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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Naming pets

    A lot of us have pets or have had them at some of time. But giving those names has always been a trouble for us. Each one of us uses different criteria for naming our pets. Sometimes we give them human names while at other times we give them non-human names. We have two dogs presently and we decide to give one of them both human name, and the other non-human name.
    We named one of our dogs Jimmy for no particular reason other than it was the first name that popped into my mind when we saw him as a tiny puppy in the dog pound, and the name has stuck with him ever since.

    The other one we name Terminator for couple of reasons. We could not name him initially since we could not decide on a name at all. He got his name quiet by chance. First being, Terminator series were one of my favourite movies. Secondly, One day all of us, and this includes Jimmy and our unnamed dog were in the backyard on a Sunday morning just enjoying ourselves. We had a really nice BBQ going on. Our backyard is a wooded area...alot of trees, birds, etc. So this foot long snake pops out of somewhere and starts threatening of all things...the BBQ grill. I was startled initially as I was standing right next to it. Then all out of the blue came our little dog....all charged up and full of courage and attacked the garden variety snake. The name that popped into all of our heads was Terminator, since we were just watched it a little while back. It just seemed so natural.
    I guess naming pets sometimes comes naturally other times it all depends on other situations. Some names give your pets more originality and you should give your pet an individual title in it's own right. I think I have given mine one, considering that their can only be so many Terminators. But it can be a little strange and also a little amusing when you name your pet a human name and then you meet someone that has the same name at a later stage somewhere and you are reminded of your pet. But overall, I would suggest that you should name your pet with a name that really suits it and one which you are happy with.