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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rushing through the day is just not my style

    This morning started out in a very pleasant way and I was in a very upbeat mood. The sun was out shining brightly and there was no trace of fog at all. Warm winds were blowing from out west and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. Considering that it is a Sunday, I was thinking of doing serious rest and relaxation. So, as I was busy goofing off and making a total mess in the house, someone rang the door bell. I thought hey it’s only 8:00AM, whoever it is will go away and I kept drinking my mug of coffee and trying to clear the cobwebs in my head. Oh my, this person was persistent. They kept ringing the bell, soon started to bang on the gate and they were getting on my nerves. I stuck my head out and barked….”You little #@$%...If you don’t go away and stop this noise, you’ll be part of my breakfast”. Yup, it was the sweeper gang making their rounds.

    Since today was no national holiday, I was wondering why they rang the bell. So, I stuck my head out the window once more, more alert this time….yes, the coffee was finally working on me….and saw they were still there. What do you want? I asked. “Sir, do you want us to clean this area? It’s full of leaves and dirt.” I don’t like being rushed and making such really important decisions this early in the morning, so I had to ask them….That area is city area. Therefore, technically that is city’s mess and not mine. You are employees of the municipality right? It’s your responsibility, so start sweeping and clean up that mess. They looked here….there, scratched their heads…kept scratching it like monkeys…until I asked them if they had escaped from zoo? They laughed out loud and it seemed like all the stress and tension had suddenly flowed out and was gone. They left and cleaned up the mess outside. I told them to come on a holiday next time and I’ll promise not to bark at them and shoo them off.

    It’s just that I don’t like being rushed in the mornings since I feel that the whole day will be ruined if somebody rushes me into action. I can easily be ready though in a short time. But I like to prepare things way in advanced so that I will not feel hurried or rushed. I don’t think anybody likes being rushed anytime during the day. In normal times, when we or just myself have to go someplace, I get ready well in advance and it’s only a matter of just stepping out of the house and leaving.

    I guess the most stress full and annoying things happens is when someone gives me a certain time for me to meet them, and then calls at the last minute to make the time sooner rather than later. I had a friend who used to come by my place, and call me from his car after he had reached the house and used to call from his mobile asking if I was ready. He was sitting in his car and ready to pick me up and go out and he should have had the courtesy to inform me at least 30 minutes in advance. Only he never used to tell me when or if he was coming. He would just show up on certain days and expect me to get myself ready quickly so I could leave with him. This used to really get on my nerves and I used to constantly chew him out on this bad habit of his yet he never changed. These things used to put me in irritated mood for the rest of the day and at times I used to snap at others for no particular reason and I used to feel bad about it and apologize for it whenever I realized my mistake. I usually bought the person some coffee. I think the people around me used to look forward to being yelled at since they knew they’ll be getting some coffee. Lol. I think everyone prefers to plan things out and do things according to their own time table. Everyone likes to take their own time and do things their own way. I prefer to call people up some time in advance in case we have to leave for some place together, and then drop by their place. So, who wants to get yelled at? Lol.