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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Does your employer have the right to censor your religious beliefs?

    It is almost 1am as I write this post and it seems like sleep is simply eluding me tonight. I guess the reason for this might be the conversation which I had participated many hours back. My friend and I were having a debate on whether it is ok to talk about God in the office and he says that a boss has the right to tell you not to mention God or any other religious stuff while you are at work. He proceeds to tell me that if you do, the company has the right to fire you.

    It is not like I am out there in the work environment constantly talking about God or religion. I just so happened to bring it up in a normal conversation. I think that the word "God" has a way of finding itself in normal everyday conversations in or out of the work place. I really don’t think I interrupted the work day and I don't think that I offended anyone or else they would have told me outright.

    I think it would be a different story if someone decided to go into the office each day with paraphernalia about God and religion and handed it out to everyone that he/she sees. Then this person would proceed to grab a microphone and shout out all their beliefs to the fellow employees while all decked up in some crazy religious outfit. lol! This kind of behavior would probably seriously offend people of different faiths in my office in a big way.

    We do have freedom of speech and I don't feel that anyone should be censored as long as a person does not go around giving religious sermons or asking people to join their faith. You know, there are plenty of other things that people are doing at work that are not right and nobody knows about it yet or probably will never know. I have been told in the past that religion, politics and sex are supposedly not looked upon as good work ethic in the office to speak about. Yet, I guess these topics are probably the most talked about things inside the office premises. I think that the only reason a boss would or should step in is if the talk on such a subject is causing conflict between the workers and on office premises. During normal and friendly conversations the boss should not be bothered at all and probably wouldn't even know unless someone issued either a verbal or written complaint to him/her. On an ending note, I think I might ask the boss what the company’s viewpoint on this subject is. I have come to the conclusion that there is a time and a place for everything. Just respect the boss’s decision so that there is less friction in the workplace and God will always work it out to its logical conclusion sooner or later. But on the same note, remember: Don't ever put your boss over God.