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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Rodent files

    Winter has receded and the warm winds are blowing across the plains. Summer is finally upon us and that means that our little fur ball is probably fully awake and quiet hungry. From my observations that I made: Rodents don't wear clothes...they run around bare in the woods and hide in tree. They love to gather errrr...nuts and most of the times they hang around nuts also. As they don’t wear any clothes at any given moment they are probably sitting in a tree house right now...munching on nuts while surfing the net
    Every once in awhile, they venture out of their tree house for either an exploration mission, food gathering mission or getting pissed off and throwing acorns on people’s heads, because most humans are a pain in the "butt". It is particularly fond of chasing a certain grey cat all around Multiply and daring it to do something about it.
    So one day it was bound to happen. Our cat was roaming around the Multiply woods like it not only owned the place but it was the lord and master of all it surveyed. It happened to pass under Rodents tree house unaware that the furball was at home. Sensing the cat under the tree, it hopped out and gave it a chase on its turbo charged broom while throwing all types of nuts at it. Pretty soon the cat was outgunned and out maneuvered.
    Looking for some type of safety, it spied a house in a clearing. It dashed towards it and ran inside as the door was upon. The rodent was in hot pursuit and followed right behind. The lady who owned this house was startled by the commotion and called for help. Help did come and the people tried to scare away these animals through the open door. The cat was mighty frightened by all the commotion and somehow managed to find a safe hiding place in the luggage space just above the door and it refused to come down no matter what people did.
    The lady of the house decided to take charge in order to bring things under control and hopefully shoo away the cat in the process. A clump of hair just doesn't do it anymore...So a whole Rodent was needed. Initially, everything is working out well. The Rodent was under control and it really doesn't know what's going on. As things quicken up, the poor Rodent becomes mighty confused and disoriented. It starts to squeal like a pig and flap its legs to get away. It’s held tighter until the work and hand is done. Things slowly go out of hand and the noise increases to very high level. Pretty soon, fur is flying all over and they see a very nakkie rodent in her hand.
    Everyone realizes that getting a real rodent, tying it to a stick and stuck it up there hoping that the cat would venture out and eventually come down does not always help. The cat did see the Rodent and vice versa. The Rodent on the stick just got a bit agitated ….but the cat stayed put in its place. Probably it was too scared to come out.
    ……To be continued