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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saving energy the efficient way

    Most of you out there must be asking the following question what is reflective insulation? Well, these provide the basic framework for the houses so that it stays in place as permanent building insulation for energy-efficient, way to keep the energy consumption lower. It can be defined as in most cases a shiny aluminum foil laminated onto paper or plastic. Radiant barriers main goal is to prevent the heat of the sun (namely in attics) and is mostly used in hot and warm climates as a form of reflective insulation.

    These radiant barriers materials forms can be used in just about any place like basements, above grade walls, etc. in both residential and commercial construction. Using this method is not only a time saver but also saves money as the construction costs are reduced to a great extent. It looks really neat and neither messy wires nor pipes are visible to people. The simplest way to install reflective insulation is to lay the radiant barrier directly on top of existing attic insulation, with the reflective side up. But this isn’t a good option, due to moisture problems (even if products are perforated) and dust accumulation, that will strongly reduce the performance of the system. A much more efficient alternative is to apply the reflective material between the roof sheathing and the attic floor insulation. Many radiant barriers are placed at the top cord of trusses or draped over them.

    These days with the advent of the technology advanced reflective insulation, you get all the benefits that have made insulation the preferred choice worldwide. The main reasons being are that they provide solid and long lasting construction which resists the ravages of all type of nature elements and time itself. So, make an informed choice today and you will never regret it as there are numerous benefits.