or else they’ll probably think that a tornado probably tore through the kitchen. No time to clean the dishes as I literally ran out of the after the auto rickshaw. I think the auto rickshaw driver must have seen me running after it as he increased its speed manifold and sped away. So I took the bus to work for a change.

    I think just about everyone eats bread at some time of day. It seems I really have started to like bread. It is something that is usually around in my home for sandwiches and toast. I especially like to have a toast with butter and jelly especially in the morning with eggs and coffee or maybe tea. It is a good way to start of the morning. I'm just wondering how many people out there eat bread during breakfast or at any other time of day? How many eats some other alternative item like cereal/oatmeal?