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Monday, June 8, 2009

The hidden dangers of Asbestos

    Modern life has provided us with many conveniences which has made our life easier and simplified our daily chores to some extent. Many of the things which we take for granted for these days have some serious health side effects which are only discovered after the passage of time. One such item is the exposure to Asbestos.

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral which has many industrial uses. It became increasingly popular among manufacturers and builders in the late 1800 because of its resistance to heat, electricity and chemical damage, sound absorption and tensile strength. It quickly gained acceptance amongst the general population was soon used throughout most industrial world.

    It has been found out in many clinical studies that Chrysotile asbestos, like all other forms of asbestos, has produced tumors in the laboratory animals. Mesothelioma has been observed in people who were occupationally exposed to Chrysotile, family members of the occupationally exposed, and residents who lived close to asbestos factories and mines over a period of time. Asbestos exposure becomes a health concern when high concentrations of asbestos fibers are inhaled over a long time period. People who become ill from inhaling asbestos are often those who are exposed on a day-to-day basis in a job where they worked directly with the material. As a person's exposure to fibers increases, because of being exposed to higher concentrations of fibers and/or by being exposed for a longer time, then that person's risk of acquiring disease also increases. Cancer and other diseases are very unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure or from a short period of exposure to lower levels.

    Like many other dangerous products, the manufacturers of asbestos knew about the extreme dangers before they revealed it to the public. As a result thousands of people were needlessly exposed to this highly dangerous substance. People who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma are often entitled to compensation, and working with an aggressive and experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer can make a big difference. Many manufacturers of asbestos have gone bankrupt over the years and only an experienced lawyer can help victims receive compensations that they deserve. Post?slot_id=39499&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark