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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Net appeal

    A lot of us have access to the net and we are using it for various purposes. Since it has so many different uses, it appeals to a wide variety of people. It can be so addicting that we can end up spending several hours on net without realising it. I noticed that it is an excellent time saving tool which can be used to pay your bills online and to shop online without too much hassle. I have found it to be a pleasant experience to connect with my friends thru social networking sites, check mail. It is also good way to read news and check out the latest stuffs. It really helps me to save money that you would use on those long distant phone calls by giving me an alternate means of communication, which is really cost effective. I need to save money wherever I can since everything has become so expensive and I need to optimally use my monthly money so I can get the best value for every dollars spent.

    When I start the net the first thing I check is for emails received from my friends scattered all around the globe. Then I look at the notifications received from social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Finally I check my office stuff and log off for the day.

    Lately what appeals to me the most is making money online. I am constantly looking for new ways to make money from paid sites, writing articles etc. Internet has made my easier since I can write what I want, publish it in a blog, get paid for it, and announce to everyone very easily.

    Finally, I would like to say that the internet is a tool which basically offers the key to so many things to which we would not have access to otherwise. We have access to things like shopping, communication tools, financial services, etc. It basically allows the user to interact with the outside world without ever leaving the comfort of his/her home. The thing that keeps me glued to my computer and surfing the net for hours and hours on end is the fact there are so many opportunities on the internet which can be utilised to not only to make money but also to make our lives better.