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Monday, May 19, 2008

Which movies have you liked the most?

    There are alot of movies of various categories which i really liked alot, and for various reasons. Some movies I liked for the special effects, some for the story line and others because it had my favorite actors/actresses or charactor and a combination of the above two reasons. Some of the movies which I really like are:
    1.) Most of the Aliens series except maybe for part 2. The Alien movie started out with an original idea and they were able to carry it forword succesfully.
    2.) Predator series. Really nice concept of an intelligent hunter....looking for the ultimate hunt.
    3.) Matrix series. I really liked the first 2 parts. I did not like the last one at all. Just too boring. It was a thought provoking movie. Makes us wonder if life really is an illusion.
    4.) Spiderman series. The special effects were good, and I really do believe that good guys really do finish first, if they are able to put in some effort/ hard work.
    5.) Some Kind Of Monster - Metallica documentory. This documentory showed that there is a human side to the group and that they were willing to face their ugly side and reform themselves in order to save the group. They knew it was the only hope for the group. I think it was basically a rebirth of the group. They have risen like the strong as before...completly revitalised....ready to conquer the world once again.
    6.) Godfather movie. This is one of my all time favorite movies....all the actors really performed really well. Everyone clicked togather. They were able to fit into their role and do justice to the role assigned to them. Marlon Brando made the Godfather character come to life. Al Pachino who played Michael Coreone character really outshines others except for Marlon brando with his superb acting skills.
    7.) Terminator series. "I'll be back." Arnie all the way....need I say more.
    8.) Stephen King movies if they are well made. He's one of my favorite writer. His novels are an excellent blend of suspense, horror, etc. You are always at the edge of your seat. A real nail biting suspense stories he does write. Read it before going off to bed ..on a stormy will be wondering which ones of the ghoules are waiting in the closet...under the bed...scratching at the window....whispering your name in the wind. Same applies to most of the movies based on his novels.

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