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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do I organise my inbox?

    I got a question for you all and I hope someone can come up with a solution to it. I have asked around and asked my buddies to ask around also, but it seems like no one could offer me any help to get me out of this dilema. Everyone was as lost as I was.

    I had opened a new yahoo email account sometime last week and changed the email address of all the social networking sites so that I get all my mail into my Yahoo mail box. I think I had managed to add some of ya to my messenger but I have not been able to all. PM me with your email if I missed u this time and ya really missed being stalked by me. Lol. The Windows Live mailbox was not performing up to my expectations at all. I had problems logging in and alot of my mail from Facebook and Multiply, etc simply was not arrive in the inbox. So, I have shifted all my social networking stuff to my new Yahoo mail and presto....I am getting all my mail. Plus, I have shifted other mails to my Gmail box so now I am now better organized now than before. I prefer to segregate my mail so that there is no mix up at all and my other mail doesn't get lost in other mail. The Live email addy will stay for awhile until I have decided whether to keep it or not.

    Since my mailbox is now flooded with mail, I would like to organise it in such a manner that I can get to the mail I want without hunting it down with alot of effort and wastage of time and missing that all important mail from YOU!!!!

    So, the question is: Does anyone know how to set up filters in yahoo mail? I tried setting it up but it's simply not working right. The incoming mail is not going to the designated folders and it still ending up in the inbox. I had clicked on the "Add" button. Entered a "Filter Name". Then filled in the "If all of the following rules are true...From header: with the group/social networking site name". I have left the other sections empty as I really do not know what to fill in there. I must have either missed some important point or done something incorrectly. Thanks for any input and help.