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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Which do you believe is more important...Humans or Animals?

    This question has been on my mind for sometime and after giving it some thought I've come to the following conclusion....We are all God's creations. This includes all creatures inhabitating this planet and not only humans. All beings have equal rights. No one creature is more important than the other. Humans were made the dominant creature by God, but this does not give us the right to misuse or abuse the planet. We were given this dominant position so that we can look after our fragile planet, and to take care of other beings. But most of us have misused our powers, responsibilities. Our planet is in a sad shape. But it still can be saved. Non-humans as I prefer to call them have an equal right to this planet and its' resources, since it was meant to be shared equally by all. People will say "oh I love animals so much,I'm an animal lover." then they'll go around mistreating animals and chow down on their burger or some other meat item without so much as a second thought to the being whose life was taken to fill your stomach. It's the way we've been brainwashed to believe that cows and pigs are just another food item like lettuce and tomatoes and dogs and cats are animals, therefore they become non-entities in our mind.