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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Rodent files Part II

    Rodent fur was everywhere. It was a real hairy critter alright. Everyone was having a hard time wading through it and quite a bit was still flying around as the squirrel was trying to break loose from the mess it had gotten itself into. It hissed and growled at all and struggled to break free.

    Watching all the commotion below, the cat was getting mighty agitated and was looking for some escape route. It seems like everyone had forgotten about it and it calmly waited it turn to make a move. It had the patience of the Zen masters and was as cunning as a fox on a hunt. Someone opened a window to let in some fresh air and it made its move. One hop led to another and it was out of the house. It turned out to hear the cursing of the man whose head it had used as a spring board to spring out the window and the howl of the squirrel which wanted revenge for this humiliation.

    One thing led to another and soon it was in the safety of the forest once more. The Grey cat could move around more effortlessly now as there was no fear of being attacked by a certain rodent. It was probably being packed off to some zoo as a display item on what a nakkie rodent looks like. It was a talented squirrel also as it is able to fly around in a turbo charged broom while throwing nuts at not only humans but at a particular grey cat.

    It had gotten mighty hungry and started looking for food. It spied upon The Alligator Grill in an opening of a huge swamp. The thing which catches everyone’s eye was the sign
    Photobucket and the gator riding
    Photobucket for the people that get bored very easily.

    Everything was going well until it noticed something that startled it so much that the poor cat jumped out of its chair like it had seen a ghost. Yup, it was our friendly rodent quenching its thirst.
    Seeing that the fur ball was fairly intoxicated and quiet harmless by now, a quiet exit was made after gulping down the food ordered.
    ...........To be continued