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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A stormy experience

    The week seemed to start out just right. I had worked long and hard all year long and had earned a fully paid vacation to Sea world located in Florida and I was overjoyed. I packed my bags as quickly as possible and decided to drive over there instead of taking a flight as my destination was only a few hours away. One never realizes how life can change in a blink of an eye. Who knew that at one moment I was driving down the highway and the next moment my car was spinning out of control due to a massive storm which was building up on the horizon. High velocity winds swept the plains and landed in a ditch.
    Lightning flashed in the sky and one could hear thunder all around. The sky had turned jet black and I feared the worst. I hid in the ditch fearing a tornado or an electrical storm. I really don’t know how much time passed by, yet when I came back to my senses I noticed that the wind had died down. There was utter silence all around. A man was hollering in the distance looking for his dog while it was barking in return. It was still pitch black outside and it started to rain heavily. The sudden downpour soaked me to the bone and I started to panic wondering how I will get myself out of this situation.
    All the power lines were knocked out and none of the houses showed any sign of activity. The dirt road had turned muddy and it was no use sinking deeper into it while despairing about the mess I was in. I got back in the car and tried to get it out. The wheels spun yet it remained stuck in the ditch. A dash across the muddy fields was my only hope and it had to be done before it was too late. I looked up to the sky seeking some salvation, yet none was coming. I was on my own once more as I made a mad dash across the corn fields.

    Banging hard on the door, I wondered if anyone was home. I could not see my car anymore in the growing darkness. The rain had died down, yet it seemed like there was another storm brewing. I turned around to pound the door once more when I saw a pair of eyes looking at me. There was a lantern lit somewhere in the room casting wavering shadows all over. It kept staring at me for a long time and before I could utter a word the door was shut once more. My anger was building up inside me and I started pound on the door till my hand bled. I sank to the ground wondering whom to turn to in a strange town.

    The door opened once more and a bearded man grabbed me by the collar and hauled me in. As I was herded across the room. I saw a child hiding behind a chair looking at me. It seemed like the same child which had opened the door before shutting it once more. “What brings you to these parts?” was asked as a steaming hot mug of soup was handed to me. I told him of the mess I was in and he told me to wait it out till morning. A change of clothes made me feel better. The burly man had lent me a set of spare clothes till my dripping wet set dries out near the fireplace. I looked like a scarecrow in the ill fitting clothes. I pulled my chair as near the fire place as possible as looked around. In one corner was a stock pile of food and the end had beds. Somewhere in between was a fireplace and a kitchen. I finished of the last remnants of the food and gulped down the drink before it got cold. I found my way to a room upstairs and took a long shower to wash off all the mud and filth off me.

    I couldn’t fall asleep as worry was eating me up. The sun was up and it was time for me to hit the road. The sounds of horses were heard below the window and a rooster went off somewhere in the distance. My weariness slipped out of my body as soon as the sun started to climb higher and higher. It felt good to be alive and was overjoyed at the sight of my car in the barn. A head popped out of the engine and the farmer told me to give him a few till he gets the engine all dry and started. The smell of breakfast broke the spell I was in and I wondered where the two plates of food had appeared from. Not a soul was in sight and I forgot all about it as I finished off the food in a jiffy. I tried to offer some payment for the help given, yet the man refused. He told me that it’s a person duty to lend a helping hand to others when they are in need of help without expecting anything in return. I drove off to my destination having learned something new and hopefully I will be able to return the favor one day.