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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why is English the dominant language?

    These days it seems like English is the prevalent and preferred language throughout the world. It was not always so as there were many competing languages looking towards dominating the mind space. Due to globalization and many other factors, English has become the preferred language of our times.

    English is the preferred business language because it is used by the vast majority of people in many different fields and it has been promoted since the term globalization was invented. It has become an international language with great importance mainly because of the great works which was contributed by many people. English is the only language with which you can communicate with most of the people in the world since it is a language which is easy to understand and learn.

    I don't see anything wrong about people who choose to be a bit nationalistic and prefer their own mother language over others, but English has been around for many centuries and it is has gained acceptance in many countries as a common language between different countries and is also being used internationally to make many important transactions in every economy every day. Moreover, it is the preferred language used in most Sciences and Technology discoveries and financial sector. English is the only language with which you can communicate with most of the people in the world as it is a language which is easy to understand.

    One should realize that these days it is extremely important to study English language since it is the preferred language of the globalized and integrated world. This basically means that you need to be more competitive than the next person who is probably keen on getting your job. Being competitive nowadays means that you should know how to use the commonly used language around the planet and use it to update your knowledge base/skills on a regular basis or else you will end up being replaced by someone else who seems to have better skills than you do. But on the same note, I would also say that we should also try not to forget our own language for this is the first step in studying another language.

    Learning English heightens the awareness of the people on the events outside their own countries and the world at large thereby giving them a much needed broader global perspective. Since knowledge is power one can stay a step ahead of others if utilized properly. Having said all this, what are your viewpoints regarding the English as a universal language. Should just one language play the dominant role? Or should there be various languages clamoring for attention on the global field?