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Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you unwind after a really bad day?

    Modern life is hard and at times extremely hectic. It is so full of stress and tension. There are numerous deadlines to meet at work and numerous pressures at home to cope with. We are always in a rush to do something or reach someplace. Sometimes, after an extremely stress day we need to relax but we are just not able to. We are like coiled springs and ready to bite the head off the person who ticks us off even slightly.

    Everyone has their own method to unwind and relax. I felt the need to come up with my own methods to wind down since I was not fully satisfied with the ones which everyone was suggesting to me. The method which I found really effective on myself were: Vegetating in front of television, Books, Walking, music or movies.

    I noticed that either vegetating out in front of the TV or get on the computer for a long net session after a long hard stressful day is a real stress buster. Sometimes just sitting down and relaxing for a little while helps me to put things in a better perspective before I go out resume my work. Just sitting there in front of the television with a blank mind does help is de stressing the mind.

    Sometimes, when I am in a lazy mood I like to make a hot cup of coffee or tea and just open a book to read. This helps me not only to relax with one of my favorite but also catch up with the backlog of reading material. Reading really helps to ease my mind to some extant.

    Going out for really long walks at times helps me to put things in proper perspective. It helps to clear the mind and to priotorise the things to do. Sometimes, one needs to be alone to think things out properly and long quiet walks provide this opportunity.

    Movies and music also provide me an opportunity to lose myself in a different world for sometime. I simply forget the worries that I have carried home and in the process detox my mind of stress and tension. As I submerge myself in this world of make believe, most of my problems just ebb away slowly and my mind becomes at ease with itself.

    I guess everyone has their own method to put themselves at ease and no two people’s method are the same. Sometimes, none of the above methods work and I just sulk around the house till things normalize. If nothing seems to work for you and you want to get normalized mighty quick, you can turn into Tarzan run around the house like a total zoned out maniac waving both my arms wildly above your head and then swinging from one wall hanging to another while screaming on the top of your lungs. Not only will this get rid of those pesky neighbors, but also finally give you a much needed peace and quiet……in a padded room.