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Friday, January 16, 2009

What’s on your shirt right now?

    When I was younger and into the music scene, I preferred to wear t-shirts of my favorite groups. I hardly ever wore a plain simple t-shirt. I really did not mind being an advertisement billboard for the music group. As time flew by, my dressing habits changed and I slowly switched to shirts and plain t-shirts. This was mainly due to the fact that I had to work in an office environment and there is a certain dress code which frowns upon certain types of clothing. When I go to the market to purchase some essential items, I usually run into people who are wearing tops which say some really interesting things like “Take me home. I am lost.” Other times, they have pictures of actors or places printed on them.

    Since I am an advertising billboard no more, I am wearing a plain simple white shirt and sweatshirt underneath right now because it was a little cold today here in Lucknow. I don't like to wear all those expensive branded shirt because over here the companies really over price these branded shirts and t-shirts. Not only are they cheaper, but the quality is almost as good as the branded ones if you shop smartly. Wait till summer time and I’ll probably not even be wearing a t-shirt while I am at home since it gets so terribly hot here. So, tell me….what does your t-shirt say right now?