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Monday, January 4, 2010

When you go out do you carry water?

    Hot summer months are upon us and the energy sapping heat makes me sweat like a pig. No matter how much water I drink when I leave the house, I am always thirsty for more. I guess this is true for all countries where the maximum temperatures at times touch 115 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit range on a normal summer day.

    Since I am not sure about the purity of the water in public places, I always make it a point to carry at least one bottle of water whenever I leave the house. I can guarantee the water purity at my place since we are drawing water directly from underground water table and it is filtered. For one thing, it is just too hot and one needs to drink water or some liquid constantly, and I have this habit of drinking water quiet frequently. I try to save money whenever possible by not spending money on buying bottled water from the ma and pop stores when I am thirsty or a cold drink.

    Hot summer days makes us realize the importance of water. This is especially true when travelling around the city or going on those long drives on the highway. At times one can get stuck on a lonely stretch of road with no help in site and if you are not carrying your own container of water, then you might end up with dehydration. So, when you travel do you carry a bottle of water with you or do you buy the bottled water from a store when thirsty?