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Monday, January 5, 2009

My walking experiance

    For some reason which I still cannot fantom till now is why I woke up so bright and early this day. The sun still had not peeked its head over the horizon and I had jumped out of bed wide awake. It was a wonderful morning it seemed even though it was a bit dark outside. Their was just a hint of light and light amount of fog hung in the air. The crazy rooster which lives across the street in one of the poor people’s huts still had not woken up yet. I seriously think their is something wrong with its alarm clock. It starts making its noises anytime after 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM and makes it through out the day at regular intervals. It just drives me nuts.

    So, tentively I drew aside the curtains and took a peek outside once more like a little who sticks his head through the curtains to see what's happening outside. Still no sign of the elusive sun. I thought oh well, might as well get it over with it now or this task will not get accomplished today. As I got ready, I made sure I had worn the warm cap and a woolen sweater inside the jacket so that the cold doesn't affect me at all. Finally, I opened the door expecting the worst, but instead I found out that it really wasn't as bad as I feared. Just when I was ready to step out, I noticed 4 stray dogs asleep on the ramp just outside our gate. I thought, let them sleep and I'll just sneak past before they wake up. But no luck. Just when I was about to make a getaway, I heard the friendly WOOF and saw 4 pair of eyes staring intently at me. It's like they were probably thinking "Hey mister, where you headed off to this early in the morning?”. Lol. These dogs even though they are stray are real friendly and they tend to keep other mean dogs away as well other stray animals. I had a packet of biscuits in my pocket from which I gave a few to them which they lapped up rather quickly. While they were busy eating the biscuits, I quickly put some distance by walking at a brisk pace.

    Soon, I neared an intersection where I took a right turn. This one particular road I really like since it was recently repaved and it hardly has any traffic except for the residential colony folks and the school kids who come to attend classes in the school located on this particular street.

    It looked mighty long and unending all of a sudden. One step leads to another and before I knew it, I was half way down the road when I saw this cow staring at me and mooing away. I told the cow "Sorry, since I cannot understand a single word which you are mooing at me, I won't be much of a help. But if you are hungry, tired and looking for some free entertainment, maybe you can go to the same mall which I went to about 2 days back. There you will find a real friendly skinny Santa who might let you sit on his lap considering that you are a female and I don't think he is very picky. He might even give you a few lollipops". Considering it was a stray cow, I was wondering where its owner was. I saw him milking a cow on an empty plot a bit down the road. I told him if that cow was his and he replied in affirmative. Asked him to bring it back and not to let it stray here and there since people might get hurt or it might cause an accident. Plus, I told him that the municipality was roaming around in a truck picking up stray animals, so he better removed it right away or risk losing his cow. Oh, the stray animals can be reclaimed from the municipality by the owners once they pay the fine, so it's not a permanent loss really. But, these people are usually poor ad they simply cannot afford this extra expenditure. He said "Sure, I'll bring it back once it is done munching on that grass patch over there. Thanks for the heads up".

    So, I continued my walking and most of it was quiet uneventful. There were only fellow morning walkers like me all bundled up strolling down the near empty roads. Some I recognized as my fellow neighbors while others were strangers. The road side stalls were just opening up for the city inhabitants. Most of these shops are road side food shops; some are tea, biscuit and bun shops, while the rest were tailor shop or wielding, carpenters, or some other similar type of shop. A few sweepers were cleaning the streets, while some people were cycling down the street heading off someplace. Each must earn their living somehow I guess.
    The long winding and what seemed like unending road finally took me home. It was 7:00 AM when I finally reached home and it seemed like allot of time had flowed by. Overall, I found the random walking I did today was fun, enjoyable and I got allot of sights to see which I usually don't experience later on in the day. Well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe it won't be so cold and the sun might actually out a bit earlier. Tomorrow being a Sunday, I might take some reading material and I might relax at the park my morning walk. The park is located almost next to my house and is not very well maintained but never the less it is clean and provides some shade during summers. Sometimes, the kids come here to play cricket when the weather is pleasant and it gets really lively at that time. Maybe I'll have my lunch at the park tomorrow if the day is bright and sunny and the kids don't drive me out of the park due to their frenzied playing. Lol. Take a hike and enjoy nature and you will probably become a bit healthier.