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Friday, May 23, 2008

A passing thought

    Last night while I was driving to the mall, I ended up listening to a talk show about raising children. There was not much on any other radio station at that time considering it was well past midnight. The talk show host was a real good talker and I was listening real attentively and agreeing to most of the things he said. But he did say one things which really bothered me alot. What he implied was that you can only raise good children if you imbibe them with Christian values. What about non-christians? Does this mean a non-christian family does not raise children with good moral/good value? Does this mean that if parents just do not drill these Christian values into their childrens mind, then the kids will not be good, proper kids? I ended up totally disagreeing with the radio speaker. Good value system can be taught to kids irrespective of which religion the family is. It does need religious teachings. Religion by itself does not equal good people or good people. The good people/good value system comes from the overall learning phase the child goes thru with his parents. Religion shows us what good is....what type of value system we should follow...That there is a God up there...but all religions are equal...besides Christianity...there are other religions also which teach really good value systems/ good morals. All religions teach us to be good to have good have a good value help the needy, etc. But people sometimes fall to temptations and go astray at times.
    Teach the kids when they are young, and they will not depart from the way when they are older. The basic values can be taught: don't lie or envy, don't sleep around, don't hurt or kill others, care for your loved ones and your neighbor, think about someone else your shoes. All of these are part of good morals plus many more can be added and passed on to kids and they are less likely to go astray.

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      Bettyblue said...

      That was a very thought provoking blog Nick! I really enjoyed reading it,as you made some very valid points! Thanks for posting!!!Hugs xoxoxox