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Monday, January 4, 2010

When do you usually prefer to eat?

    When it comes to food, there is no fixed time to eat at our place. One meal which I really enjoy is dinner and the time that I eat varies everyday. It depends on various factors like: when I get home from work, when dinner is ready and when I feel like eating. Even though there is no fixed time for me, the usual time slot in which my dinner time falls in is anytime between 7 pm to 10pm. This variation is mainly because of work and sometimes I get home late and at other times I get home early from work. If I'm really famished, then I will chomp down whatever is available. But if I'm not that hungry I can wait to eat a little bit later until I am fully relaxed.

    Everyone tells me that eating dinner very late at night is not really a good idea since the food which you are eating does not have enough time to get digested before you hit the sack. I have been told that this late night eating could lead to problems in digestion, unnecessary weight gain and problems in getting sound sleep. All my family members usually try to encourage me to eat dinner at a so called proper and reasonable hour so that I have enough time to be a bit active after words, so that the food can digest properly. What is your usual time when you eat or does it vary from day to day?