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Monday, January 19, 2009

Late night snacks

    I guess that sometimes it just cannot be helped. The hunger pangs strikes and you end up going on a midnight mission to raid the fridge. Usually, I have my dinner around 8 PM and don’t eat anything afterwards. But yesterday was an exception I guess. I ended up working late and really didn’t have time for a proper meal. On the way home, I had picked up an Aloo Burger (potato burger). It filled me up for the moment, but by the time the clock struck 12…my stomach was growling so loud, the neighbors were complaining. I hopped, skipped and in my rush to reach the fridge quickly, I tripped and tumbled down the stairs and landed with a loud BLAM!!!! My head was spinning round and round like one of those old time vinal lp set at a high speed. Boy, I did manage to see some strange new constellations. Lol. Gotta watch that last step Hun. Lol. The local security guard who was making his rounds on foot flashed the lights in and took a peek a boo. I scared the jeepers out of him by sticking my head out at the same moment and barking BOO!!! at him. I swear he must have jumped 10 foot in the air. Lol. Just checking if you were awake or not, I told him….as I closed the window and went back to my food hunt.

    I sneaked up to the fridge before it could see me coming and run away. Hot damn. I am a blessed soul indeed. I saw 3 slices of pizza, a giant bottle of coke and a bowl of spaghetti in there. I felt like I had just discovered a long lost treasure trove. I was ready to jump up and down and go whoopee….but the thought of the security guard hollering at me made me stop. I didn’t know how hungry I was until I bit into the pizza. I wolfed it down like there’s no tomorrow. My stomach seemed like a black hole. No matter what I threw down there, it just refused to fill up. I revisited the fridge which at this point was looking scared and had backed into the corner. I coaxed it into coughing up that pineapple jam bottle and loaf of bread. Yum. Finally filled up. I washed it all down with half a bottle of Coke.

    I was so damn full now, that I didn’t think I could make it back upstairs. Plus, I was damn scared silly now thinking that it must have tripped me on purpose. Something like from the old serial “Adams family” where the stair case open up and there’s a dragon hiding underneath waiting to gobble up any trespassers. So, with one eye on the stair case, I waddled up to the sofa and kept flipping through the channels until I finally fell asleep. I did manage to have a sound sleep and I guess no dragons ate me in my sleep. Lol.

    But I must avoid these late night excursions. I have been told that when you eat late at night you are more likely to gain weight, because your metabolism slows down at night. Your body cannot digest the food normally and this leads to serious weight gain. I really do not know how much excess weight I have gained from my last night food raid, but I think I might hit the gym this weekend for a short workout.