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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fearful creatures and other things

    During our course in life, we run across many creature which we find repulsive or acquire what I say the "Fear Factor". I like to define it as something which causes us to have different degrees of fear or revulsion when we some creature. I simiply detest spiders, snakes, some varities of frogs, worms, lizards, and I find them simply disgusting. Looking at them from some distance is fine, but I simply cannot hold them in my hand or have them get too close to me. Some people are really comfartable with them. They hold these creatures in their hands, have them crawl or slither all over them, etc. Some shows used to cash in people desire to watch others do disgusting or some crazy stunts. The participants usually had to do one of the following stunts: height, water, eating something gross, and sometimes extara features like racing on a trapeze to win the prize money. In the following NBC Fear Factor site, you can watch some of the previous episodes where the participants went head to head to become winner of the episodes. I also do not like the idea of bungee jumping or parachute jumping as I am not very comfortable jumping from heights. So until we come face to face with our fears, will not get over our fear and revulsions. But if you try to do so, do it in as a safe manner as possible.