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Saturday, January 17, 2009

How photogenic are you?

    Today I had to go to the photo studio place to get my snaps taken. No matter how hard the guy tried, I was not really satisfied with the results. I am just the average looking guy. The photos were either too serious, or just not right. After many more tries, one photo came out just right and I walked away satisfied.

    I have always known that I am one of the least photogenic people around. I need to have numerous photos of myself taken before one comes out reasonably ok. I get really conscious when someone tells me that they have to take my picture, clicks my picture and that is the reason it doesn't come up the way I want it to. But when I don't know if someone is clicking my picture, it always comes out reasonably well. You see I really hate to have my pictures taken and I never look good in them. If someone takes a picture what they get is what they get. I don't try to look good for pictures. I am the kind of person who likes to be the one who takes the picture and not the one who is being shot.

    I think most people must be having similar problems. Not every one is photogenic and even magazine models need to have numerous photos taken for that just right photo. People look either too fat or too thin. Sometimes, they look scary enough to scare away the ghosts when in real life they are quiet good looking. So, whenever possible...I try out differnant angles and at other times I try to come back later when I more relaxed. What about you all? Has any one out there faced similar problems?