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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How necessary is mobile phone for you?

    Mobile phones are a relatively new invention and we did not always have them. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a cell phone. I never felt the need to have a phone with me all the time. Whenever a phone call needed to be made, either I went to a pay phone and made a call, called from home or at other times from work. Even though we had a landline phone at home, we never felt the need to use it on a regular basis and only used it when necessary. But times have changed in the last decade or so. It has gained a lot of importance due to the fact that not only is it small and light weight, but also that many companies are using it in a variety of ways to communicate with clients or employees.

    It seems to have become a necessary evil and yet I sometimes hate not having my cell around. I wouldn't say that I talk a lot on it, but I love being able to call anyone at anytime but at my own convenience. I can get help if I really need it and otherwise At certain times, I prefer to switch it off so that I can be really unavailable since I like to be more or less uninterrupted when I'm out and trying to get away from this mad world. The constant phone calls, some important and others not so important take up too much of my time.

    I guess it has its advantages. Many use it just for fun and enjoyment, but it has it practical useful side also. With all the business transactions that can be processed through these mobile phones, people just cannot afford not live any longer without it. A lot of people are really very dependent on mobile phones. Their work dictates it that they have to expect text messages or calls at anytime of the day, even weekends from important places. This is especially true for the office people who spend a lot of time on the field attending some office business. The other point which must be mentioned is the sheer convenience of making and emergency call from inside of your vehicle in case it gets stranded someplace.

    The phone is an useful device yet it intrudes too much into our lives. I try to limit its irritating effect on myself by regulating it by keeping it on only at certain times. The endless stream of calls makes me wonder at times if how much private time I actually have. I guess we have to limit the amount of time technology has on our lives. Reclaim the lost hours and spend it by actually meeting people whom you would have never met otherwise. The end is upon us and I must finally ask you: how necessary is mobile phone for you in your daily life? And How has it affected your life?