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Monday, May 26, 2008

How do you relax when stressed out?

    When life gets just too stressful, how do relax and recharge your inner self? For myself, I use a variety of ways, since no single way seems to work all the time.Sometimes, I just step out and take a long hike. Nature has a calming effect on me, especially when there are wooded areas. You can take a long slow walk...breathe in the earhty smells, hear the cricket go kreek, kreek. If it has just rained, watch a rainbow in the sky...sometime many of them. Maybe at other times, i like to watch tv. or listening to radio. Sometimes, people use one or a combination of the following methods to relax and recharge their inner batteries. Some of the methods are:
    1.) Soak in the tub/or take a long shower when you have the time
    2.) Cooking
    3.) Writing
    4.) Listening to radio or watching tv
    5.) Hitting the gym
    6.) Surfing the net
    7.) Swimming
    8.) Meditation/Yoga
    9.) Going for long drives.
    10.) If you got pets, sometimes they are great stress relievers.
    11.) Participating in some sports activity
    12.) Sometimes doing absolutely nothing at all, you know...just sitting their and letting the thoughts swim round and round in your head
    But remember, what one person finds relaxing or as I call it a stress buster won't work for others. Sometimes, it's a trial and error method. Other times it just comes to you. What's your way?


      Ritabadita said...

      I like your new blog site! I agree with pets helping to relieve stress, studies have been done that show that pet owners have less stress.

      Ritabadita said...

      Damn, I had to sign up for a google id! Another username and password to remember! The things I do for friends!